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    ; Cloud 9 Design “Sorbet Villa” In The Book! by Annette Hanigan

    - Double-sided Pattern Papers

    - Rub ons

    ; White Cardstock


     ; Fiskars?UltraXpress

     ; Fiskars? Circles 1 Template

     ; Fiskars? Eyelet Setter/hole punch

     ; Fiskars? Squeeze Punch

    - May Flowers (M), Funky Love (XL)

    ; Fiskars? Softouch Scissors

     Instructions: ; Fiskars? Craft Mat

     1. Cut two 3” circles and one 2.5” circles using the tag template with the UltraXpress and Mat.

     2. Use any paper or cardstock for these. Double sided is good so you can alternate the front and back.

     3. Using the Funky Love Squeeze punch, punch out 6 hearts, note that you only need the top section of the heart, which will form the petals of your flowers around the circle.

     4. Gently sand the edges of all the pieces.

    5. To assemble: run a thin bead of glue around the outside edge of the smaller circle and adhere

    to the middle of one of the larger ones. For ease of cutting, note that it is not necessary to

    smother it with glue.

    6. Using the 2” circle as a guide, place the top edge onto the edge of the smaller centre circle

    and use the UltraXpress to cut a semicircle on the bottom half. Note that on the template

    there are markings to show you where the middle point is. Simply start halfway on one side

    and go around to the halfway point on the opposite, this will form a slit that will sit over the

    page in your book.

    7. Turn this piece over and again running a thin bead of glue around the outside only, position

    the funky lovehearts around to form petals. To finish off and hide the untidy side adhere the

    last large circle to cover, being sure again to only use a thin bead of glue around the outside

    so the flap doesn’t get glued shut.

    8. Finish off with 2 May Flower punchouts adhered together in the centre and with a circle that

    has been punched out using the eyelet setter/hole punch.

    Tip: If you are giving a book as a gift, why not include a hand crafted bookmark for a personal touch. The back circle could be used to write a sentiment to the recipient .If you are sending a card to a friend without a gift, why not add a bookmark, a quick, simple way to add a little something special.

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