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International Humanist and Ethical Union

Application for membership of IHEU

This form should be completed by the person who will be the main contact with

    IHEU your organization’s international representative.

    Please read “How to apply for membership of IHEU” and the IHEU Membership and Dues Regulations before completing this form

    1. Your organization and its contact details

Name of organization

    in your own language, with

    usual abbreviation if any

    Name in English

    if applicable

    Office address

    including postal code and


Telephone with country code

    Email address essential

    Internet web site if any

2. Your own contact details (international representative)


     Email address essential

     Telephone with country code

     Position in organization

3. Membership category applied for: see Membership and Dues Regulations

Enter the appropriate number:

    Full member 1

    Specialist member 2

    Associate member 3

4. Organizational details

When was your organization


    Do you maintain a ----------?----------

    membership register?

    Are your membership figures ----------?----------


When were organizational

    elections last held?

    Are your accounts audited? ----------?----------

    Are you registered with the ----------?---------- government?

    If yes, registered as: e.g.

    charity, cultural association…

    If yes, give registration


    5. Your organization’s purpose and activities

Summary of organization’s


    Geographical area of


    Past and present activities insert details here or attach details max 1 page

    Areas of special interest and/or list of committees

     Names of magazines and


    state language

    Regular radio and TV

    programmes produced

Affiliations with other

    national and international organizations

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6. Calculation of annual membership dues

    Choose a membership category in Section 3 before completing this section. This form will attempt to calculate your membership dues automatically.

Local currency (code) see

    1.00 local currency units = Current exchange rate to GBP GBP (Pounds sterling)

    Is your organization an umbrella 1 = yes, 2 = no organization? Full members only

    If yes, choose dues group “A” or “B”

    see ref 4.1d in the IHEU Membership 1 = “A”, 2 = “B”

    and Dues Regulations

    (a) Number of individual members - see

    ref 3.4; for umbrella organizations, give the total individual members for all

    member organizations

    Local currency (b) Membership fee for each individual member (average for umbrella GBP 0.00


    (c) Total income from membership fees Local currency may be less than (a) x (b) due to GBP 0 reduced rates for students etc

    (d) Total recurrent income from your Local currency GBP 0 accounts or your budget see ref 3.6

    (e) Less income used for purposes Local currency GBP 0 specified in refs 3.6.2 and 3.6.3

    Calculated recurring “free” annual Local currency 0 income (d) (e)

    Calculated recurring “free” annual GBP (Pounds sterling) 0 income converted into GBP

    Calculated annual membership dues GBP (Pounds sterling) 9,999,999 for this organization

     This form attempts to calculate the membership fee for your organization. The definitive calculation is set out in the Membership and Dues Regulations and will prevail if the result is different from the calculation above. Please ask us if you have questions about the calculation.

Your first annual membership fee covers the year of admission and the following

    year. The fee must be paid before your application is considered by the General Assembly. If the application is refused, it will be refunded.

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7. Sponsors

Have you been in touch with the Regional Coordinator ----------?----------

    or an EC member for your area?

     If yes, please give the name

    If yes, does s/he recommend you for membership? ----------?----------

    If you have not answered “Yes” to both questions above, please give the names (with addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers) of three sponsors.

    Your sponsors must be known in IHEU’s network, for example as officers of IHEU member organizations, and they must also be familiar with your organization and its work.

Names and contact details of three sponsors: only if there is no IHEU sponsor




8. Agreement with IHEU principles

    We have read IHEU's definition of Humanism and the purpose of IHEU as stated in Articles 1 and 2 of IHEU’s Bylaws:

    The purpose of IHEU is to promote Humanism throughout the world, to develop Humanism as a life stance, to represent organized Humanism in international bodies, to defend human rights and the rights of humanists, to develop orga-nized Humanism in every part of the world and to build a strong and effective global organization.


    Humanism is a democratic and ethical life stance, which affirms that human be-ings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. It stands for the building of a more humane society through an ethics based on human and other natural values in a spirit of reason and free enquiry through human capabilities. It is not theistic, and it does not accept supernatural views of reality.”

We are fully in agreement with them.

We have also read the benefits and obligations of IHEU membership:

    Member Organizations may enjoy at least the following benefits:

a) Be listed as a Member Organization on the IHEU web site.

    b) Have the right to use “member of IHEU” on their stationery, website,

    promotions and other material.

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    c) Receive copies of the International Humanist News in printed and elec-

    tronic form.

    d) Be represented at the General Assembly.

    e) Be invited to host the Congress and General Assembly.

    f) Participate in development of strategy and resolutions. g) Participate in campaigns and other activities where appropriate.

Member Organizations have the obligation to:

a) Have a sustained commitment to the purpose of IHEU.

    b) Act at all times in ways that are in the best interest of the humanist


    c) Notify IHEU of any changes to their constitution.

    d) Notify IHEU of any change in address, contact details and leading officers. e) Appoint an IHEU contact person.

    f) Submit a copy of their annual report and audited accounts every year. g) Submit the necessary information for the tri-annual dues calculation. h) Pay the annual dues on time.

If we are accepted into membership, we undertake to comply with the


I enclose my organization’s:

Articles of Association, Bylaws, Statutes or Constitution ----------?----------

    Latest annual report ----------?----------

    Latest financial statement or accounts ----------?----------

I am authorized to submit this application.




Before sending the form, please read “How to apply for membership of IHEU”

    again and check that you have supplied all the requested information. This will help to avoid delays to your application.

Additional information, if any:

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    Calculations for membership dues

Note: this section is part of the automatic calculation of membership dues. It is

    not part of the application form and it is for IHEU internal use only. You cannot

    change anything on this page.


    Member threshold 1,000 used to calculate size below Average dues threshold GBP 10.00 used to calculate size below Other income threshold GBP 20.00 used to calculate size below Min full member fee (XL) GBP 1,500 used in fee calculation below Min full member fee (L) GBP 100 used in fee calculation below Min full member fee (S) GBP 50 used in fee calculation below Min specialist member fee GBP 750 used in fee calculation below Min associate member fee GBP 30 used in fee calculation below Max associate member fee GBP 1,000 used in fee calculation below

Organization size (only relevant for full members)

    More than 1000 members? 0 1=true, 0=false Average dues in GBP 6(c) / 6(a)

    Average dues more than GBP 10? 0 1=true, 0=false Other income per member (6(a) 6(c)) / 6(a) Other income more than GBP20? 0 1=true, 0=false OR(dues>10,income>20) 0 1=true, 0=false Membership category applied for 0 0=none, 1=full, 2=spec, 3=ass Umbrella organization? (full only) 0 1=yes, 2=no

    Dues group? (umbrella only) 0 1=“A”, 2=“B”

    Size 0 0=N/A, 1=S, 2=L, 3=XL

Fee calculations for each category/size; and application of minima and maxima

Full member fee (XL) 0

    Adjusted full member fee (XL) 1,500 applying minimum if applicable Full member fee (L) 0

    Adjusted full member fee (L) 100 applying minimum if applicable Full member fee (S) 0

    Adjusted full member fee (S) 50 applying minimum if applicable Full member fee for this size 9,999,999 9,999,999 = not a full member Specialist member fee 0

    Adjusted specialist member fee 750 applying minimum if applicable Associate member fee 0

    Adjusted associate member fee 30 applying minimum or maxi-

    mum if applicable

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