Acceleration 1 (constant acceleration)_4821

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Acceleration 1 (constant acceleration)_4821

    Acceleration 1 (constant acceleration)

    Construct an object to move horizontally and add the equation:

    Ax(ME, t) = 2

    Change the 2 in this last equation to different values. Play the model each time

    and notice what happens.

    Try using negative numbers. What do you notice? Why does this happen?‘Just as the velocity tells you how the position of a particle changes with time, the acceleration tells you how the velocity changes with time’ (M1, p. 29)

    Now make an object that accelerates in a vertical direction.

    Notice that the equation Ay(ME,t)=-0.98 for acceleration in the vertical direction has

    2an effect similar to that of gravity (gravity = - 9.8 m/sec).

    Make an object that first moves upwards and then moves down.

    Save this model.

    Challenge: Understanding velocity and acceleration as vectors

    adapted from ex. 16 p. 29 M1

    A particle P has velocity (3i + 2j)m/s when t = 0 and the velocity (7i + 4j) m/s at time t=20. The acceleration of P is constant. Find the acceleration.

    Make that object move using MoPiX!

    Load the model test-accel

    Add equations to the red circle to make it move with the given initial velocity.

    The numbers on the right hand side will change to indicate the value of t and of

    Vx and Vy. (Flip these numbers to see how they work.)

    Save your model with a different name.

    Group Challenge: Make an exploding firework

    Plan what you would like your explosion to look like

    Construct several small objects with different colours. Share

    the work between you.

    Add equations of horizontal and vertical motion to them so that each object

    will move in a different way.


    What should you make the initial velocity in the vertical direction?

    How can you make objects start off in different directions?

    What forces should be acting on the objects?

    Make all your objects start from the same place (set values of x and y at time

    1) and press play to see the explosion.

    Save your firework.

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