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Email address__________________ - lohscsf

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    California Scholarship Federation, Inc.

    CSF Semester Membership Application

    For Los Osos High School, Chapter No. 1275s

    Fall 2012 Open Application Period: Monday, August 20th-Monday, August 24th to the Student Store. THNO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE AUGUST 24 DEADLINE.

    Name______________________________ ____________________ ____

     (Last) (First) (M.I.)


Home Phone (_______) _______-____________

Current grade level (circle one) 9 10 11 12

    You are applying for Fall 2012-2013 (based on the semester grades from May 2012)

    A. To qualify for CSF membership this semester, follow these guidelines:

    1. You must earn a minimum of 10 points from last semester’s grades.

    a. The first 4 points must be from List I (unless you are a senior applying

    for membership in February or June.)

    b. The first 7 points (including the four points described in a) must be

    from Lists I and II.

    c. The remaining points may come from any List (I, II, III).

    2. You must use no more than 5 courses to qualify.

    3. No CSF points are given for physical education, courses taken in lieu of physical

    education, subjects repeated to improve a grade, courses involving clerking and

    office/teaching assisting, and courses taken on a pass/fail basis.

    4. CSF points are granted as follows:

    A grade of A = 3 CSF points

    A grade of B = 1 CSF point

    One additional point shall be granted for a grade of A or B in an AP or Honors

    course, up to a maximum of two such points per semester.

    A grade of C = 0 CSF points

    A grade of D or F in any course, even in one you cannot use to qualify,

    disqualifies you from membership at this time.

     Note: More points are given for courses taken under the auspices of a

     college. Check with Mr. Hartz (C60) or Mrs. Hartz (C49) for the exact


    B. Also remember:

    1. Semester membership is based on work done in the previous semester.

    (Under very limited circumstances summer school may also be used. You should

    check with your advisers before listing any summer school work.)

    2. You must reapply each semester by the designated deadline.

    3. Courses you may use are listed on the reverse side. They are divided into Lists I,

    II and III.

    LOHS CSF Course Lists: 2011-2012

    Basic English IV Intro Bus I-2 List I English I - S, CP, and H Basic Reading Choreography of Dance English II - S, CP, and H Basic Government Dance Fundamentals I/IV English III - S, CP, and H Basic Algebra/Geometry Dance Competition Team I/IV English IV - S, CP, and H Foundations Choreographed Dance Prod III/IV English Composition - AP Basic Study Skills Choreographed Dance I/IV English Literature - AP Basic US History Algebra/Geometry Foundations Spanish I - CP Basic World History/Culture Elective Math Review II Spanish II - CP Basic Spanish Eng Lng Arts Fnd I Spanish II Native Speakers - CP Basic CAHSEE Prep English Spanish III - CP Basic CAHSEE Prep Math List III Spanish III Native Speakers - CP Yearbook I/IV Enlitcy 180 1-1 Wood Tech I Spanish Language - AP ELD II-1B Spanish Literature - AP Wood Tech II Computer Software Lab (ROP) French I - CP Wood Tech III/IV Computer A+ Prep (ROP) French II - CP Healthy Choices Cosmetology (ROP) French III - CP Peer Counseling I Fire Technology (ROP) French - AP Peer Fieldwork II/IV Floral Design (ROP) Latin I - CP Driver’s Education Plumbing (ROP) Latin II - CP Pep Squad I/IV Video Production (ROP) Latin Literature - AP Leadership/ASB I/IV Criminal Justice (ROP) Latin Vrgl - AP Leadership/Renaissance I/IV Network Co Security (ROP) Algebra I - S and CP Jazz Band I/IV Cosmetology (ROP) Geometry - S, CP, and H Jazz Band II/IV-College Prep Digital Design (ROP) Algebra II - CP and H Marching Band I/IV Drafting Tech (ROP) Pre-Calculus - CP and H Percussion II/IV Forensic Science (ROP) Calculus AB and BC - AP Symphony Band I/IV Hospital Occ (ROP) Statistics - AP Orchestra PM Landscape Maintenance (ROP) Anatomy/Physiology - CP Guitar I/II Law Enforcement (ROP) Biology - S, CP, and AP Chamber Singers I/IV Marketing (ROP) Chemistry - CP and AP Chorus I/IV Medical Care (ROP) Physics - CP and AP Concert Choir I/IV Nurse Asst. (ROP) Economics - S, CP, and AP Color Guard II/IV Nursery Practice (ROP) Government - S, CP, and AP Drama I Pharmacy Clerk (ROP) U.S. History - S, CP, and AP Drama II Computer Repair (ROP) World History - S, CP, and AP Drama III/IV Photography (ROP) Technical Theatre I/IV Dental Assistant (ROP) Media Production II Distribution (Warehouse) (ROP) List II Journalism I/IV Art I Emergency Medical Tech (ROP) Journalism II/IV Studio Art III/IV Hotel Occupancy (ROP) Physical Science - S and CP Studio Art AP Sports/Med/Athletic Train (ROP) Geology I Drawing II Stage Design Tech (ROP) Crime Science I Drawing III-2 Emergency Medical Tech (ROP) Conservative Biology Painting II Air Cond/Htg (ROP) Natural Sciences III Painting III/IV Animal Hlth Care (ROP) Psychology I - CP TV/Video I Auto Perf/Cust (ROP) Business Law TV/Video II Automotive (ROP) Criminal Justice I TV Video III/IV Airport Careers (ROP) Sociology Film & Lit. Analysis Const Careers (ROP) Art History - AP Dig Film-Making I-2 Child Care (ROP) Informal Geometry Dig Film-Making II-2 Computer Repair (ROP) Speech and Debate Digital Photo Culinary (ROP) Accelerated English Computer Graphic Design I & II Hospital Occup (ROP) Natural Disasters III Computer Software Lab Hospitality Occ (ROP) (Physical Science) Computer A+ Prep Web Site Design (ROP) Basic Algebra I Computer Applications I Medical Asst (ROP) Basic Biology Computer Applications II Admn of Justice (ROP) Basic Computers Introduction to Computer Systems I Careers in Ed (ROP) Basic Earth Science Website Dev II-2 Virtual Enterp (ROP) Basic Economics I-Net+1 Gen Wk Exp I/IV Basic English I Business Tech Internship IV-1 Basic English II Applied Business Skills I S Sheltered Basic English III BS Ownership II-2

    CP College Prep

    H Honors

    AP Advanced Placement

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