Test 5 School Life

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Test 5 School Life

    Test 5 School Life


    here and there on time be late for hand in

    ask for leave keep quiet observe school rules

    1. Should we _______________________ our test papers now? 2. Why ____________________ your ____________________ school today? You

    should always be____________________.

    3. Please ____________________. The other students are having a rest. 4. I’m going to hospital this afternoon. May I ____________________, Mr Li? 5. Everyone in our school must ____________________.

    6. The classroom is very dirty. We can see waste paper and bottles



    1. I __________ ( can, may) swim in the river. What about you? 2. __________ (Must, May) I have a look at your new watch, please? 3. You __________(may not, mustnt) play games in the street. Its too dangerous.

    4. A: __________(Need, Must) I finish the work today?

    B: No, you __________ (neednt, mustnt).

    5. A: (Can, Must) __________the students of Class Three come to school early

    tomorrow morning?

    B: Yes, they __________ (can, must). They will take a bus to the zoo. 6. A: __________ (May, Need) I take the book out of the reading room now?

    B: Im afraid not.


    1. They can sing some English songs.?改为否定句?

     ______________________________________________________________ 2. George can wash clothes by himself.?改为一般疑问句?

     ______________________________________________________________ 3. You must return the magazine in a week.?改为一般疑问句?

     ______________________________________________________________ 4. They must observe school rules.?就划线部分进行提问?

     ______________________________________________________________ 5. You may keep the book for a month. ?就划线部分进行提问?



    1. 浪费食物

    2. 一只空碗

    3. 请假


4. 张贴

    5. 饭后

    6. 两只脏盘子

    7. 到处

    8. 将杂志归还给图书馆


    ( ) 1. Tom is often late __________ school.

     a. of b. for c.from d. at ( ) 2. Please dont take the magazine __________ the reading room.

     a. out of b. out off c. out d. out from ( ) 3. A: Must I come to school before 8:00?

     B: No, you __________.

     a. must b. mustnt c. neednt d. cant

    ( ) 4. Every student must __________ the cafeteria clean.

     a. keep b. keeping c. keeps d. to keep ( ) 5. A: __________ I play games now?

     B: Sure.

     a. Must b. Do c. Need d. Can ( ) 6. Can we __________ Chinese in an English class?

     a. tell b. talk c. say d. speak ( ) 7. Please __________ late again.

     a. dont b. dont be c. not d. isnt

    ( ) 8. Its time __________ school.

     a. for b. go to c. to d. at ( ) 9. __________ do you clean the school cafeteria every day?

     a. How many b. How often c. How much d. How long ( ) 10. A: __________ do you usually have lunch?

     B: At 11:30.

     a. What b. Where c. When d. Which


    We can read the magazines in the __________ (read) room only. Come in please and take a __________(sit), John.

    How many __________ (library) are there in your school? A: What __________(nation) are you, Mr Li?

    B: Im __________(China).

七、用need, can, maymust的适当形式填空。

    1. A: __________ I leave the table now, Mum?

    B: No, you __________. Finish the rice in your bowl first. 2. A: __________ we clean the room now?

    B: No, you __________. You __________ clean it after class. 3. A: How many languages __________ you speak?


    B: Two. English and French.

    4. A: __________ you come to my birthday party tomorrow?

    B: I’m afraid I __________. I have a meeting tomorrow. 5. A: We __________ observe the traffic rules.

    B: Youre right. We __________ jaywalk.


    1. Everyone is here.?保持原意?

    Nobody is __________.

    2. Miss Chen is teaching Class Four.?保持原意?

    Miss Chen is __________ Class Four a lesson. 3. John is never late for school.?保持原意?

    John always gets to school __________ __________. 4. She can give the book back to me tomorrow.?保持原意?

    She can __________ the book to me tomorrow.

    5. You mustnt be late again.?改为祈使句?

    __________ __________ late again.

    6. You can keep the book for two weeks.?就划线部分进行提问?

    __________ __________ __________ __________ keep the book?


    A. Sure.

    B. I’m a student.

    C. Welcome to my country.

    D. Nice to meet you, too.

    E. Im from England.

Dick, Sally and Li Bin are talking at a party to welcome students in London.

    Dick: Hello, I’m Dick Turner. Whats your name?

    Sally: Im Sally Brown. 1. __________ Where do you come from?

    ve come here to study.2. __________ Dick: I come from America. I’

    Sally: Oh, good. Could you please introduce me to your friend, Mr Turner?

    Dick: 3. __________ This is Miss Wally Brown. This is Mr Li Bin. Sally: Nice to meet you, Mr Li.

    Li Bin: 4. __________

    Sally: By the way, where are you from?

    Li Bin: Im from China.

    Sally: Oh, China is a beautiful country.

    Li Bin: Yes, it is. 5__________


    John is my classmate. He is an American boy. He is from New York. He is tall and fat.

    He is good-looking, and he has two big blue eyes. His hair is not black but brown. He

    is now studying at No. 2 Junior High School. He can play basketball very well. He


    usually plays it with his classmates after school. He studies hard. He can also speak a little Chinese.

    ( ) 1. John is from __________.

     a. American b. America c. China d. England ( ) 2. John isnt __________.

     a. tall b. fat c. good-looking d. lazy ( ) 3. John has __________ hair.

     a. black b. black and brown c. brown d. grey ( ) 4. John and I are __________.

     a. in the same school b. in the same family

     c. brothers d. friends

    ( ) 5. John can speak __________ Chinese.

     a. a little b. a lot of c. much d. some


    This is Mr Wangs family. Its time for dinner. Dinner is ready. There are some dishes on the table. They have some eggs. They have some orange juice, too. The children must wash their hands first. After dinner, they have some fruit. The children can watch TV news. Then they must do their homework.

    1. Mr Wangs family are ready for __________.

    2. There are some __________ on the table.

    3. Before dinner, the children must __________ their hands.

    4. The children can __________ TV news after dinner.

    5. After watching the TV news, the children must do their __________.


    Every day we leave home at seven in the morning. We walk very fast because we m__________ be late for school. We get to school at twenty past seven. We do morning e__________ at 7:50. We usually have seven classes a day. After c__________ we sometimes play ball g__________ on the playground; sometimes we surf the Internet. We e__________ our school life.


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