Climate Change Budget Overview 2009-2010

By Tracy Wright,2014-06-29 08:57
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Climate Change Budget Overview 2009-2010 ...

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? What is climate change?

    o Impacts of climate change

    o Climate trends

    o The science

    o Australia's emissions

    o Teachers and students ? What the Government is doing

    o Reducing Australia's emissions

    o Adapting to climate change

    o National targets

    o Shaping a global solution

    o A-Z of Government initiatives ? What you can do

    o Calendar

    o Reduce your carbon footprint

    o Tips to combat climate change

    ? What your business can do

    o Make the most of opportunities

    o Know your obligations

    o How will climate change affect your business?

    o Stay informed

    ? What your community can do

    o Reduce your carbon footprint

    o Local government

    o Schools

    o Calendar

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