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JulyAugust 2007 ...

     The Bradley


    Come and enjoy Great Bradley

    *** FETE *** *** FETE ***

    Sunday 8 July 2 4 pm

    All events take place in the Village Hall unless otherwise noted

    SCOTTISH COUNTRY Lively, light exercise and fun! Starts again in September DANCING Contact Ella on 710340 Mondays 2 4pm CARPET BOWLS Every Monday (except Bank Holidays) Mondays

    7.30pm ART CLASS Contact Anne on 783175 for details Starts again in September

    Tuesdays 2.00 4.00pm AFTERNOON CLUB All welcome, all ages, all interests Thursday 12 July

    Come and meet friends and neighbours 2.30pm BOOK CLUB If you would like information on the Book Club please Having a break until the

    contact Anne on 783175 autumn. WEA Workers Education Association Starts again in September

    English Country Houses is the subject for next term Wednesdays 10 12 noon

MOBILE LIBRARY 11.30 - 11.50am Evergreen Monday 2 & 16 July See new schedule below 11.55am - 12.15pm Thurlow Road

    2 MOBILE LIBRARY 11.30 - 11.50am Evergreen Monday 30 July NB New schedule begins 11.55am - 12.10pm Thurlow Road Monday 13 August only NB shorter time Monday 30 July No visit on 27 Aug (Bank Holiday) BLACK BIN Wednesday 11 July & 25 July

     Wednesday 8 August & 22 August

BLUE/BROWN BINS Wednesday 4 July & 18 July

    Wednesday 1 August, 15 August & 29 August

    NB There will be no Bugle in August



    Sunday 1 July 11 am Holy Communion Great Bradley

    Sunday 8 July 2 pm FETE No service at Great Bradley

     11 am Holy Communion Great Thurlow

    Sunday 15 July 10 am BENEFICE SERVICE Kedington

    Sunday 22 July 9.30 am Holy Communion Little Bradley

    Sunday 29 July 10 am BENEFICE SERVICE Great Bradley

Church Flowers Church Cleaning

    July Pam Bradberry Gill Brown / Anne Smith

    August Dianne Pettit Arline & Geoffrey Vollam

GREAT BRADLEY FETE Sunday 8 July 2pm

Preparations for next Sunday are well underway and it‟s going to be a wonderful day!

    Thank you to all stallholders, donors and helpers who have volunteered so far.

    If you would like to be involved it‟s still not too late as we desperately need goods for these stalls - the

    success of the fete depends on what we have to offer so please look in your cupboards now!

    Bottles Knight family

    Bric a brac Roy and Gill Dunn

    Plants Ireland family

    Cakes Anne Pigden and Sue Sylvester Bradley (please deliver to 21 Fox Green, 783175)

    Cakes for teas Sue Ireland

    Cans and packets Pettit family

    Gifts Arline Vollam and Helen Smith (no clothing thank you)

    Toys Maria Stableford and Kate Dickens

    Books Sidney Buchs and Anne Smith

    Goods can be given to the stallholders or left with Sue Ireland at Rose Cottage, Evergreen Lane (783595), or Geoffrey Vollam, 20 Fox Green (783132).

    As well as stalls there will be all sorts of games and delicious teas! See you there!

    CALLING ALL CHILDREN, young and old… Don’t forget the ‘OUR HOUSE’ competition

    Make an “A4” drawing or painting in colour of your house and those who live in it, including the family pets! Bring it along to the Church on the day of the Fete and we will pin it up.

    Paintings and drawings MUST BE WITH US BY 2 p.m. at the latest!!

    The picture that collects the most signatures will win a prize. There will be a couple of runner-up prizes as well.

    Adults may also submit a photograph of their house and if possible its occupants on a special “PHOTO BLOG” Board. All you need to do is to bring it on the day and place it on the Photo Board. One will be selected for a special prize.

We hope everyone will take part and look forward to an interesting display.


    We wish to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the people of Great Bradley for the table presented to Dad and the flowers and vase given to Mum on the 16 May 2007 at the Village Hall.

    The table is beautiful and has touched the hearts of the entire family, especially Dad, who did not realise his contribution to village life over the years had been held in such high esteem.

    Great Bradley and its people have provided an idyllic setting for the happy life enjoyed by the whole family, both past and present, and our memories will be held fondly and cherished always.

    Both Marie and Tony have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness shown by the village in recent months. This has been greatly valued by them, and „the boys‟, and has assisted us all at such a difficult time.

