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    th5 Annual Rock for Tots Charity Concert Planned for

    Hampton Beach, NH

    Local Rock Artists Partner to Benefit Childhood Cancer Lifeline

Derry, NH (May 23, 2003) Rock for Tots, founded in 1999 by local rocker and musician Jon

    Anderson, was created to showcase New Hampshire’s rock scene while with the mission of not only highlighting local talent, but raising funds and awareness for non-profit children’s

    thorganizations. This year’s event proceeds will benefit Childhood Cancer Lifeline. The 5

    Annual Rock for Tots will be held at La Bec Rouge, 73 Ocean Blvd., Hampton Beach, NH on June 13, 2003 beginning at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5 at the door.

    “We’ve selected Childhood Cancer Lifeline for the last three years now,” says Rock for Tots founder, Jon Anderson. “The outreach and ongoing support that they provide to families in crisis is unprecedented.” Rock for Tots is the brainchild of Anderson and was developed after a close cancer scare with his daughter, Pheobe. “We were sitting in Boston Children’s Hospital waiting for the test results feeling so completely helpless about the fate of our daughter,” says Anderson. “We talked with other parents that day and realized that we had to do something to fight back and try to give these desperate parents a feeling of control over an event like a cancer diagnosis. Rock for Tots is a great way for the New Hampshire music industry to highlight talented musicians while raising funds and awareness for organizations and agencies that do many great things for these familes.”

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La Bec Rouge’s owner, Tracy Dewhurst has been a long time supporter of Rock for Tots and donates her club and the

    $5 cover charge per person for the event for the last four years. “I know

    first hand the devastation caused by cancer,” says Dewhurst. “My mom recently passed away from cancer, so any assistance I can provide Jon and Rock for Tots is given without question. The proceeds from this event go to support those families that are living through the most traumatic event any one can imagine the severe illness of one of their

    children. Saying no to Jon was never an option and we’re thrilled to be part of something so wonderful,” she continues.

    Childhood Cancer Lifeline is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to families recommended by social service organizations for cancer outreach and support programs. The organizations main focus is on helping to guide each of the families through the diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment process. CCL also offers charitable services including $250 gift certificate to local grocery chains and a resource guide on the child’s specific illness for both

    parents and children. Each child also receives a hand-made quilt and older children and teens receive a scrapbook, a quilt and a book entitled, Chemo Craziness and Comfort, published in part by CCL and the Comfort Candlelighter

    and National Candlelighter Associations, as well as a long distance phone card which allows them to make calls to friends and peers. CCL also has an emergency fund to pay a bill up to $500 annually for parents of a child going into transplant, a relapse or if a parent takes Family Medical Leave Act and isn’t receiving a salary.

    “We’re an entirely volunteer organization, so the money raised by Rock for Tots and Jon Anderson goes a long way to helping the families and their children,” says Sylvia Pelletier, president of Childhood Cancer Lifeline. “We’re very fortunate to have almost all of our overhead donated including our office space and our Internet Access and Web site. What this means is that nearly all of the monies raised for CCL goes directly to our families, emergency fund programs, grocery certificates and phone cards. Rock for Tots provides a great deal of benefit directly to these families,” says Pelletier.

The bill for the event includes The Roadies, Deck Eleven, Turtlebone, and Tripp’s Pond. “We’re very lucky to have

    all of these talented bands joining us this year,” says Anderson.

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“Each one of them brings their energy, drive and commitment to every performance they do. By

    joining forces with these groups, we’re guaranteed to reach our goal of $2,500 for Childhood Cancer Lifeline.”

    “This is a great cause,” says Dave Carlberg of The Roadies. “These families are dealing with such terrible illnesses,” continues Carlberg, “anyone that can help out even a little bit can make a monumental change for the families.” The Roadies will be headlining Rock for Tots and playing songs from their newest CD release Snap. The Roadies will be

    selling the CD at Rock for Tots for $5 each with a portion of the proceeds of disc sales benefiting Childhood Cancer

Lifeline. The CD can also be purchased on the band’s Web site,, at all live shows and local

    music outlets.

There are more than just bands contributing to this year’s rock event. Rock for Tots T-shirts donated by Sean

    Hollingsworth, owner of Sticky Impressions and Troy Allen, president of Allen Motors of Derry, New Hampshire, will also be available the night of the show for $12 each. All proceeds from ticket and T-shirt sales will go directly to Childhood Cancer Lifeline. Bob Catalano, owner and producer of Bobcat Studios will be providing professional sound and recording at the event.

    Jon Anderson founder of Rock for Tots and owner of Johnny Jingle in Methuen, MA will be providing all production and promotion. ClearPoint Marketing Communications of Derry, NH will be providing public and community relations.

    For more information and directions, call Jon Anderson at 978-689-7714 or visit the Web site at, or call La Bec Rouge at 603-926-5050. For more information on Childhood Cancer Lifeline, please contact Sylvia Pelletier, 603/645-1489 or visit the Web site at

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About Rock for Tots

    Rock for Tots, founded in 1999, was created to gather local New Hampshire bands and musicians together to showcase New Hampshire’s rock scene while raising funds for non-profit children’s organizations. Led by founder,

    Jon Anderson, Rock for Tots is in its fifth year of raising awareness and funds for New Hampshire based children’s charities. For more information, call 978-689-7714 or visit the Web site at

About Childhood Cancer Lifeline

    The Childhood Cancer Lifeline was founded in 1995 by a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with cancer. Strictly a volunteer organization, the group is dedicated to addressing the practical and emotional needs of New Hampshire families dealing with pediatric cancer. It is a non-profit 501?(3) organization. For more information on the Childhood Cancer Lifeline, contact Syliva Pelletier at 603/645-1489 or visit the Web site at


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