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abiotic an environmental factor not associated with the activities of living organisms acceleration rate of change in velocity accuracy how close a measurement is to the correct value air resistance force of friction due to air opposing the motion of an object; depends on density of air and speed of object allele any of..


    an environmental factor

    not associated with the

    activities of living



    rate of change in



    how close a

    measurement is to the correct value

force of friction due to air air resistance

    opposing the motion of

    an object; depends on density of air and speed of object


    any of two or more

    alternate forms of a gene

    that an organism may

    have for a particular trait


    the maximum distance

    the medium (e.g., the

    surface of the ocean)

    carrying a wave is shifted

    from its normal position

    asexual a form of reproduction in

    which new individuals reproduction

    are formed without the

    involvement of gametes;

    cell division, budding or


    astronomical unit

    the average distance (AU)

    from the Earth to the Sun,

    approximately 150 million


atomic number

    the number of protons in

    an atom’s nucleus; this

    defines the element


    atomic weight

    the total number of

    neutrons and protons in

    the nucleus of an atom



    the range of different

    species living in a given

    area or period of time


    factors in an

    environment relating to,

    caused by or produced

    by living organisms

    unit of energy equal to calorie

    the amount of heat

    needed to raise one

    gram of water one

    degree Celsius


    the breakdown and


    alteration of rocks as a

    result of chemical



    a complete path along

    which a charge can flow


    in sound waves, an area

    of higher pressure or



    the process that carries

    heat and/or electrons

    through a material;

    transfer of heat between

    two materials in contact

    conservation of

    principle stating that

    energy energy can neither be

    created nor destroyed

    but only changed from

    one form to another

conservation of

    principle stating the total

    mass and energy

    amount of mass and

    energy in the universe is


conservation of

    principle stating that

    mass (i.e., matter) can mass

    neither be created nor

    destroyed but only

    changed from one form

    to another

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