What are your favourite food and drink

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What are your favourite food and drink

    What Are Your Favourite Food And Drinks?


    be interested in cutinto small pieces be bad for

    likebest taste care for

    1. _________________ the tomatoes ______________________ and fry them.

    2. Sweets ______________ our teeth.

    3. Of all the fruit, I ______________ kiwi fruit ______________.

    4. Mum ______________ cooking.

    5. The mushroom soup ______________ delicious. 6. John doesnt ______________ vegetables. 二、写出下列食品各两种。

    Seafood Vegetables Fruit Meat Drinks


    1. ______________ English book 6. ______________ice-cream 2. ______________uncle 7. ______________friend 3. ______________old man 8. ______________apple 4. ______________university 9. ______________banana 5. ______________egg 10. ______________idea 四、把下列名词改为复数形式

    1. sheep______________ 7. glass______________ 2. tooth______________ 8. potato______________ 3. story______________ 9. radio______________ 4. bench______________ 10. Chinese______________ 5. life______________ 11. wife______________ 6. boy______________ 12. glass______________ 五、选择最佳答案

    ( ) 1. A: Which fruit do you like, kiwi fruit, pears or bananas?

     B: I like kiwi fruit______________.

     a. better c. good d. well ( ) 2. A: Would you like tea ______________ coffee?

     B: Tea, please.

     a. and b. with c. or d. of

    ( ) 3. The apple ______________ delicious.

     a. tastes b. taste c. is tasting d. is tasted ( ) 4. Id like some ______________ and ______________.

     a. meats, fishes b. rices, fishes c. rices, fish d. rice, fish

    ( ) 5. Vegetables are ____________ our health.

     a. good at b. good with c. good for d. good to ( ) 6. The Chinese eat ____________ chopsticks.

     a. for b. in c. with d. at

    ( ) 7. I dont ____________ pork.

     a. care about b. care with c. care for d. care ( ) 8. The cake tastes ____________.

     a. great b. nicely c. well d. terrible ( ) 9. I love ____________.

     a. noodle b. a noodle c. some noodle d. noodles ( ) 10. John is ____________ any kind of fruit.

     a. interesting in b. interested in

     c. interesting with d. interested with 六、用所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子

    1. I can see ten ____________(sheep) on the hill.

    2. Mary always washes ____________(dish) at home.

    3. ____________(tomato) are good for our health.

    4. John loves ____________(noodle).

    5. I’d like some ____________(coffee).


    1. Bob likes cola best.?保持原意?

    Bobs __________ drink is cola. 2. How about potatoes??保持原意?

    __________ __________ potatoes? 3. It tastes delicious.?就划线部分进行提问?

    __________ __________ it __________?

    4. His favourite vegetable is cabbage. ?就划线部分进行提问?

    __________ __________ his favourite vegetable?

    5. Mum usually does shopping in the supermarket. ?就划线部分进行提问?

    __________ __________ Mum usually do shopping?

    6. The Chinese eat with chopsticks. ?就划线部分进行提问?

    __________ __________ with chopsticks? 7. She likes to fry the food. ?就划线部分进行提问?

    __________ does she like to __________ the food?

    8. Tom loves pears.?改为否定句?

    Tom __________ __________ pears. 9. The boy likes beef.?改为复数?

    The __________ __________ __________. 10. Some people like noodles.?用He作主语改写句子?

    __________ __________ noodles. 八、根据所给中文完成下列句子

    1. Cola is __________________________________________________.?我最喜欢


    2. I think __________________________________________________.?虾味道鲜


    3. Do you like ________________________________________?苹果汁还是橘子


    4. The soup ________________________________________?尝上去太酸了?

5. Doing exercises ________________________________________?对我们身体



    1. John__________ (be) interested in after-school activities. 2. Mary __________(like) to help her mum to cook meals. 3. Look at Jane and Sue. They __________ (talk) about their favourite food.

    4. The baby likes orange juice. He __________(drink) it now. 5. Tom __________(buy) some orange juice this afternoon. 十、用框内词语完成下列对话

    A. How about

    B. taste

    C. What about

    D. hate

    E. favourite

    A: Do you like apples?

    B: Yes, I do. They __________ sweet.

    A: __________ pears?

    B: No. I __________ pears. They taste terrible. A: __________ kiwi fruit?

    B: Yes, I do. Kiwis are my __________ fruit. 十一、读两篇短文,选择最佳答案

    My name is Alan. Im from America. I come to China with my parents. I have

    many Chinese friends. I’m interested in many things in China, such as paintings, films and food.

    Chinese food is my favourite food. I think its delicious. I love the chicken and pork here. They taste good. I like tofu, too. Its good for our health. I also like Chinese tea. I dont care for Coke or Sprite. I drink green tea every day.

    Now I’m learning to use chopsticks.

    Im Li Gang. I’m a student of No.1 Junior High School. I like different kinds of

    food. Beef is my favourite meat. I have it almost every day. I like tomatoes, too. They taste sweet and sour. They are good for our health. But I dont care for cabbage.

    Now Mum is teaching me how to cook chicken. I can fry tomatoes and eggs.

    Come to my home and Ill fry chicken and eggs for you. Theyre delicious.

     ( ) 1. Alan is interested in __________.

    a. Coke b. American films c. Chinese food d. Sprite ( ) 2. Alan likes Chinese food best because __________.

    a. it tastes good b. it is easy to cook

    c. it looks nice d. its good for his health

    ( ) 3. His favourite Chinese drink is __________.

    a. Coke b. Sprite c. black tea d. green tea ( ) 4. Alan has __________ every day.

    a. pork b. green tea c. tofu d. Coke ( ) 5. Alan is learning __________ now.

    a. to cook Chinese food b. to paint Chinese paintings

    c. to use chopsticks d. to drink Chinese tea ( ) 6. Li Gangs favourite meat is __________.

    a. beef b. pork c. chicken d. duck ( ) 7. Li Gang likes tomatoes best because __________.

    a. they taste bad b. they are good for his health

    c. he can cook them d. they smell nice

    ( ) 8. Li Gang doesnt like __________.

    a. potatoes b. chicken c. cabbage d. eggs ( ) 9. Li Gang is learning __________ now.

    a. to cook chicken b. to fry tomatoes and eggs

    c. to cook beef d. to paint

    ( ) 10. Li Gang will fry __________ for his friends if they go to his home.

    a. tomatoes b. pork c. beef d. chicken and eggs


     I have lunch at the school cafeteria every day. I usually e__________ rice, meat and some v__________ for lunch. I like f__________ and pork very much. They are d__________. I also like potatoes. Sometimes I h__________ noodles or b__________. I like noodles w__________ mushrooms. They t__________ good. After l__________, I wash my bowls and clean the t__________ and chairs with my classmates.


    For Breakfast

    Bread 1 yuan

    Milk 1 yuan

    Eggs 1 yuan (two)

    For Lunch

    Fish 3 yuan

    Cabbage & Mushrooms 2 yuan

    Rice 0.5 yuan (each bowl)

    For Dinner

    Meat 2 yuan

    Tomatoes 1 yuan

    Noodles 1 yuan

    John usually has bread, __________ and eggs for breakfast. Eggs are his __________. He usually eats __________ eggs a day. John has fish, rice, cabbage and mushrooms __________ __________. He likes fish very much. He __________ fish every day. John has tomatoes, __________ and meat __________ __________. He loves meat. He __________ a lot of it.

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