Imperial-Literature version 11

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Imperial-Literature version 11

    Welcome to Imperial-Literature version 11, the effortlessly superior website dedicated to fan-fiction of all genres.

    Are you interested in Games-Workshop based fiction in the realms of Warhammer 40k or Warhammer Fantasy Battle? Perhaps you enjoy the fiction set in around the Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars genres? Do you have a penchant for fiction per-se? If you can answer “yes” to

    any of the above questions then Imperial-Literature is the website for you.

Don‟t be afraid to set foot within our doors as we cater for authors of a whole multitude of

    different skill levels. Whether you are a first time author or a published professional you are welcome within our midst. We want to help the new authors hone their skills and develop the confidence to go on and achieve bigger and better pieces of fiction. We want to push those who already have a developed capability beyond their boundaries, and to take them as far as they would like to go in their art.

But, if you cannot see yourself writing a piece of fiction, don‟t let this stop you from calling in at

    Imperial-Literature. Delve in to the fiction core here and read some of the best pieces of work to be found on the internet. Take part in a debate or leave some fiction critique within our forums.

    Maybe you will find inspiration within our pages and begin your own piece of fiction here. We certainly hope so as this website is geared to help you with every aspect of your work.

Pull up a chair and join us.

-The Moderating Team-

The Rule

    In the beginning, there was just one rule, elegant in its simplicity. We think it still is the best.

Play Nice.

    That‟s it. Here in Franz‟s sandbox, we all play nice. Don‟t knock over the other guy‟s sand castle, share the shovels, don‟t call each other names, help out when asked. Do we really need more

    than this? People‟s eyes tend to glaze over at long lists, and lists give those that like to argue ammunition.

    With this new incarnation of Imperial-Literature, we want to get back to those happy, sunny days in the sandbox. Maybe we‟re naive. Maybe we will have to make a legally binding contract

    with rules and regulations. I hope not. I think we are all mature enough here to „play nice‟.

A Dram of Grammar

    Imperial-Literature strives to be the home of the best fiction on the web. We pride ourselves in having some of the most talented writers around. To further this, we strongly encourage that proper grammar and spelling be used at all times, even in posts that are not related to writing, per se. The occasional error will be forgiven, and we understand that many of our writers do not use English as a first language. Most people can tell the difference between a translation error and laziness. If every post you make is riddled with mistakes, the Mods will send you a reminder and offer any assistance you need.

Oh, one more thing, „l33t‟ is not allowed here at Imperial Literature.

A Word about Language

    Swearing and obscene language is very powerful, and should be used when the occasion warrants it. Those who diminish the power of language by using it excessively will receive a warning and may have their posts edited. If you have a character in a story that requires excessive language, please put a brief warning at the beginning of the story, so those that would rather not read it aren't offended.

A Treatise on Politics (and Religion)

    Real world politics and religion are forbidden subjects here at Imperial Literature. Feel free to discuss High Elf politics and the Cult of the Machine God here, but leave the real issues out of the discussion.

A Section on Sections

    Fiction Core the depository for all of the completed works of fiction produced by the members of Imperial-Literature.

    Workbench a facility that enables the members of Imperial-Literature to actively write, and have their work saved, when they are online/onsite.

    Forums a place to discuss and critique fiction. Also the home of the various contests held here.

Mod Bios

    Bookwyrm an absolute database of knowledge for all things 40k and WFB. If you need a hand with any fluff based in and around these genres then Booky is your man. A real pleasant chap living in the U.S.of.A, Bookwyrm has inhabited Imperial-Literature for as long as the records date. You will be pushed to find a more loyal servant of the website. He has also authored some of the most entertaining pieces of fiction on site.

    Janshi another long, long, long serving member of the Imperial-Literature website. He has seen the site change and develop so many times throughout his dedicated service. Janshi has literally grown-up as the website has, and like Bookwyrm, has all but inhabited the site for as long as the records date. Janshi is arguably one of the most known members to the community here; often will he provide a critique for budding authors and unleash his own fiction upon us.

    Volandum if you look for the term „genius‟ within the dictionary then a picture of Volandum you will find. A Cambridge University educated maths whizz enough said. If you think you can

    build an army that can compete with a force created by Volandum then please do think again. Make use of his 40k and WFB army building skills and he will turn you in to a General in no time at all. Why not challenge him to an online game of 40k or WFB at your peril! He is also our

    onsite wordsmith extraordinaire.

    Skennedy the boss. He makes the decisions with the aid of a team of monkeys living in his basement (we kid you not). Stay-at-home dad Steve is a jolly nice fellow indeed and is one of the most approachable Admins you will find across the internet. He found his way, not all that long ago, to Imperial-Literature from the shores of DakkaDakka, and we have been unable to get rid of him since. Oh, we mustn‟t forget that he is a seriously competent author to boot, although rumour has it that this is largely down to the monkeys!

    Another long time moderator, Brannick, is Imp-Lit's Sugar Daddy, and all around nice guy. Brannick has been the one to run and sponsor the contests here at Imp-Lit, and always puts up some great prizes. Tirelessly promoting Imp-Lit, he prowls the Internet guiding many new members here. Brannick is often the first moderator a new member hears from with a personalized welcome message. All that, and he is still single, ladies!

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