Our thanks again

    Chris, Steve and Tim


    Remembering Vic Durrant 5 February 1933 2 June 2007

    My family and I have been overwhelmed by the cards, telephone calls and messages of sympathy received on the passing of our beloved Vic, we regret that we cannot get round to thanking you all personally. Thank you to those who attended the funeral service, again, so many people, and for the donations in his memory for Papworth Hospital. I will let you know the total at a later date.

    Special thanks to my friends who did a wonderful job serving teas and wine afterwards and to my neighbours who have given so much support over the last few weeks.

    Finally thanks to John Eley for visiting Vic in hospital, for his comforting words at that time and for conducting such a lovely service.

    Carole Durrant

The Voice From Over the Hedge

    On a sunny Tuesday afternoon more than 100 family and friends filled the village church to pay their respects to a much loved village resident, Vic Durrant. Although a sad occasion, the afternoon was filled with music, song and laughter, for that is how Vic would have wanted it. I‟m sure volumes could be filled with stories about Vic and all would bring a smile to one‟s face.

    As next-door neighbours, it brought us into daily contact but when I say contact it was on many occasions only vocal, you see the privet hedge (planted many years ago by Vic) is just too high to see over without standing on something. So quiet strolls up the garden would be punctuated with “Mooorning Lees, Mooorning Aane” - Vic‟s

    deep baritone voice accentuating the vowels. Whole conversations, putting the world to rights, would take place whilst still being able to do the gardening, but at no time coming face to face!

    His singing on a Sunday morning, the ritual car washing and his always immaculate turn-out are sadly missed but for Anne and I, it‟s the “voice over the hedge” that we‟ll miss.

    Les and Anne



    Shortly before Vic died Carole wrote this article about the St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir, members of which sang so beautifully at Vic‟s funeral.

St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir

    Do you like listening to Male Voice Choirs? Then you may be interested to know that there is an excellent male voice choir based in Bury St Edmunds with a local connection to this village. Clarendale residents Richard Atkinson and Vic Durrant are both members.

    The choir was formed in 1988 by four teachers following a serious fire that destroyed much of the fabric and many of the books of their school, shortly after its formal opening. The choir of less than twenty members and parents from the local community rallied round to raise funds and the newly formed St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir gave concerts all over the town and subsequently in Suffolk to raise much needed funds for the school's restoration. It grew and with its growth came applications from those who enjoyed male voice singing. It now has a membership of some 70 men who come from Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.

    The choir has completed many foreign tours all over Europe and Scandinavia and last year toured the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. They have also hosted foreign choirs including one last year from Australia. They were the first British choir to perform in Riga Cathedral and will return to the Baltics in 2009 to sing in the Estonian Music festival when around 30,000 other singers will be present. With a repertoire of over 90 items, which include operatic choruses, religious, secular and popular traditional music the Choir has a growing reputation. The choir enjoys the enviable accolade of being East Anglia's Premier Male Voice Choir, under the direction of Mark Jefferson, who is also a teacher at Chalkstone Middle School, and its deputy conductor and accompanist John Ottley who will be known to those of you who listen to Radio Suffolk. The choir have just recorded a CD, their second, which will be on sale shortly.

    The choir meets every Thursday at 7.30pm during term time, at Howard Middle School, Bury St Edmunds and welcomes new members and you don't even have to be able to read music! Or just come along to one of their concerts.

Carole Durrant

Ring found in Hall Road

    A ring has been found towards the Church end of Hall Road. If you think you may know the owner please contact Helen or Pete Smith 783278.


    Recreation Ground Drainage an update from Charles Ryder

    As many of you will know, the work on a new drainage scheme at the Recreation Ground is now complete

    barring a few finishing touches which will be required over the coming weeks. Fortunately the main work was

    finished before the onslaught of the rain 7 inches so far in May and June! The work was carried out by

    Richard Suckling a local drainage contractor from Steeple Bumpstead and has been financed on a 50:50

    basis by the Parish Council and ourselves.

    What exactly has taken place? The Recreation Ground was, until the mid 1990s, part of an arable field known

    as Hartwell (Heartells Field in the 1767 Brand map probably the name of a farmer); the soil is typical heavy,

    Suffolk clay. All keen gardeners - let alone farmers - will know that it is not the easiest soil with which to work.

    The clay is excellent at retaining moisture (too excellent if not drained!), and this makes it wonderful for growing

    crops such as wheat and oil seed rape which now dominate the local scene from a farming perspective.

    However, it has only become wonderful land for growing such crops for two main reasons.

