Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Francis Scott Fitzgerald

    Fitzgerald is now considered the spokesman for the Jazz Age, America's decade of prosperity, excess and abandon. He is best remembered for his fiction which examines Americans' search for the exclusive American dream of wealth and happiness.

    ??1??In 1925, he published The Great Gatsby, his finest novel, a sensitive and symbolic treatment of themes of contemporary life related with irony and pathos to the legendary of the "American Dream". ??2??His prose is smooth, sensitive, and completely original in its diction and metaphors. Its simplicity and gracefulnessits skill in manipulating the relation between the general and the specific, its bold impressionistic and colorful quality, in short, its competence to convey the vision of the author all reveal Fitzgerald' consummate artistry.

    ??3??Fitzgerald's greatness lies in the fact that he found intuitively in his personal experience the embodiment of that of the nation and created a myth out of American life.

    ??4??He has always been critical of the rich and tried to show the disintegrating effects of wealth on the emotional make-up of his characters

    ??5??At his best Fitzgerald's craftsmanship is impeccable. The choice of a dramatic narrator, through whose consciousness everything filters, ensures the compact organic wholeness of the work.

    ??6??Fitzgerald was one of the great stylists in American literature.

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