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    Civil Society Registered by the OAS

    Founded October 16, 1916

    San Antonio, Texas


    2008 2010

“One for all All and All for One”

    “Una Para Todas y Todas Para Una”

    Institutional Information

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    The first Pan American Round Table (PART) was founded by Florence Terry Griswold in San Antonio, Texas, on October 16, 1916.

    Today, the institution has extended to 17 countries and Puerto Rico. It promotes education, fosters mutual knowledge, understanding and friendship among the countries of the Americas. The Alliance is non-political, non-

    sectarian, non-profit and non-confederative and no one is denied affiliation for ethnic or religious reasons.

    It is composed of more than 7,000 volunteer women committed to culture, education, promoting understanding, civic values, friendship and democracy and seeking PEACE in Americas as a corollary.

    The Alliance (AMRP)

    The ALLIANCE OF PAN AMERICAN ROUND TABLES was founded in the City of Mexico in 1944 as a hemispheric institution to which ALL the Tables of America are affiliated.

    The AMRP was registered by the OAS as a Civil Society in October 2001. (Res.CP/759-2001).

The AMRP is organized in Six geographic Zones of America:

Zone I: USA

    Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Florida

    Zone II: USA

    New Mexico and California

    Zone III: Northern, Central and Southern México (A, B, & C)

    Zone IV: Central America and the Caribbean

    Zone V: Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Perú, Venezuela

    Zone VI: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay

    There are more than 200 Tables and 24 Youth Groups in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.


    National National Associations are formed in countries where there are more than four (4) Tables.

    State State Associations are formed in countries where there is no National Association and there are States with more than four (4) Tables.

    Regional Regional Secretariats are organized in neighboring countries where there are not enough Tables to organize a National Association.

    All the Associations and Tables adopt the Constitution and Bylaws furnished by the Alliance.

    Work that the Tables do

    Besides awarding Scholarships, many Tables work in other projects, such as:

Establishing libraries

    Establishing schools in remote locations

    Donating books and school supplies

    Presenting cultural conferences to the community

    Protecting and disseminating cultural heritage

    Sponsoring Art and handicrafts exhibits

    Celebrating national anniversaries assisted by the Diplomatic Corps Environmental Protection Programs

    Participation of proposals for the complete development of women Civic education projects for the community

    Participating in cultural subjects

    Preparation of educational projects benefiting the community


    Director General

    Martha Ofelia M. de Calderón, Zone IIIA

    Associate Director General Lourdes Calderón de Ojeda, Zone V Recording Secretary María Eva Muñoz de Manzárraga, Zone IIIB Treasurer Susan Matthews, Zone I

    Historian María del Valle Vázquez de Pioget, Zone V Parliamentarian Norma Ríos de Flores, Zone V

    Assistant Recording Secretary Beatriz Sepe de González, Zone IV Corresponding Secretary Guadalupe O. de García Faura, Zona IIIB Official Translator Ina Agraz de Pool, Zone I

    Ex Officio Director General Peggy Lasater Clark, Zone I


Zone I: Elsie Pérez

    Zone II: Sadie Valverde

    Zone IIIA: Alicia Idalia V. de Villarreal Zone IIIB: Ma. Elena Muñoz de Flores

    Zone IIIC: Lucy Pérez de Omaña

    Zone IV: Carmen Mayorga de Corrales

    Zone V: Nhury Gutiérrez de Vilches

    Zone VI: Marta Bruno de Cano

    Pan American Woman 2008 - Nicolasa S. de Mendoza, Zone V

    The AMRP, through its delegates duly accredited in its capacity as a Registered Civil Society, actively participates in activities convened by the Organization of American States OAS.

Since the year of its registration (2001), the AMRP has participated in different

    hemispheric forums, among them:

     General Assemblies:

    Santiago de Chile 2003

    Quito, Ecuador 2004

    Fort Lauderdale, USA 2005

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2006

    Panamá 2007

    Colombia 2008

     Summit of the Americas

Special Summit Monterrey, México

    IV Summit Mar del Plata, Argentina

    Attendance is continuing in activities organized by the OAS and the AMRP will continue collaborating with the Department of International Affairs, especially in the area of Civil Societies.

The AMRP presents proposals for solutions to hemispheric

    problems in subjects in which it has participation, through its “OAS Liaison Committee”, in dialogues at the level of the governing

    bodies. In this manner, they carry the voice of the governed to the forums that are held in the countries that have Tables and at the OAS headquarters in Washington.

The MRP’s, have generated their own funds for more than 90

    years of institutional life to support those that require help in the field of education.

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