Revision of Units1-4, 8A

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Revision of Units1-4, 8A

    Exercises of Units1-4, 8A

    攒写, 麦婉红

    . 首字母

    1. His father takes c_______________ of the whole factory. 2. Please c_______________ it carefully, and make a decision. 3. You should go to sleep, its 12 now. My mother s_______________ me last night. 4. We ought to r_______________ the books to the library on time. 5. C_______________ ! Youve won the game.

    6. At b_______________ , we usually have a rest.

    7. Its important to be p_______________ to others.

    8. The sports meeting is coming. I am a bit n_______________ . 9. Sally has a lot of e_______________ , she can teach us. 10. The drivers should be r_______________ for the safety. 11. I will i__________ my good friends to my birthday party. 12. There is nothing in the box. It is e__________.

    13. I n _____________you ride a new bike this morning. Is it yours? 14. I asked him to go to the seaside with me, but he r ________. 15. After the police talked with them for several hours, the suspects finally a ________ their crime.

    16. Yesterday, I bought a pair of j___________ for my father. He liked t very much. 24. Most of us are u_______________ of the hidden helpers in our home. 25. More i__________________, we have nothing to do now. 26. He has great u__________________ of the history of Greek. 27. The h_____________ of the robot is three metres.

    28. The girl always orders office products for her c______________. 29. Its essential for computer programmers not to make m_______________. 30. A DVD-ROM can h____________ even more information.

    31. The police o___________ the taxi driver to stop, but he just didnt listen.

    32. In ancient China, everyone had to show r___________ to the king. 33. It is s_________ to make such a simple mistake.

    34. I was p___________ because I broke the window.

    . 单选

    ( ) 1. They _______ a meeting last week, and they will _______ another meeting again tomorrow.

    A. hold; hold B. held; held C. have; had D. had; have ( ) 2.Will you agree ________ let me go home early?

    A. with B. to C. on D. that

    ( ) 3. Shell finish the work ________ .

     A. in one week’s time B. in one weeks time C. at the next meeting D. in ones week

    ( ) 4. --- _______ do you go to see your friends? --- Every week.

     A . How long B. How soon C. How often D. When

    ( ) 5. The class was not good enough until she _______ it.

     A. in the charge of B. in charge of C. takes the charge of D. took charge of

    ( ) 6. Many students couldnt go to school on time _____ the heavy rain.

    A. because B. because of C. so D. why


( ) 7. Dont have the boy ______ outside because of his lateness.

     A. standing B. stand C. to stand D. stood

    ( ) 8. If you dont finish your homework on time, your mother will _____ you.

    A. angry with B. angry to C. be angry with D. be angry to ( ) 9. --- I won the game.

     --- _______________ .

     A. Thanks a lot. B. Congratulations! C. Best wishes. D. Good luck. ( ) 10. He _______ swimming in the river.

     A. suggested to go B. suggested going C. suggested goes D. suggested go ( ) 11. Now the Internet is ________ than it used to be, many people use it.

     A. very popular B. the most popular C. most popular D. even more popular ( ) 12. Jane was a good swimmer, but now she ________ swims.

     A. often B. still C. hardly ever D. hardly never ( ) 13. I worked out the answer ____ the question by ______ day and night.

     A. to; working B. of; working C. to ; work D. of; work ( ) 14. Which is ___________, a TV, a robot or a computer?

     A. cleverer B. clever C. cleverest D. the cleverest ( ) 15. She am short of money. She ______ to get some from the ATM.

     A. need B. needs C. doesnt need D. dont need

    ( ) 16. -----Be careful not to _______ others. ------OK!

    A. bump into B. knock at C. go in D. get away

    ( ) 17. _________ more English, he goes to England to spend his summer holiday.

     A. Learn B. Learning C. To learn D. Learns ( ) 18. Smaller computers usually _______ more than bigger ones.

     A. took B. paid C. spent D. cost

    ( ) 19. He is very young and he _______ his parents.

     A. is essential for B. is useful for C. is dependent on D. is helpful to ( ) 20. After Beijing held the Olympic Games, ________ people know about China.

     A. much and much B. many and many C. less and less D. more and more ( ) 21. My pet cat will get _____ when I leave it ______.

     A. angry, lonely B. angrily, lonely C. angry, alone D. angrily, alone ( ) 22. Its dangerous for children _______ in the river.

