Introduce Myself

By Aaron Hamilton,2014-07-01 21:08
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Introduce Myself

    Introduce Myself

    Today, I will introduce a girl..Her hobbies is simple but various.Food and music are favourite things.As a fact,she can eat more than any other girls in her friend group.So friends called her CHAN pig.

    Now,I will let you know this girl is me.I love music but I cant sing in front of strange person.Because when I was singing a song of passion,my friends will run away or fight me with a pillow.

    Ok,please forget my terrible songs.I will tell you how I was stupid.Almost people in here can ride on a bicycle.And how long you take to learn it.To tell you the truth,I took nearly a month.Maybe you cant imagine.I

    learned to ride a bike in ten years old.The process of bicycle riding is hard.At first,I practiced at the back of bike, and my feet stamp on the ground. It lasts for a week until I can uplift my feet.In the third week I can ride bike in street clumsy. I dont know how many

    times I had a fall. But I haad learned to ride finally.

    Although I should take long time to finish a thing,I will try my best to work hard if I was interested in it.This is me who are not clever and pretty but live happily.Let us make a friend,shall you?

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