Success in My Eyes

By June Perez,2014-04-22 08:39
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Success in My Eyes

    Success in My Eyes

Good evening, Ladies and Gentleman,

    This evening I am great honoured to be here to share my ideas of success with you. I believe everyone has his own interpretation of success. So, what’s yours? Go to a celebrated university? Study abroad? Get promoted? or make a good fortune to live better?

    These are success indeed. You work hard, and you got what you want, then you feel good, right? Here I want to share my realization of success with you.

    Feeling successful is a kind of psychological sense inside your heart. It is motivated by your needs According to Abraham Maslow, a famous American psychologist, He gives a five-level pyramid model of hierarchy of needs. From bottom to top are Physiological needs, Safety needs, social acceptance, Esteem needs and self-actualization.

    As you see, the physical needs are just the basic and lowest level. You struggle for money, big house, nice car, it is good that you got what you desire, but after people got all this, they often don’t know what they want. It’s a kind of embarrassment. So, are they really successful? I don’t think so.

The highest level of needs is self-actualization. It’s our desire to live up to our

    unique potentialities and our need for self-fulfillment.

    And, I believe the real success is the realization of our value. As you know, everyone has his or her own specific quality and potential, but the question is, Can you realize your advantages and use them? If you can, you are successful and lucky!

    However, nowadays, people who are regarded as the successful person have the same characteristics, money, high position and affluent life and many people believe that success is like this. So they keep up hard work, make a lot of money, get a higher and higher social status, but as years went by, they become lost. They keep chasing more money, higher position, but the desire never stops. Then they become the slaves of physical desire.

    So, the problem is where is the end of this negative circle? Is that a real success? Absolutely not, the real Success lies in our deep heart, which is the realization of people’ value.

    Like the most valuable player of NBA League, the best player of football match, the Olympic champion standing at the medal stage, I think what they enjoy at that

    moment of victory is not money, right? They have glory! Most importantly, they realize their values, and they made it!

    As for me, I have the courage to stand here, to make a public speaking and try to realize my value, that’s a success indeed for me!

    For the ending, I would like to quote one actor’s lines of the movie<<Forest Gump>>, ‘life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get. ’ Choose what kind of success, you choose what kind of life! Hope all of us will have a successful life!

Thank you!

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