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Background letter to schools - Northamptonshire County Council Online ...


    Please ask for : Julian Steele Tel : 01604 236901 Our Ref : e&wmon/jcws Your Ref : Date : November 2006 ab

To: Headteachers of all maintained schools

Dear Colleague


    The management of energy and water is an essential part of the school’s delegated responsibilities for premises. Regular monitoring of energy and water consumption can significantly contribute towards

    effective local premises management. Property Services is continuing its commitment to support schools

    in this activity and seeks to provide building managers with a range of tools and processes. You may be

    aware that reducing carbon emissions in buildings is one the Council’s priorities in striving towards ‘A

    cleaner and greener County’.

Monitoring consumption and cost

    To assist schools in their routine consumption monitoring I have enclosed the following items:

    ? A set of white (Pre-Paid) Monthly Data Return cards to be completed and returned to us.

    Please note that these are pre-numbered with our reference to assist in identification.

    ? A gold Monthly Data Record sheet to be completed and retained on site with your records

    ? A green Schools Energy Conservation Planner this includes reminders of the dates for

    completing the return cards and record sheet together with good housekeeping tips and prompts

A set of energy benchmark tables and a CO calculator sheet are available to schools - please contact 2

    Louise Riddle by e-mail at (01604 236970) if you wish to receive these.

    Recording meter readings on a monthly basis will enable you to:

    ? Validate suppliers invoices (the majority of which are based solely upon estimated readings).

    Schools are strongly recommended not to pay estimated bills unless they are confident

    that the estimated readings are acceptable. Please note that Property Services do not

    routinely submit site meter readings to energy/water suppliers, this is a local management activity.

    The utility companies will normally accept your readings for billing purposes.

    ? Identify unusual patterns of use and thereby prompt remedial actions especially important for

    water use.

    ? Calculate annual consumptions, performance indicators and compare performance to


    ? Establish year on year consumption and cost profiles to assist budget setting

    Providing copies of these readings to this office either using the card system or the new online facility

    (see enclosed document) will assist us to:

     County Property Services

    PO Box 128

    County Hall



    t. 01604 236901

    f. 01604 236979

    e. a

    ? Support you should any problems arise, particularly in compensation claims for water rebates,

    metering faults and disputes with energy suppliers

    ? Identify consumption trends at a corporate level to support bids for additional capital funding

    that can be reinvested at a local level and to develop business cases for individual schemes.

New online web based monitoring system - Details of this new facility, available free to schools,

    are given in the enclosed flyer.

Rising fuel prices, opportunities for savings and financial support

Schools will now be aware that energy prices have risen considerably since last year. Our new electricity

    contract with British Energy for the larger schools produced rises averaging 75%. The recent price

    review for the British Gas contract has resulted in an average price increase of 49%. This is much lower

    than we had originally forecast. Details of the new gas price for your school will be sent out separately.

The County Council is taking positive steps to mitigate the impacts of these price increases. In support of

    the corporate drive towards reducing carbon emissions the Council has secured matched capital funding

    from the Carbon Trust through the Local Authority Energy Financing (LAEF) scheme to invest in energy

    efficiency measures across all buildings. A number of selected projects are being funded centrally (ie.

    free to schools) using this process, including;

    ? Installing cavity wall insulation this project is now complete and over 170 sites (mainly

    schools) have had cavity wall insulation installed. Many schools have now received follow up

    visits to ensure that their heating system controls are being optimised to achieve the maximum

    benefit of the new insulation. We will be monitoring these sites closely as we need to report

    results back to the Carbon Trust.

    ? Installing computer based building energy management systems (BEMs) on large sites.

    Systems have been installed at 8 secondary schools so far. Again we will be monitoring these.

    ? Installing/improving loft insulation - this is the next major area of improvement works that we

    are targeting. The package of work for the first group of 7 schools has now been tendered.

The LAEF scheme can also be used to provide interest free advances to schools to invest in approved

    energy saving measures that can achieve a financial payback in less than 5 years. Other sources of

    grants and loans for smaller energy and water projects are available and schools are invited to bid for

    this financial support for projects please contact Eamonn Byrne on 01604 236906 or e-mail in the first instance.

Water management

Following on from the success of the 2003 project where schools were able to upgrade their water

    management systems in toilet areas for free, Property Services arranged a new maintenance contract

    for these systems which started in mid 2006. Every school on that contract should now have received a

    maintenance visit to ensure that their water management controls are still functioning efficiently.

Schools are reminded to monitor water consumption on a monthly basis to ensure that any leaks are

    detected as quickly as possible. Reporting leaks to Anglian Water before any large bills arrive will

    maximise any rebates that may be due.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding energy and water management on your site please do

    not hesitate to contact Eamonn Byrne. Our advice is free.

     Yours sincerely

    J C W Steele

    Performance and Planning Manager

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