On A Rose for Emily

By Ray Austin,2014-08-31 13:00
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On A Rose for Emily

    On A Rose for Emily

    William Faulkner is one of the most famous American writers in the world .A Rose for Emily is one of his famous short stories. He is good at writing stories happened in South America in early times, and writing the conflict within the hero’s heart.

     A Rose for Emily isnt written in a normal chronological order, which he had

    written for purpose. He wants us to become more interested in finding the real result. And we cant understand the real feeling or the conflict in Emilys heart if he doesnt

    write in this chronological order. This technique makes us feel we are really a neighbor of Emily. This make the story more attractive and also make the story look more objective.

    Emily was born in a traditional family of a high class in early time of America. And her father thought the class is very important though the time changed and the class isnt as important as before. He poured his thought into his daughter, though the time had changed, he refused to accept the change, and also locked his daughter in his home, and didnt want his daughter to know it or accept it. Emily grew up in this environment. Her father locked her and robbed all that she could have as a normal person. The people in her town saw her as a symbol of tradition, which makes her fate much worse. They, with her past father, stopped her becoming an ordinary woman.

    When her father died, she seemed to have a chance to know the real world. Though her fathers death gave her a lot of pain, she loved her father, and her father was the only relative to her, she nearly broke down when his father died. But finally she recovered. When she met Homer, a Yankee, She seemed to find a new way of life. But the people in the town stopped her. They thought her as a symbol of tradition and a monument of the past. That means that people always dont like to accept the

    change of time. They gave her some trouble to stop her relation with Homer. But when the people found what they had didnt change anything between them, they

    accepted them. But at last, Homer deserted her. The people in the town didnt know

    the fact. This broke Emilys only hope to live in the world. She cant bear this

    desertion, her fathers death nearly broke her down, and this time she knew she cant

    live without her lover. So she killed him with poison, and lived with the dead body, which she thought she really had it forever. But I think Emily is very pitiful, she is a victim of the values her defender of its outdated ideas of chivalry, formal manners

    and tradition.

    Through this story, we understand there is always something we cant change and

    have. The only way is to accept, or we will lose them and ourselves. Faulkners

    writing shows this feeling in this story clearly through describing the conflict within the heros heart.

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