    Firstly, after the war successive Governments were desperate to boost food production and, until the early

    1980s provided significant grants to drain agricultural land. Almost all the fields on the farm were drained during

    this period. This meant that heavy clay land became less compacted, much less waterlogged during periods of

    heavy rainfall, easier to farm and more productive. It is no different from having a well-drained garden!

    Secondly, the development of much larger machinery particularly after 1960, made heavy land much easier to


    The Recreation Ground was created in the mid 1990s with a hedge around it to act as a windbreak as well as

    providing a feature. As part of Hartwell Field, the Ground was covered by two agricultural drainage schemes,

    one dating from 1964 and the other from 1972. However, while good for farming purposes, it became

    increasingly clear that these schemes were not adequate for the purpose of a general recreation ground. In

    conjunction with the Parish Council, we therefore developed the scheme that has now been implemented. Cost

    alone let alone the general type of use envisaged - prohibited the creation of a pitch like Wembley or Twickenham! But by implementing a very intensive type of agricultural drainage system, we should have made

    a radical difference to the Ground, and hopefully its use will become very much greater throughout the year.

    Nevertheless, please remember that the soil is heavy clay and in the middle of a rain soaked, dismal winters

    day, it will be wet, however good the drainage.

    The scheme itself has entailed building four main 80mm drains, running across the Ground, away from the

    Clarendale. These run into a main 100mm drain which runs parallel to the hedge. In turn, this feeds into the

    1964 scheme to take all of the water into the ditch on the south east corner of the Ground. The 1972 scheme

    also remains intact but is buried too deep to link into the modern scheme the old schemes needed to be

    deeper so as not to be disturbed by farm machinery. The drains, which are slightly perforated, are now made of

    plastic rather than from clay tiles. „Stone‟ (large gravel) is put on top of these drains so that they are protected and to allow water to seep easily into them.

    To improve the system further, the ground was „mole drained‟ at a spacing of 2 meters, at right angles to the

    main drains. The „mole‟ is a small steel cylinder pulled by a powerful tractor which creates natural channels in

    the soil which help to feed the water into the main drains. Mole drainage needs to take place every few years to

    ensure that the scheme continues to work effectively.

    Following the mole drainage, we have rolled the ground and this process may need to be repeated in a few

    weeks time. Additionally, the disturbed earth on top of the main drains may subside and we may have to spread

    some surplus soil to even it out. However, these finishing touches should be complete by the end of September

    and, in the meantime, let us hope for a great summer so that full use can be made of the Recreation Ground! Tree Surgery

    Over the last few weeks, we have carried out some tree surgery at the top of Hall Road and along the hedge

    between the Recreation Ground and Clarendale.

    These works have been necessitated for safety reasons. For example, there is a very large Ash tree on the left

    of the main road just past the junction of Hall Road, assuming you are driving towards Thurlow. Ash trees have

    a tendency to split, especially if they become too top heavy, this was certainly the case with this tree and it could

    have caused a serious accident on the main road, let alone endangering telephone and power lines. Similarly

    some of you may recall that an Ash tree in the hedge between Clarendale and the Recreation Ground blew

    down last September. Therefore we have carried out tree surgery on another Ash in this hedge; this tree had

    also become too top heavy. At the same time we have taken down the dead Elms it is sad to think that over

    30 years ago Elms were a major part of our local landscape but Dutch Elm disease became and remains a killer.

    Obviously trees are a wonderful part of our landscape, and we want to preserve and cherish them. However,

    we have to inspect those close to highways and houses to make sure that the potential for accidents is kept to a

    minimum, although it is impossible to predict the damage that can be caused by a storm like that of October,


    Charles Ryder





    First Mike Moore East Green Richard Bradberry Evergreen

    Second Anne Kiddy Balsham Peter Smith Fox Green

    Third Roy Smith Clarendale Roy Smith Clarendale

    Fourth Janet Tedham Haverhill Pam Bradberry Evergreen


The Play Area Committee is delighted to announce that a final total of ?700 was raised through the May

    sponsored bike ride.

    There were many superb efforts made through sponsorship but the two children who raised the most

    money were Holly Bennett and James Higham.

    Holly (2) of Clarendale raised a magnificent ?133 (with a bit of help from Mummy!). James (9), also of

    Clarendale raised ?76. This was primarily through his own efforts and perseverance so, with due

    consideration and agreement from Sara Bennett, it has been agreed that James should receive the Tour

    de France cap, donated by Charles Ryder, as a prize.

    Well done and thank you to both James and Holly, to all those who took part, and all your sponsors!

    Ann Brophy, on behalf of the PAC.

