some thoughts about family education

By Bernard Wallace,2014-04-13 15:47
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some thoughts about family education

Some thoughts about family education

    My chats with my sister, who is my aunt’s daughter; made me think about

    something about family education again.

    “I don’t feel happy at all” was her reply to my greeting of ”happy new year”. I asked why and she said that in this holiday and festival, while other contemporaries are shopping with their parents, she can just stay at home lonely with no one to play with and nowhere to go.

    “Then where is your mommy? Maybe she is doing her job. ” asked I;

    “I don’t know, we live separately”, she answered;

    “I think you are lack of emotional contact with each other. To build contact, you can take some measure. For example, to require some encourage and reward if fulfill progress.”

    “She will only doubt that if I am studying for her!”

     I have to say that I am sorry to hear that. I can still remember the first time I saw her when she was 6 year old. At that time, how lively and vigorous she was. So you can image my regret and disappointment the second time to see her 5 years later when little smile could be found in her face, which used to be lovely. Rebellion has taken most position of her.

    I think it inappropriate family education that has changed her. I heard that her father take little account of her and she is always scolded by her mother for her study. Little leisure time is admitted even in the summer vocation. I think no one will study comfortable under such circumstance. It thus leads to a vicious circle. Oh, tragedy appeared slowly.

    I show sympathy for my sister and many other youngsters with similar experience. Family education is so important to the growth of a person that under no circumstance should any parents neglect or abuse their children’s education and psychological health. No matte how busy you are and how bad your kid’s mark, you

    ought to spend adequate time on him or her and be patient enough. The principle of "education first, punishment supplemented" should always be conformed to.

    Looking back my experience of grown up, I can not deny the great influence the family and school have on me. I really hate some of my headmasters. For they always abuse and punished their students. Among some experience, I find it unbearable to recall. It seemed that we are not their students who need their education and care, but the worker of theirs! Some of their movements have distorted my psychology to some extent. A lot of the defect of my character is contributed to by my school life of my childhood directly. As for my family education, I am grateful for my parents; for they have given too much, but how I wish my parents have spent some time on my EQ. Still, I feel lucky for they have been thinking highly of my education all through my life. After all, my psychological health is not too bad, is it?

     As far as I am concerned, children and their parents should build friendship. Among my surrounding friends, the open and clear ones are often from harmony families. Their parents respect and love each other, and always keep an eye on their growth, and they can always get smile and supports from their father and mother. On

    the contrary, the ones lacking sense of love most have a hot-tempered mother or busy father. Some are even from broken home (or family in which the parents have divorced or separated).

    I feel comfortable and warm when getting along with the former ones while avoiding emotional topics when talking with the later ones.

    At last, I learned that my sister got the first prize on politics while the mark of geography is below 60. Besides, being a woman soldier is her goal. I reply to her: You are an excellent girl for you got the first prize and I feel proud of you for I will be the brother of a person who is going to defend our country!

    How I wish these words would be taken out of my aunt’s mouth as well!

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