Test 3 Talking About Families

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Test 3 Talking About Families

    Test 3 Talking About Families



    1. My grandfather is an _________ (art).

    2. His uncle is a very good _________ (engine).

    3. He loves her _________ (child), and they love him, too. 4. Do you know the _________ (manage) of the company?

    5. Mary is _________ (America).


    both good-looking Net-pal look like

    parent at the back work for only child

    1. Li Gangs father ___________________ Beijing University.

    2. Mary is the _________________ in her family, so her ______________ love her

    very much.

    3. Tom sits_______________ of the classroom and he cannot hear clearly. 4. Who do you ________________ , your father or mother?

    5. ________________ my uncle and my aunt are __________________. 6. My _____________ is from London. We often chat with each other on the



    1. Alice _______________ (be) a nice girl. She always _________________ (help)


    2. ______________ your cousin _____________ (have) lunch at school from

    Monday to Friday?

    3. A: Where _______________ Bob______________ ? (study)

    B: He ______________ (study) at Beijing No. 2 Junior High School. 4. My father ______________(not look) like my grandfather.


    5. Lindas parents ______________ (not want) her to be a secretary. 6. A: What ______________ your uncle and aunt ______________?(do)

    B: My uncle ______________ (be) an engineer, and my aunt ______________

    (be) an accountant.


    ( ) 1. A: _________ students are there in your class? B: 48.

     a. How much b. How many c. How

    ( ) 2. A: _________ does your uncle work for?

     B: Beijing University.

     a. What b. Where c. Who ( ) 3. A: What _________ your parents _________ like?

     B: My father is dark, and my mother is slim.

     a. does, look b. are, / c. do, look ( ) 4. Julias mother is ______ accountant. Her father is ______university teacher.

     a. an, a b. a, an c. an, an ( ) 5. A: Where do you live?

     B: I live _________ 24 Garden Street.

     a. in b. at c. on ( ) 6. My cousin _________ like playing computer games.

     a. isnt b. dont c. doesnt

    ( ) 7. These apples are for _________.

     a. you and I b. I and you c. you and me ( ) 8. There _________ two maths classes this morning.

     a. is b. have c. are ( ) 9. The girl _________ fair hair is Linda.

     a. in b. with c. of ( ) 10. A: _________is your father?

     B: He is a manager.

     a. What b. Who c. How



    A. Theyre cute, arent they?

    B. Hes my uncle.

    C. Every Saturday.

    D. What do they do?

    E. They both look like your uncle.

    Dick: Heres a photo of my uncles family.

    Alice: Whos that tall and good-looking man?

    Dick: 1.______________________ My aunt is beside him. Alice: She looks very pretty. 2.________________________ Dick: My uncle is an engineer, and my aunt is a teacher. Alice: Are these two boys their children?

    Dick: Yes, they are my cousins. 3. __________________ Alice: Yes, they are. 4. __________________ How often do you visit them? Dick: 5. ___________________________ We often play games together.


    1. I get up at six oclock in the morning.

    _______________________________________________________________ 2. He plays ball games after class in the playground.

    _______________________________________________________________ 3. Our school has 25 classrooms.

    _______________________________________________________________ 4. Danny is short and fat.

    _______________________________________________________________ 5. Lindas mother works for Shanghai University.

    _______________________________________________________________ 6. There are three people in my family.



7. Li Hui surfs the Internet at home.

    _______________________________________________________________ 8. My uncle and aunt come to see us on Saturdays.

    _______________________________________________________________ 9. I often go to the English Corner after school.



    1. The students ____________________________________;在谈论他们的家庭?

    at the English Corner.

    2. There is ____________________________________;只有一个子女?in most of

    the Chinese families.

    3. Julia ____________________________________;看上去像她的父亲?very


    4. Both his uncle and aunt ___________________________;在国际商用机器公司


    5. Li Huis mother ____________________________________;看上去很漂亮?.

    She is ____________________________________;身材苗条?长发披肩?.


    Mr and Mrs Green are from Sydney. They are both working in China now. Mr Green is a teacher. He teaches English at Shanghai University. His wife is a doctor. She works for Shanghai No. 1 Hospital. She is kind to all the sick people. Their children are also in China. Jack is their son. He is a student in a junior high school. Betty is their daughter. She studies at Shanghai University. Every morning, Mr and Mrs Green go to work by bus. Jack and Betty go to school by bike. They live happily in Shanghai.

    ( ) 1. Mr and Mrs Green are _________.

     a. American b. British c. Australian ( ) 2. Mr Green works for a _________ in Shanghai.


     a. hospital b. university c. junior high school ( ) 3. Mrs Green goes to work _________.

     a. by bus b. on foot c. by bike ( ) 4. Betty is a _________ student.

     a. senior high school b. junior high school c. university ( ) 5. Jack is about _________ years old.

     a. five b. eight c. fourteen

    My name is Ann Ward. I am fourteen years old. I live with my parents in Guangzhou now. We live at 18 Peace Garden. We are from America. I study at Guangzhou Junior High School. My fathers name is Philip Ward. He is tall and thin with big blue eyes. I look like my father. I’ve got big blue eyes, too. My father is a manager. He works for the Coca-Cola Company in China. My mother is called Jane Ward. She is slim with long fair hair. She is very kind to me. I love her. She is a teacher of English at Guangzhou University.

    Family name __________________

    Nationality __________________

    Address in Guangzhou __________________ Peace Garden

    Ann Wards age __________________

    Name of Ann Wards Guangzhou

    school _____________________________________________

    Ann Wards appearance Looks like her __________________, with


    Philip Wards appearance _________ and _________ with __________________

    Philip Wards job a _________ at the Coca-Cola Company in


    Jane Wards appearance _________with ___________________________

    Jane Wards job an ________________________ at Guangzhou




    Mr Smith and his son David are 1_________ teachers. They teach in the 2_________ school. They live 3_________ their school. It is only five minutes walk

    from their home, so they go to work 4___________. They leave home at seven oclock in the morning and 5_________ back home at four oclock in the afternoon.

    ( ) 1. a. all b. both c. each ( ) 2. a. same b. different c. good ( ) 3. a. far from b. close c. near ( ) 4. a. by bus b. by car c. on foot ( ) 5. a. gets b. get c. are getting


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