Class review of communication in business

By Calvin Gomez,2014-07-01 14:35
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Class review of communication in business

    Class review of communication in business Asking for and giving clarification:

    1 Asking for clarification. When you ask for clarification,you can ask like this:Could you be more specific?/Can you explain that (in more detail)?/What do you mean by?and so on.

    2 Clarifying. When you are clarifying,you can say this means/what I mean

     is/what I want to say is/to explain this in more detail

    3 Checking whether thclarification is sufficient .In this case,you can ask Is that okay?/Is that clearer now?

    4 Referring to other speakers.You should not ignore of other speakers,you should refer to them.In this case,you can ask like this As has already told us

    /Later we will hear a report from / is certainly aware of.

    Delaying decisions:

    When you want to delay decisions ,you can ask like the followings:

    1 I think we need more time to consider this.

    2 I think we should postpone a decision

    3 Can we leave this until another date?

    4 It would be wrong to make a final decision

    How to ending the meeting:

    You should close the meeting with a restatement of the objectives,a summary of decisions taken,a summary of action now required,reference to any individual responsibilities.

    And you can close the meeting like this:

    1 I think we should end there. Just to summarize

    2 Weve covered everything, so Id like to go over the decisions weve taken

    3 So, to concludeweve agreed

    4 Well contact

    5 John will

    6 Weve got to

    7 We need to look at

    8 Well meet again next month

    9 We look forward to hearing from you

    10 Its been a pleasure to see you today and I look forward to our next meeting

    What should we do after the meeting:

    1 A memorandum should be sent to all participants summarizing the decisions take and the action required.

    2 The memorandum should be sent to any interested individuals who were

unable to attend

    3 The chair should seek feedback on the meetings to try to improve future meetings

    How to improve the meeting:

    1 Motivation to change

    2 Gather information on present situation

    3 Identify specific areas needing improvement

    4 Identify alternative courses of action

    5 Practice new techniques

    6 Improvement model

    What makes a good meeting:

    1 There is a written agenda.

    2 Clear objectivesknown to everyone.

    3 Respect for the time available/time planning.

    4 Good chaireffective control

    5 Emotions are kept under control

    6 Good preparation

    7 Everyone gets to say what they need to say

    8 Reaching objectives


    1 When we participate in or organize a meeting,we should know how to ask for and give clarification,how to delay decisions,how to end the meeting,how to improve the meeting and what should we do after the meeting.We must observe the rules of the meeting.If so,we will have a good meeting. 2 From this class, I have learned how to communicate in business and what should we do when we take part in a meeting.What is more,I have also known what should I do when I was a chairperson.

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