B.he had to be stric

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B.he had to be stric

Section II 趣味幽默篇

    Passage 13

     Henry was an office worker in a big city. He worked very hard and enjoyed traveling in his holidays.

     He usually went to the seaside, but one year he saw an advertisement in a newspaper. Enjoy country life. Spend a few weeks at West Hill Farm. Good food. Fresh air. Horse riding. Walking. Fishing. Cheap and interesting.

     This sounds a good idea, he thought. Ill spend a month at West Hill Farm.

    I think I can enjoy horse riding, walking and fishing. Theyll make a change from

    sitting by the seaside and swimming.

     He wrote to the farmer. In the letter he said that he would like to spend all of July there. Then on the first of July, he left for West Hill Farm.

     But four days later, he returned home.

     What was wrong with West Hill Farm? his best friend, Ed, asked him. Didn

    t you enjoy country life?

     Country life was very good, Henry said. But there was another problem.

     Oh. What?

     Well, he said, the first day I was there a sheep died, and we had roast mutton for dinner.

     What's wrong with that? Ed asked. Fresh meat is the best.

     I know, but on the second day a cow died, and we had roast beef for dinner.

     Lucky you!

     You don't understand, Henry said. On the third day a pig died and we had

    roast pork for dinner.

     A different meat every day, Ed said loudly, and you are complaining!

     Let me finish, Henry said. On the fourth day the farmer died, and I didn't dare ()stay for dinner!

     1.How did Henry find out about the farm?

     A. He saw it in a newspaper advertisement. B. His best friend told him.

     C. He wrote to the farmer. D. Maybe he learned it from the radio.

     B.he had to be strict with the woman because of the law, although he didnt want


     C.the woman had to pay him 1.50 pounds and the railway would pay her for the hotel

     D.she should pay 1.50 pounds, but he had made a mistake, she could go without paying

     5. The woman left the office without saying anything because _______________.

     A.she wanted to go home and get money for the childs ticket

     B.she was so angry that she didnt want to have anything more to do with the

    young man

     C.she was moved (感动) by Harrys kindness

     D.she knew she would have to pay the railway if she insisted (坚持)

     Passage 15

     Three travelers, Allan, Carl and Paul were sitting on the chairs in a train station. They were waiting for a train that was very late.

     To pass the time, they began talking to each other.

     At first, they talked about the weather and their work. Then Paul said, "Tell mewhat would you most like to do if your doctor tell you that you have only three months to live?"

     The other two men thought about this for a while, then Carl spoke.

     Well, he said, if I have only three months to live, Ill take all my money

    out of the bank and go to foreign countries for holidays with my best friend, Erik. I'd like to travel to the places in the world as many as possible. And I'll stay at the best hotels and then eat the best food. I think I'll have a wonderful time.

     That's very interesting. Paul said.

     With these words, he turned to the other man, saying, And what about you?

     I'll tell you a secret, Allan said. I always want to be a racing driver.

    So if I have only three months to live, the first thing I'd like to do is to sell my house. With the money Ill buy the fastest car in the world. Maybe I can enter all the big motor races.

     Then he laughed, "I might even end up (以„„而告终) world champion.

     Now it's your turn, Allan went on, If your doctor tell you the bad news,

    what would you most like to do?

     Oh, said Paul with a smile. Ill go and see another doctor.

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