B3 Unit2 Healthy Eating

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B3 Unit2 Healthy Eating

    Unit2 Healthy Eating


    第一部分,单项选择?共15 小题(每小题1分,满分15分?

    1. Once the balance of nature ______, natural disasters are likely to strike in ways beyond imagination.

    A. is ignored B. is broken C. is destroyed D . is ruined 2. The Chinese ______ is said to be a healthier one than ______, which contains too much fat.

    A. food; the west B. diet; that of the west C. food; that of the west D. diet; the western 3. _______ that your wife and children are complaining about you. You really have spent too much time

    on your work. You should _______ your time well between your work and your family.

     A. No wonder; balance B. No doubt; keep C. No problem; make D. No way; fix 4. You boys really _______ on the seats that were reserved for the old and the pregnant when you took

    the bus here.

     A. not ought to have sat B. ought to have not sat C. ought not to have sat D. ought not to sit 5. Fried foods are said to be junk foods but _______, many people, especially young children enjoy

    eating them a lot.

     A. strange enough B. strangely enough C. enough strangely D. enough strange 6. ________ is what most fat girls dream about.

     A. Lose weight and stay slim B. Losing weight and staying slim

    C. Losing weight as well as staying slim D. To lose weight together with to stay slim 7. Driven by _______ what was kept in the box, the boy broke it with an ax when his father was not at home.

    A. anxiety about B. curiosity about C. doubt of D. eagerness of 8. Health experts have already clarified what green vegetables are fit _______ and what are not.

    A. to be eaten in raw B. to eat raw C. to be eaten raw D. to eat rawly 9. Remember never to lie to others; if you did, you would have to ______ more lies to cover the lies you

    have______ .

     A. discover; told B. invent; told C. make up; said D. find out; spoken 10. Don’t take a chance to do violence to the law. If you did, you could never ________it.

     A. get away from B. break away from C. do away with D. get away with 11. In order to win back the customers, the owner of the restaurant decided to sell his food _______.

     A. in a discount B. with discount C. at a discount D. for a discount 12. When reading, you needn’t have to ______ every time you meet an unknown word. Which of the

    following is NOT OK?

     A. look up a dictionary B. refer to a dictionary C. consult a dictionary D. turn to a dictionary 13. Their company is said to be _______ and is to ______ protective measures must be taken to prevent

    our investment from going to waste.

     A. in heavy debt; cut down B. heavily in debt; close down

     C. heavily debted; put down D. heavy in debt; get down

    14. The man caught ______ our defense works was tried and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

     A. to have spied on B. spying on C. to be spying for D. spying with 15. Most smokers say they _______ smoking to some degree but health experts suggest that they had

    better give it up ______ their health.

     A. benefit; for the benefit of B. benefit from; with the benefit of

    C. receive goodness; in the benefit of D. benefit from; for the benefit of 16. “ With more and more businesses closing down, it is hard to ______ nowadays.” she said with a sigh.

     A. earn one’s living B. make a living C. make a life D. earn one’s life


    17. Putting on weight is much easier than ______; the most effective solution to solving weight problems is

    to have a balanced diet and do enough exercise.

     A. lose it B. to lose it C. losing it D. to losing 18. There is no limit ______ learning so we had better limit our time for leisure _____ the smallest but

    sufficient amount

     A. in; in B. to; to C. to; for D. of; to 19. If trees continue _______ at the present rate, it won’t be _______there is no trees for shade.

     A. to cut down; long before B. being cut down; before long

     C. to be cut down; long before D. cutting down; before long 20. ---What do you say if we combine our two businesses for more profit?


     A. It can’t be better B. I don’t think so C. I think it is not OK D. I can’t say anything

    21. If one wants to succeed in this society, it is very important and necessary that one ______his ______

    and avoid one’s _______

     A. develop; strengths; weaknesses B. develops; strengths; weaknesses

     C. develop; strength; weakness D. develops; strength; weakness 22. When someone _______ at you, it means he is angry or unhappy about what you have said or done.

    A. looks B. glance C. stare D. glare

    23. Open your mouth and speak. Don’t be afraid _______in front of others; ______ you are only English


    A. to lose face; after all B. of losing your face; at all

    C. of losing face; after all D. to lose your face; above all 24. How can you have your son ______to me like this? I am his mother and you are his father and it is your

    responsibility to make him behave himself.

