Lucifer's Shadow

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Published by Random House Publishing Group on 2007/12/17

    Table of Contents Title Page Dedication Praise 1 - San Michele 2 - Ascension Day 3 - A name from the past 4 - Spritz! Spritz! Spritz! 5 - A boy’s new home 6 - An appointment with the Englishman 7 - Beyond the law 8 - A mission 9 - The route to the ghetto 10 - An awkward interview 11 - From the past 12 - The mysterious Levis 13 - At large in the city 14 - The taste of mud 15 - Dust and parchment 16 - Scacchi’s gold 17 - The Red Priest 18 - The Grand Canal 19 - An evening on the lagoon 20 - On the Jews 21 - The third way 22 - Rebecca receives a gift 23 - A balance outstanding 24 - Rousseau’s amour 25 - Rizzo’s prize 26 - A fracas in the church 27 - An acquisition 28 - The saddest loss 29 - A forced sale 30 - Alone on the Arsenale 31 - An uneasy state of grace 32 - In the eaves of the ark 33 - The eel contest 34 - Questions of authorship 35 - Encounters 36 - The dancing lesson 37 - A concert to remember 38 - A brief investigation

    39 - Unmasked 40 - The captain makes progress 41 - The prison 42 - A fateful argument 43 - Music in the dark 44 - An interview with the Englishman 45 - Shapes in the mirror 46 - The Roman magistrate 47 - Hard questions 48 - The demon who escaped my grasp 49 - Sant’ Erasmo 50 - A hurried return 51 - An eventful interview 52 - Striking a bargain 53 - A refusal and a surprise 54 - Public relations 55 - Fugitive from all 56 - An unexpected bargain 57 - Marchese’s entrance 58 - An auspicious première 59 - Dissonant notes 60 - Waiting for the call 61 - View from a window 62 - The treasure trove 63 - Report from the watch 64 - The edge of the lagoon 65 - Chance encounter About the Author ALSO BY DAVID HEWSON Copyright Page

For Helen, Catherine, and Thomas, whose music led me here

Passionate acclaim for David Hewson’s novels

    Lucifer’s Shadow

    “Richly enjoyable . . . Sophisticated and beguiling entertainment.” —Sunday Times (UK)

    “Venice is painted beautifully, both then and now, and this would be a splendid book to readafter you have taken the evening air in the Piazza San Marco, or when gliding down the GrandCanal.” —London Times

    “An unusual but beautifully-written interwoven twin story of scams, deception and intrigue inthe world of music, of all places, set 250 years apart in Venice.” —Irish News

    “Entertaining [and] fun.” —Kirkus Reviews

     in“This intelligent and highly detailed thriller rivals Pérez-Reverte’s TheFlanders Panel

    historical intricacy, complexity of motive, and multileveled storytelling. Masterfully plotted. . . Prepare for a devilish ride in which beauty masks wickedness, and righteousness isrelative.” —(starred review) Booklist

    “Hewson spins a compelling tale while drawing a captivating portrait of Venice that will sendreaders searching for their passports.” — Mystery Lovers Bookstore News

    A Season for the Dead

    “A Season for the Dead, like The Da Vinci Code, is a thriller that takes an unflattering look

    at the Catholic Church, but is better written and more sophisticated than Dan Brown’sphenomenal bestseller. . . . The books differ, too, in that Hewson, far more than Brown or mostthriller writers, has a serious concern for character. . . . Intelligent entertainment.” —Washington Post

    “Hewson’s suspenseful, fascinating mystery has an appealing detective and many complexcharacters on both sides of the law. Twisting and turning through Italian history and art, NicCosta’s first case gives the serial murder mystery a new look.” —Dallas Morning News

    “Hewson’s absorbing series debut features a memorable cast of fully human characters,imagines the distorted mind of a serial killer and takes a chilling glimpse into the Vatican’sless-than-godly dealings with the secular world.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