PHOTO James and Charles Ryder and the Tour de France cap!

Extracts from St Edmundsbury Borough Council Rural News (8 June 07)

Gambling Act

    From 1 September, the Gambling Act 2005 will be implemented. This will make any betting or gambling which is

    not authorised by a permit, licence or exemption, illegal. If you are unsure about any activities in your parish

    which may require a permit or a licence, please contact Licensing Services on 01284 757103 or see Gambling Act 2005. Youth Forum

    The St Edmundsbury Youth Forum includes representatives from upper schools and West Suffolk College.

    Transport is a priority and recently young people tested rural bus services by travelling around the borough.

    They were looking at reliability, cleanliness and whether they accepted youth discount cards. They are now

    preparing a report to give to Suffolk County Council. The environment group planted trees to offset the carbon

    emissions of the Youth Forum‟s activities and a very successful music event called „Mix and Blend‟ was staged

    in Bury St Edmunds. The forum is very approachable. It meets about once a month, at different venues across

    the borough.

    Contact Simon Pickering, Youth and Community Development Officer, 01284 757077 Parish Conference April 2007

    The St Edmundsbury parish conference was attended by over 20 representatives from 15 parish councils,

    Havebury Housing Partnership and Suffolk County Council Adult and Community Services. From the various

    presentations a couple of points arose:

Funding. Anyone needing help in finding funding bodies and with getting the best out of the Big Heritage Lottery

    fund can contact Paul Rounce, Grants Officer 01284 757079

Play strategy. Play extends beyond static equipment to give young people space for themselves. Parishes that

    have identified a need to provide for 13 yrs+ young people can have this included in the Play Strategy. Simply

    include the need in your consultation responses.

    Contact Jean English, Parks Manager,

    01284 757087

Going smoke free

    From 1 July it will be against the law to smoke in enclosed and substantially enclosed public spaces. For village

    halls and community centres this means that everyone who uses the building must be told it is smoke free and

    the correct no smoking signs must be in place.



    Burrough Green School News

    We are proud to announce that we have been given a National Healthy Schools Award. Mr Dennington,

    Headmaster said “We are very pleased to receive this award as it reflects the importance the school places on

    healthy living. It is so important for children to eat well, get exercise and learn about the life skills necessary for

    them to do well in society. We will continue to promote Healthy Schools in a variety of ways, including our health

    week which has become an annual event. Thanks to all concerned for helping us achieve this award.'

    Playgroup held a sponsored „Bike and Trike‟ ride and cake sale. They raised funds for playgroup and for Dr.


    The school held a Summer Musical Evening in St. Augustine‟s church, Burrough Green. There were items from

    each class, the choir, music teacher and past pupils. Also performing were a saxophone group from LVC who

    were an inspiration to the children. It was a delightful evening, thank you to all who contributed and those who

    came to support the event.

    Class 3 went to visit Thurlow stud and had a wonderful day out.

    Class 4 visited the Fitzwilliam museum to help with their studies of ancient Greece.

    Year 6 have held their annual cycling proficiency week.

    We are very proud to be able to provide such an exciting learning programme for the pupils.

    This month we have extracts from Year 2 with a riddle, limerick and tongue twister!

I live in a burrow There was a young lady called Sue Tidy tiger tripped over tacky turtle

    I can hop Who was crystal clear and see through Tacky turtle ticked and tidy tiger went

    I have fur For she didn’t make a friend in a temper

    I eat carrots So I saw that was the end

    I am a …… Where she went I haven’t a clue

    Don‟t forget to visit our website at

    Alison Brewin - Community Liaison Officer 01638 507941


Learning on your doorstep

You may remember last year, that I advertised a proposal to run subsidised language and hobby courses in

    Great Bradley Village Hall. I am delighted to be able to tell you that my application to Suffolk County Council for

    funding was successful and that the village has been awarded a grant of ?6,000 to run these courses. This is

    wonderful news and offers great opportunities for everyone in the village.

A full timetable of classes will be published later this month, but for now, here is a summary of what will be on

    offer. Without the grant from SCC, the cost of these courses would have been double.

New Courses


    Spanish (Yr 1) Monday 24th September 7pm - 9pm 15 weeks ?48

    Learn to Draw Wednesday 26th September 2pm - 4pm 10 weeks ?35

    French Thursday 27th September 7pm - 9pm 15 weeks ?48

    Card Craft Thursday 18th October 10am - 12noon 8 weeks ?35

Existing Courses Start dates to be confirmed

    WEA Wednesdays 10am - 12noon 10 weeks ?35

     (outings will be subsidised)

    Art Tuesdays 2pm - 4pm 10 weeks ?35

An Enrolment evening will be held in Great Bradley Village Hall on Monday 3 September at 7pm.