    A. to talk B. talked C. talking D. to be talking 25. Roasted food such as roasted chicken breast, roasted garlic, roasted carrot and so on ______ said to

    do more harm than _____ to one’s health.. One reason is that it is hard to digest.

     A. is; well B. are; goodness C. is; good D. are; good 第二部分 完形填空?共20小题(每小题15分,满分30分?

    Do you know the history of the use of cosmetics(化妆品)? Probably when 26 first painted their

    faces many thousand years ago, it was for the purpose of 27 their enemies in war. But there are records

    of women in Egypt 28 cosmetics more than four thousand years ago. These women not only painted their eyebrows, they also added a thick dark line under 29 eye, and had 30 kinds of paint for different

    seasons of the 31 .

    Women in ancient Rome used cosmetics. 32 used Egyptian KOHL for darkening the eyelids,

    powdered chalk for whitening the skin, and a red coloring matter for the cheeks. A rich Roman lady spent many hours over her dressing, arranging the hair and putting on make-up, 33 by a crowd of young 34

    of many nationalities. The Roman writer Oind 35 a book on cosmetics, which gives a description of

    what we now call a face-pack, made 36 flour, eggs and other materials. The use of this, he says, will make the face smoother and brighter than a mirror..

    In 37 , it was the custom, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, for all ladies of all ladies of fashion to paint 38 faces and to blacken their eyebrows. In the nineteenth century there was a change of taste, however, and until about the end of the century, ladies who used make up were 39

    accepted in high society. Girls were advised, just before 40 the ballroom, to bite and lick() their lips

    and slap their cheek 41 so as to brink some 42 to the face.

    Today the use of cosmetics is accepted everywhere, and it is 43 to see women and girls making up


    in public. The 44 industry is one of the largest in some countries. And large sums of money go to the 45 of beauty parlor(美容院).

    26. A. woman B. men C. man D. Egyptians

    27. A. making B. hunting C. driving off D. frightening

    28. A. making B. selling C. using D. inventing

    29. A. one B. an C. both D. each

    30. A. all B. both C. different D. every

    31. A. year B. month C. century D. week

    32. A. Men B. They C. Soldiers D. Those

    33. A. taken B. brought C. helped D. caught

    34. A. peoples B. girls C. slaves D. women

    35. A. wrote B. bought C. sold D. did

    36. A. into B. from C. up of D. with

    37. A. France B. some countries C. a country D. England

    38. A. her B. their C. his D. your

    39. A. already B. also C. not D. easily

    40. A. sharing B. leaving C. closing D. entering

    41. A. hard B. difficulty C. quickly D. slowly

    42. A. color B. cosmetics C. dirt D. materials

    43. A. common B. usually C. unusually D. necessary

    44. A. cosmetics B. power C. chalk D. eggs

    45. A. shops B. owners C. women D. girls

第三部分 阅读理解?共20小题(每小题2分,满分40分?




    In modern society there is a great deal of argument about competition. Some value it highly, believing that it is responsible for social progress and prosperity, others say that competition is bad, that it sets one person against another and that it leads to unfriendly relationship between people.

    I have taught many children who held the belief that their self-worth relied on how well they performed at tennis and other skills. For them, playing well and winning are often life-and-death affairs. In their single-minded pursuit(追求) of success, the development of many other human qualities is sadly forgotten.

    However, while some seem to be lost in the desire to succeed, others take an opposite attitude. In a culture which values only the winners and pays no attention to the ordinary players, they strongly blame competition. Among the most vocal are youngsters who have suffered under competitive pressures from

    their parents or society. Teaching these young people I often observe in them a desire to fail. They seem to seek failure by not trying to win or achieve success. By not trying, they always have an excuse: “I may have lost, but it doesn’t matter because I really didn’t try.” What is not usually admitted by themselves is the belief that if they had really tried and lost , that would mean a lot. Such a loss would be a measure of their worth. Clearly, this belief is the same as that of the true competitors who try to prove themselves. Both are

    based on the mistaken belief that one’s self-respect relies on how well one performs in comparison with

    others. Both are afraid of not being valued. Only as this basic and often troublesome fear begins to dissolve(缓解) can we discover a new meaning in competition.

