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John R ...

    John R. Gallagher

    2118 Bluff Creek

    Kingwood, TX 77345

    Cell: 832-647-5588


    To obtain a position in the company that allows me to utilize my skills in management, technology, and/or communication.

    Technical Experience

; Management experience ; Domain Controllers ; Wireless Routing ; Firewalls

    ; Network Protocols ; Dentrix ; DHCP Servers ; Eaglesoft Mediadent ; Web Development ; Microsoft Office ; A+ Hardware Certified ; C++

    ; Small Business Server 2003 ; MCSE Certification ; Citrix Certification ; LAN Administration ; Basic UNIX ; Troubleshooting ; Hardware Upgrades ; Installation of Software ; Install Wall-Jacks ; Digital Phone lines ; Terminate cables ; Routers/ Switches ; Visual Basics 6.0 ; DNS Servers ; Windows Server 2003 ; TCP/IP

    ; Windows 95/98/2000/XP Pro ; Windows Server/Advanced/Enterprise ; Fix personal and business laptops/PC units


    NHMCCD Community College August 2004

     Associates of Applied Science Networking Degree

    ; Designed & administered Native and Mixed mode Domains

    ; Worked in teams to plan / execute several database systems and hardware requirements from start to finish for

    start up companies

    ; Setup, configured, and maintained a networked environment containing five routers and switches

    ; Team leader on the basic design of LAN designed LAN for two campus buildings

    ; Team member for a Help Desk Staff of five students provided technical support for 40+ computers and users,

    simulating real-world operational problems

    ; VB Projects: Mortgage Loan Calculator, “Craps” Dice Game, GPA Calculator, Check Register

    ; Designed a Web site with 22 pages of linked online support for an online PC Software Support class

    Work Experience

Kingwood Dental Care, Kingwood, TX 2003 - Date

     Network Administrator

     ; On Call Network Admin ; Solve Software & Hardware Conflicts

     ; Upgrade OS Migration from NT 4.0 to 2000 Pro ; Provide security on Domain Controllers

     ; Keep a Fail Safe Back Up system running at all times ; Secure permanent Active Directory records

1dayEbiz/Dealer-made 2005 Date

     Database Administrator Web Hosting

     ; Update and maintain 50+ inventory’s for clients everyday ; Build, pull, and download inventory reports everyday

     ; Modify and upload reports to Sequel ; Maintain Sequel Enterprise Manager and IIS server

     ; Use Reflections and Era Link based clients for UNIX databases

     Website Sales & Design

     ; Worked with dealerships to create & host website inventory list ; Made 80-100 calls to car dealerships daily

     ; Keep specific contact notes, times and desires ; In house network tech / PC repair

Net- Tech Services, 1960 & 249 2005

     IT/ Network Technician

     ; Support multiple Windows 2003 Small Business Server Domains ; Pick up orders from warehouse

     ; Implement remote back up servers and multicast ghost image servers ; Build workstation and server PC’s

     ; On site customer service, diagnose fix hardware/software conflict ; Install digital sensors and digital x ray machines

     ; Run and terminate cat 5 for data and digital phone lines

     ; Install and implement networks (servers, switches, routers, workstations) for clients

     ; Installs and upgrades for different medical offices Practice Management Software

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