    All the above classes will be held in the Village Hall

    Please come along to find out more and support this wonderful opportunity in our village.

All enquiries to: Sidney Buchs

    'Sugar Loaf', The Street, Great Bradley, CB8 9LQ

    Tel: 01440 783397 Mobile: 07799 622735



    FUTURE EDITIONS OF THE BUGLE Please tell us your news write a note, pick up the phone or send an e-mail We’ll be delighted hear from you! The Editorial team

    Anne Pigden 01440 783175

    Helen Smith 01440 783278

    Sue Sylvester-Bradley 01440 783157

     thIn order that your Bugle reaches you early in the month all copy must be received by the 15 of the

    previous month. No Bugle in August so Deadline for September 2007 is 15 August 2007.

    GREAT BRADLEY VILLAGE HALL Notes on the accounts (see following page)

This is the first time we have been able to bring you the Village Hall accounts and I hope you will find them

    interesting. The accounts should be self-explanatory and all the monies, except those ring-fenced for the

    Afternoon Club and Bugle, are put back to keep this wonderful building in such a good state of repair. If you

    would like to have more information about the figures then do please get in touch.

As you know, the village hall is managed as a charity called Great Bradley Village Hall. You can look us up on

    the Charity Commission web site at The charity was first registered in

    1986 with the aim of creating a vibrant village hall and paying back the loans that were taken out to buy the hall

    and refurbish it (it was originally the village school until 1967). We are pleased to say that all the loans have now

    been repaid!

The Trustees, friends and supporters of all the activities over the years have facilitated the provision of a much

    improved and modernised building which we hope is well received by you for the social events, clubs and

    private parties that go on there. I am sure you will continue to support the events to raise the funds that are still

    needed to maintain the hall in such good condition. If anyone would like to help in the management of the hall

    then do please get in touch.

A word of thanks ought to go to Sidney Buchs who has been so successful in obtaining grants for us. In 2006 he

    secured nearly ?5,000 so we could install electrically operated risers for the lights. The result is that we do not

    have to build a scaffolding tower to change the bulbs anymore! As Treasurer Sidney has not only guided us

    through the legal requirements of the finances but has always been there to give and receive payment for all the

    little things that happen during the year. Sidney is helped by Mike Brophy who has computerised the accounts

    for us.

We are very grateful to all the villagers and their friends for supporting the Hall through the social events, clubs,

    lottery and the private hire. Please continue to support us so we can keep the Hall going for another 130 years!

Gill Dunn (Chairman Great Bradley Village Hall Committee)

    Tel: 783262 Email:


    GREAT BRADLEY VILLAGE HALL ACCOUNTS 01/01/06 - 31/12/06 (All figures in ?)



    C/F From Last Year 71.55

    This year 95.25

     Total Afternoon Club 166.80


    C/F From Last Year 224.00

    This year 116.60

     Total Bugle 340.60



    Ceilidh 36.50

    Quiz Evening 154.81

    Wine Tasting 144.39

     Total Events 335.70


    Parish Council 125.82

    GRANTS-Other 4,931.47

    Total Grants 5,057.29

    PRIVATE HIRE 619.10


    Art Club 429.80

    Indoor Bowls Club 340.00

    Scottish Country Dancing 300.00

    WEA 200.00

    Yoga Club 276.00

     Total Social Clubs 1,545.80


    Cash Prizes -776.00

    Ticket Receipts 1,480.00

    Total Lottery 704.00 TOTAL INCOME 8,866.29



    Lighting 4,197.60

    Compensation (damaged shed) -235.00

    Total Capital Items 3,962.60


    Materials 117.38

    Refuse Collection 64.79

    Salaries 288.00

     Total Cleaning 470.17

    INSURANCE 660.06


    Bar 42.00

    Lottery 17.50

     Total Licences 59.50 MAINTENANCE:

    Electrical 232.48

    Fire 68.67

    Grounds 310.00

    Other 33.48

     Total Maintenance 644.63

    STATIONERY 91.41


    Electricity 122.02

    Water 101.58

     Total Utilities 223.60 TOTAL EXPENSES 6,111.97 TOTAL INCOME - EXPENSES 2,754.32 2006 OPENING BALANCE 7,453.55

2006 CLOSING BALANCE 10,207.87

Report this document

For any questions or suggestions please email