    46. What does this passage mainly talk about?


A. Competition helps to set up self-respect.

    B. Opinions about competition are different among people.

    C. Competition is harmful to personal quality development.

    D. Failures are necessary experiences in competition.

    47. Why do some people favor competition according to the passage?

    A. It pushes society forward. B. It builds up a sense of duty.

    C. It improves personal abilities. D. It encourages individual efforts.

    48. The underlined phrase “ the most vocal” in Paragraph 3 means ______.

    A. those who try their best to win

    B. those who value competition most highly

    C. those who are against competition most strongly

    D. those who rely on others most for success

    49. What is the similar belief of the true competitors and those with a desire to fail? A. One’s worth lies in his performance compared with others.

    B. One’s success in competition needs great efforts.

    C. One’s achievement is determined by his particular skills.

    D. One’s success is based on how hard he has tried.

    50. Which point of view may the author agree to?

    A. Every effort should be paid back.

    B. Competition should be encouraged.

    C. Winning should be a life-and-death matter.

    D. Fear of failure should be removed in competition.


    Do you want to live with a strong sense of peacefulness, happiness, goodness, and self-respect? The collection of happiness actions broadly categorized as “honor” help you create this life of good feelings.

    Here’s an example to show how honorable actions create happiness.

    Say a store clerk fails to charge us for an item. If we keep silent, and profit from the clerk’s mistake, we would drive home with a sense of sneaky excitement. Later we might tell our family or friends about our good fortune. On the other hand, if we tell the clerk about the uncharged item, the clerk would be grateful and thank us for our honesty. We would leave the store with a quiet sense of honor that we might never share with another soul.

    Then, what is it to do with our sense of happiness?

    In the first case, where we don’t tell the clerk, a couple of things would happen. Deep down inside we would know ourselves as a type of thief. In the process, we would lose some peace of mind and self-respect. We would also demonstrate that we cannot be trusted, since we advertise our dishonor by telling our family and friends. We damage our own reputations by telling others. In contrast, bringing the error to the clerk’s attention causes different things to happen. Immediately the clerk knows us to be

    honorable. Upon leaving the store, we feel honorable and our self-respect is increased. Whenever we take honorable action we gain the deep internal rewards of goodness and a sense of nobility.

    There is a beautiful positive cycle that is created by living a life of honorable thoughts that lead to honorable actions. Honorable actions lead us to a happier existence. And it’s easy to think and act honorably again when we’re happy. While the positive cycle can be difficult to start, once it’s started, it’s easy to continue. Keeping on doing good deeds brings us peace of mind, which is important for our happiness.

    51. According to the passage, the positive action in the example contributes to our _____.


A. self-respect B. financial rewards

    C. advertising ability D. friendly relationship

    52. The author thinks that keeping silent about the uncharged item is equal to _____. A. lying B. stealing C. cheating D. advertising

    53. The phrase “bringing the error to the clerk’s attention” (in Para.5 ) means ______.

    A. telling the truth to the clerk B. offering advice to the clerk C. asking the clerk to be more attentive D. reminding the clerk of the charged item 54. How will we feel if we let the clerk know her mistake?

    A. We’ll be very excited B. We’ll feel unfortunate.

    C. We’ll have a sense of honor D. We’ll feel sorry for the clerk

    55. Which of the following can be the best title of this passage?

    A. How to Live Truthfully B. Importance of Peacefulness

    C. Ways of Gaining Self-respect D. Happiness through Honorable Actions. 情态动词

    1. _____ you ready? A. Are B. Have C. Will D. Can 2. ____ here early? A. Will he B. Was he C. Did he be D. Were he 3. I ___ happy about the price of eggs. A. am't B. am not C. do not D. won’t

    4. Since last year I____ him only once.

    A. have seen B. have been seeing C. see D. was seeing

    5. Donald ___ sixteen tomorrow.

     A. is being B. going to be C. shall be D. will be

    6. I ___ the story at all. A. don't like B. like C. am fond of D. would like 7. I would rather ___ than play now. A. to study B. am studying C. study D. studied 8. I'd rather you ___ anything about it for the time being. A. do B. didn't do C. don't D. didn't 9. The car___much money.