     A. to swimming B. to swim C. for swimming D. for swim ( ) 23. Life now is much _______ than in the old days.

     A. good B. well C. best D. better

    ( ) 24. _________ they are!

     A. What beautiful trees B. What a beautiful tree

    C. How beautiful trees D. How beautiful a tree

    ( ) 25. My uncle is not a worker ______ a farmer _______ a cleaner.

     A. and, or B. and, but C. or, but D. or, and


    ( ) 26. P-Too is three metres _______ and ________ 207 kilograms.

     A. height, weight B. tall, weigh C. tall, weight D. tall, weighs ( ) 27. ---I’d like two English books. --- What ______ do you need?

     A. other B. else C. others D. elses

    ( ) 28. The paper we use is often ________ wood.

     A. make of B. made of C. make from D. made from ( ) 29. Sending e-mail is _____________ of all.

     A. interesting B. more interesting C. most interesting D. the most interesting ( ) 30. ---A laptop is more useful. --- ___________.

     A. I think B. I dont know C. I not agree D. I dont think so

    ( ) 31. Dont forget _____ my card to your brother.

    A. giving B. to give C. give D. gives

    ( ) 32. He admitted _______ a serious mistake at last.

    A. make B. making C. to making D. to make

    ( ) 33. There are so many beggars ask for money at street, but people ______ them anything.

    A. refusing to give B. refusing giving C. refuse to give D. refuse giving ( ) 34. Mrs Li, as well as her children , _________ interested in dancing.

    A. is B. are C. were D. be

    ( ) 35. They arrived _____ Beijing ______ the evening of August, 6 th .

    A. in, in B. at, in C. in, on D. at, on

    ( ) 36. The maths problem was _____ difficult _____ few students could work it out in my class.

    A. so, that B. too, that C. so, to D. enough, to

    ( ) 37. She noticed the man _____ at that time.

    A. to look at her B. looks at her C. looked at her D. looking at her ( ) 38. The teacher asked Tom _____ in his test paper at once.

    A. hand B. to hand C. handing D. handed

    ( ) 39. Youd better ______ anything to Mary now.

    A. not to say B. dont say C. not say D. not saying

    ( ) 40. ---- Do you mind my _____ the window? ---- Of course not.

    A. close B. closes C. to close D. closing

    . 完成句子,

    1. 当他妈妈回来的时候? 他兴奋地冲下楼去。

    He _______ _______ the stairs _______ when his mother came back. 2.Tom 常常取笑他妹妹?因为她老是考试不及格。

    Tom always _______ _______ _______ his sister because she often _______ in exams. 3.Mike用了个计谋得到了那条稀有的项链。

    Mike got the rare necklace _______ _______ _______ .


    The typhoon blew many things away, _______ _______ some animals. 5. 通过努力? 工程师们终于成功地完成了这项工程。

    After working hard, the engineers _______ _______ _______ the project at last.


6. 警察把小偷送进了监狱.

    The police ________ the thief _______ _______. 7. 听到这个振奋人心的消息,我真的好激动.

     _______ _______ I was when I heard the ______ news. 8. 当他妈妈回来的时候? 他兴奋地冲下楼去。

    He _______ _______ the stairs _______ when his mother came back. 9. 你穿着一件多么旧的T恤啊?

    __________ __________ old T-shirt youre wearing


     _________ he __________ ___________ the film? 11. 我认为所有科目中数学最重要。

    I think maths is ________ ___________ __________ subject of all.

    12. 树太高?我够不着。

     The tree is __________ high for me ___________ reach. 13. 他是他们班其中一个最聪明的学生。

     He is ______ ______ ________ ________ ______ in his class. 14. 因为这些原因?他拒绝和我玩游戏。

    For these reasons, he _______ _______ _______ games with me. 15. 现在人们更依赖电子产品。

    People are ________ ________ _________ electronic products. 16. 为了找到更好的工作?她离开了家乡。

     _____ ______ a _______ job, she _______ her hometown. 17. 对于吸烟者来说?不抽烟是很难的。

     ______ ________ difficult for smokers _____ _______ ______ 18. 我和同学们相处融洽。

    Im _______ _______ ________ _____ my classmates. 19. 他想有辆自己的车。

     He like to have a car _______ ___________ __________ . 20. 睡觉前和父母道晚安是很有礼貌的。

     Its _______ to ______ ______ _______ our parents before we go to bed.


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