Test 6 Showing Ms Stone Around the School

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Test 6 Showing Ms Stone Around the School

    Test 6 Showing Ms Stone Around the School


    1. in front of?反义词?

    2. turn on?反义词组?

    3. library?复数?

    4. good-looking?近义词?

    5. China?形容词?

    6. next to?反义词?

    7. left?反义词?

    8. take a lift?同义词?

    9. salesman?复数?

    10. quick?副词?


    next to show…around on the campus ten minutes’ walk

    take the lift have a look in front of glad to see

    1. Hello, Tom. ______________________________ you here!

    2. Do you live ____________________ or go home every day?

    3. The boys in the classroom are very noisy. Lets go and


    4. Its my first time here. Would you please __________ me __________ your


    5. The city Library isnt far from here. You can go there on foot. Its about


    6. Mr Whites office is on the tenth floor. Lets ____________________.

    7. Dont sit ____________________ me. I cant see the blackboard.

    8. I live in Room 301. Sally lives in Room 303, just __________ me.


    ( ) 1. Can you see the building __________ a flag __________it?

     a. withon b. onwith c. ofin d. has.with

    ( ) 2. The room beside the computer rooms __________ our language lab.

     a. are b. is c. there is d. there are ( ) 3. The library is on the tenth floor. Lets __________.

     a. by lift b. take lift c. go in the lift d. take by a lift ( ) 4. We can see some students __________ in the playground.

     a. are playing b. to play c. play d. playing ( ) 5. A: What does your aunt do?

     B: She __________ a teacher at Fudan University.

     a. works for b. works as c. works like d. works with ( ) 6. Look, here comes the bus! Lets __________ the bus.

     a. get on b. get off c. get in d. get out


( ) 7. David is __________. He is from __________.

     a. American America b. American American

     c. America American d. America America

    ( ) 8. Would you like ________ to our school and have a visit?

     a. come b. comes c. coming d. to come ( ) 9. Be quick! Its time ________.

     a. have lunch b. for lunch c. to lunch d. with lunch ( ) 10. I like this bird, but I dont know ________ name.

     a. its b. it c. its d. itself


    st1. June 1 is ________________(child) Day.

    2. Is the school cafeteria on the ________________four floor?

    3. The ________________(girl) dormitory is behind the playground.

    4. Have you got any after-school ________________(activity), Jim?

    5. My cousin is a famous ________________(art).


    1. Dont take the magazine ________ of the reading room. You can read it here.

    2. I am ________China. I live ________ Beijing.

    3. My uncle lives ________ his company. He walks to his office every morning.

    4. With some flowers and trees ________ it, the lake looks beautiful.

    5. Tim is my deskmate. He sits ________ me.


    1. Next to the playground is our classroom building. ________(let) us

    ________(go) and ________(have) a look.

    2. Mary usually ________(go) home at half past four. But today she

    ________(show) Mr Green around her school.

    3. A: Why ________ you still ________(sit) in the classroom, Tom? Its lunch


    B: Because I ________(must) ________(finish) the work before 12.


    1. It is time for bed.?保持原意?

    It is time ________ ________ ________ bed.

    2. Lets take the lift.?保持原意?

    Lets ________ ________ ________ lift.

    3. The can see Tom. He is waiting at the bus stop.?两句并一句,保持原意?

    They can see Tom ________ at the bus stop.

    4. There are two classroom buildings beside the playground.?就划线部分进行


    ________ ________classroom buildings are there beside the playground?

    5. There are three boxes of chocolate on the table.?改为疑问句?


    How many boxes of chocolate ________ ________ on the table?

    6. The man over there is our maths teacher.?就划线部分进行提问?

    ________ ________ is your maths teacher?

    7. Playground, building, classroom, to, a, our, next, is, big?连词成句?



    A. You have to wash your clothes.

    B. I must clean the car first.

    C. You can do your homework first.

    D. Then I must water the garden.

    E. But I think we can play games after all this.

    Tom: Dad, what will you do today?

    Dad: 1. ________

    Tom: And then?

    Dad: 2. ________

    Tom: What about me?

    Dad: Oh, let me see. 3. ________

    Tom: May I go to the park after that?

    Dad: Im afraid not. 4. ________

    Tom: Oh, I see. 5. ________

    Dad: I think so.


    1. The school library is ________________________________?在三楼?.

    2. Miss Wang, ________________________?这边走?, please.

    3. Excuse me, but where is your ________________________?语音实验室?!

    4. We can see flowers and trees ________________________?在校园四周?.

    5. The bus stop is only ________________________________5分钟的步行路

    程?from here.


    I live in a tall building. There are twelve floors in the building. I live on the

    fourth floor. I go up and down in the lift. There is a big garden in front of our building.

    There is a supermarket on the first floor. We can do shopping there. Near our building

    there is a cinema. I often go to see films there. Next to it is a post office. My school is

    not very far from my home. I always go to school on foot. I dont need to take a bus. ( ) 1. The lift take me up and down every day. ( ) 2. There is a garden behind the building. ( ) 3. The post office is on the first floor of the building. ( ) 4. The cinema is next to our school.

    ( ) 5. I always walk to school.



    Mr Brown is standing near the window. His wife, Mrs Brown, is sitting behind him. She is reading a book, she closes the book and asks her husband, What are you

    looking at?

    “I’m looking at a boy, Mr Brown answers. He is outside our house. He is

    looking at my bike.

    Oh, Mrs Brown says. What is he doing now?

    Hes cleaning the seat, says Mr Brown. Now he is riding my bike!

    Mrs Brown looks out of the window and says, Ah, dont you know who he is?

    Hes our son! You must wear your glasses!

    ( ) 1. Mr Brown is standing ________.

     a. near the gate b. behind the chair

     c. near the window d. near the bike

    ( ) 2. Mrs Brown is ________ behind him and she is ________ a book.

     a. sittingreading b. reading sitting

     c. lookingreading d. sittinglooking

    ( ) 3. The boy is outside ________.

     a. the school b. Mr Browns house

     c. Mr Browns room d. the shop

    ( ) 4. The boy is cleaning the seat. Then he rides ________.

     a. his new bike b. Mrs Browns bike

     c. his car d. Mr Browns bike

    ( ) 5. Mr Brown cant see the boy clearly because ________.

     a. he isnt wearing his glasses b. he doesnt know the boy

     c. the boy is cleaning his bike d. the boy is behind the door


    The Class One Students and their teacher Mr Green are on the playground. Mr Green is standing u________ the tree. He is w________ the students. Tom and Peter are playing basketball. Alice and Kate are playing badminton. Susan is playing w________ Sandy. Whos behind her? Its Dick. He doesnt like playing. He is

    reading a book. W________ is Linda running quickly? Oh, Jack is running a ________ her. They are having a good time.



     Bruce Sam Henry Peter Mike James windows Anne Clare Susan Sarah John Tom

     Mary Rose Tim Bill Jack Dick

door windows teachers desk

    Where Do They Sit?

    Look at Mr Whites class. There are eighteen students in his class. Six are girls and the other twelve are 1. _______. Mary, Rose, Tim, Bill, Jack and Dick sit 2. _______ the classroom. Anne, Clare, Susan, Sarah, John and Tom sit in the 3. _______ row. The others sit in the back row, MARY AND Rose sit 4. _______ the

    door on the left. Sam sits 5. _______ Bruce. Susan and Sarah sit in the middle of the classroom. Tim sits 6. _______ Susan. Tom, James and Dick are near the windows on the right. John sits 7. _______ Jack and Mike. Henry sits 8. _______ Susan and 9.

    _______ Peter. Where 10. _______ Mike sit?


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