Henry David Thoreau

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Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

    1. Literary Status:

    ??1??The Prophet of Non-Violence Movement

    Advocate of New England Transcendentalism

    ??2??A. a great Transcendentalist work and Thoreau??s masterpiece B. a faithful record of his reflections when he was in solitary communion with nature (the pantheistic quality of nature)

    C. a book on self-culture and human perfectability; a book about man, what he is and what he should be and must be.

    D. prophet of individualism in American literature ?C critical of modern civilization which was degrading and enslaving man. ??Civilized man is the slave of matter???ªa panacea for the fatal modern craze for monetary success in the wake of( as a result of) modern mechanization and commercialization.

    E. he was impatient with the overstress on the external development of human beings such as railroad, telegraph.

    F. Regeneration became a major thematic concern of Walden and decided the structural framework: Walden unfolds in a single year, and progresses through summer and autumn to winter, and finally to a climax in the renascence of spring.

    G. Walden exhibits Thoreau??s calm trust in the future and his ardent belief in a new generation of men. The book concludes on a clear note of optimism and hope.

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