    “A complicated and engrossing mystery so compelling that it begs for a one-night reading.” —Chattanooga Times Free Press

    “Boasts finely researched Vatican locations, delves into political maneuvering in the churchhierarchy and has a connection to religious art . . . Fast-moving, smart and filled withgruesome killings and well-drawn characters.” —Flint Journal

    “Hewson has very effectively developed his own version of the serial killer. . . . The actionis well paced, the plot nicely twisted, the characters often chameleon-like, and the setting isdefinitely fascinating for many readers. . . . A well written mystery with some realsurprises.” — Deadly Pleasures

    “A slam-bang beginning with a shoot-out in the Vatican Library, a wonderful tour of Rome, anifty Italian policeman with a father famous for his Communist activism, corruption or at leastconspiracy in the Church, and a series of gruesome crimes seemingly linked to saints andperhaps to Caravaggio get this one rolling. . . . A grand series start for Italian cop NicCosta.” —Booknews from The Poisoned Pen

    “The first in a promising Italian crime series set in Rome . . . Hewson’s way with the Romanmilieu is as cutting-edge as his adroit narrative.” — Publishing News (UK)

    “An oddball detective mistrusted by his bosses, a beautiful woman, the elegant backdrop ofRome and sinister goings-on in the Vatican all add up to a new spin on the serial killer tale.. . . All of this works not simply because of the frenetic plot but because Hewson has twobeguiling, fascinating characters to hold our interest. . . . [He] has a lightness of touch, aneye for the macabre and an understanding that you can’t beat the old fatal attraction betweenan all-too-human cop and a beautiful woman.” — Sunday Mercury (UK)

    “History and travel fans will embrace this book, but it doesn’t let lovers of suspense andpolitical intrigue down either. . . . [Hewson’s] descriptions of Rome in August are so realyou can see St. Peter’s Square shimmering in the heat, and the narrow, winding lanes of theold city bring history to life. It may be too gritty a depiction of the underbelly of humanity

     Cape Timesto suit some sensitive souls, but I’m very keen to read his next novel.” —

    (South Africa)

    (UK)“Dark and complex . . . astonishing . . . immerse yourself in this.” —Crime Time

    “A delicious and compelling view of the public art of Rome and the private intrigues of theVatican.” —Library Journal

    “Hewson’s extremely intelligent novels at once viscerally entertain and intellectuallychallenge. . . . Breathtaking . . . The result is a tale that is a dark delight, a story thatone is compelled to read at one sitting while simultaneously wishing it will never end.” —Bookreporter.com

    The Villa of Mysteries

    “A novel to savour—imagine the deceptive relaxed atmosphere of Donna Leon’s Brunetti novelsmixed with the darkness of Rankin’s Rebus sequence. Excellent. Four stars.” —Ink Magazine


    “Hewson’s strong suit is his ability to blend ancient and modern Rome, a feat that happensnaturally if you’re standing at the edge of the Janiculum, but is difficult otherwise.Hewson’s plot, woven with ancient lore, has just the right amount of information anddeduction. . . . This is a terrific novel by a fine emerging British talent.” — Toronto Globe

    and Mail

    “A beautifully structured and absorbing thriller. The characters . . . polish up asindividuals, freshly drawn. The city of Rome, her cops, bureaucrats and criminals, shine hardand clear as sunlight bouncing off the Trevi fountain. But they’re a lot less pretty. And thisis tasty stuff.” — Crime Time (UK)

    “A riveting tale of revenge brought to life by sharp characterization and powerful dynamics.”The Good Book Guide (UK)

    “A great book, a great read, edge of the seat stuff—thoroughly recommended.” —Murder and

    (UK)Mayhem Book Club

    “A genuine page-turner that you never want to end. Hewson is brilliant at conveying mood andatmosphere and wraps the reader in the tense and terrifying pursuit every step of the way. Ifyou missed the first book, A Season for the Dead, buy them both and savour every twist and

    turn.” — Newbury News (UK)

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