MADRID199704 Calculation of fees

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MADRID199704 Calculation of fees


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    Calculation of Fees

    1 A spreadsheet for calculating the fees (including individual fees) payable in respect of international applications, subsequent designations and renewals is now available on WIPO‟s homepage on the Internet (, under “Information on the Madrid System”. Use of the calculator requires Microsoft Excel version 5 or higher.

2 To use the calculator:

     select the Contracting Party whose Office is the Office of origin;

     select the number of classes of goods or services;

     from the list of dates on which relevant changes (fee changes, accessions) took place, select that date which immediately precedes the date for which the calculation is to be made (where the date format of the user‟s PC has been set to „‟ in the Windows Control Panel, the calculator will automatically select the current relevant date);

     select „international application‟, „subsequent designation‟ or „renewal‟;

     select the Contracting Parties to be designated, or click on „select all Contracting Parties‟; (the calculator will reject any designation which cannot be made, for example, where the

    Office of origin is the Office of a Contracting Party only to the Agreement and a Contracting Party only to the Protocol is selected);

     where the mark is in color, or consists of or contains figurative elements, or is a collective mark, click on the appropriate box(es);

     click on „calculate‟.

    In order to include a limitation of the number of classes for a Contracting Party with individual fees, click on the number of additional classes, replace by the number desired and press ENTER.

    3 Any comments concerning the fee calculator may be addressed to the following e-mail address:

    December 1997

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