     A. not cost B. not have cost C. isn't cost D. didn't cost 10. I ___ like to eat fish. A. am B. have C. do D. be

    11. ___ repeat the question?

    A. Shall I B. Will I C. Would you like that I D. Do you want that I 12. My teacher knows more than ___.

     A. my uncle knows B. my uncle does . C. they know D. they don't know 13. He___to meet us at the station, but didn't see us.

     A. did go B. did went C. goes D. had

    14. Not only ____us light.

     A. does the sun give B. the sun gives . C. gives the sun D. the sun does give 15. ____ you tell me what has happened?

     A. May B. Must C. Can D. Could

    16. Anne___tomorrow.

     A. can sing B. can to sing C. is going sing D. going to sing 17. You___hand it in at once, you may hand it in tomorrow.

     A. needn't B. may not C. can't D. must not

    18. Tell the boy that he ___ in the river. A. swims B. swim C. swimming D. to swim 19. Joan___play on Saturday. A. going to B. can C. is going D. can to 20. Susan and I can go to the lecture ___.

    A. but neither can Charles B. and so Charies can C. but Charles can't D. and Charles also can


21. Id like some more cheese.

     Sorry, theres ________ left.

     A. some B. a little C. none D. nothing

    22. The novel isnt easy for Xiao Wang to read, is it?

     ________. His foreign language is far better than expected.

     A. No, it isnt B. Im afraid not

     C. I dont think so D. Yes, it is

    23. Do you know Mary very well?

     Yes. We became good friends ________ we met at a party.

     A. the first time B. for the first time

     C. first time D. by the first time

    24. Atlanta ________ a series of fierce fights between blacks and whites in the 1960s.

     A. met B. fought C. happened D. saw

    25. The number of Chinese speakers in the world ________ with the development of China is much larger

    than ever before.

     A. grows B. grown C. growing D. grow

    26. It is ________ you speak ill of others behind her back ________ she hates you.

     A. because; why B. because; that

     C. for; that D. for; which

    27. ________ of the city lies a big temple, where a big market developed.

     A. South B. The south C. In south D. At the south 28. A huge crack that was eight kilometers long and thirty meters wide ________ houses, roads and


     A. cut off B. cut away C. cut across D. cut over29. Mice ran out of the fields ________ for places to hide before an earthquake happened.

     A. to look B. looked C. look D. looking

    30. The house ________ window faces south is very beautiful.

     A. which B. of which C. that D. whose

    31. I agree with most of what you said, but I dont agree with ________.

     A. everything B. anything C. nothing D. something 32. After the new technology was brought in, the factory produced ________ cars in 1999 as the year


     A. as twice many B. twice as many as

    C. as many twice D. twice as many

    33. I lived in ________ you call Ancient Greece. Which one is WRONG?

     A. what B. the place what

     C. the place that D. the place

    34. ________ my surprise, the entrance ________ the mine was closed.

     A. To, of B. In, of C. In, to D. To, to

    35. They all say Avatar is a good movie which is worth ________ second time.

     A. seeing the B. to see a C. seeing a D. being seen the 36. The young man finally reached ________ called Ningbo in 1997, ________ he became known several

    years later.

     A. what is, where B. what was, when

    C. where is, where D. where was, when

    37. How do you find the newly-built Hangzhou Bay Bridge off the coast of Zhejiang?


     A. My friend took me there B. By chance

     C. Excited and surprised D. wonderful and amazing 38. Lishe Airport, please. Ill be there by 10.

     ________, but I will do my best.

     A. I cant promise B. No problem

     C. All right D. Its impossible

    39. We heard nothing more from him ever after. ________ we began to wonder if he was dead.

     A. As soon as B. So that C. In case D. As a result 40. In ________ he began to learn Spanish, when he was in ________.

     A. 1970: 40s B. the 1970: his 40

     C. the 1970s; his 40 D. 1970; his forties


Unit two Healthy Eating



    1. A. 2. B. 3. B. 4. A. 5. D. 6. A. 7. C. 8. B. 9. D 10. C. 11. A. 12. B. 13. A. 14. A. 15. D. 16. A. 17. A. 18. B. 19. B. 20. C.



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