UNIT 5 The silver screen_6644

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UNIT 5 The silver screen_6644

UNIT 5 The silver screen


    Teaching Aims:

    1. Train the Ss listening ability. 2. Train the

    Ss speaking ability.

Teaching important points:

    Talk about films and famous actors and directors

Teaching Difficult Points:

    How to improve the Ss speaking ability.

Teaching Methods:

    1. Listening and answer activity to help the Ss go through with the listening text.

    2. Pair work or group work to practise speaking

Teaching Aids:

    1. A computer 2. Some VCD disks

Teaching procedures:

     Step I. Greetings

     Greet the whole class as usual.

     Step II. Warming up

    T: Do you like watching films? And how often?

    T: Then you must know some famous directors and film stars, I think .Can you tell the class who they are? (Show some pictures about

    the directors and film stars from China, and teach the words director, actor, actress)

    T: All the people you see are from China. Do you know some famous directors, actors and actresses in other countries?

    T: perhaps we are not very familiar with the directors, actors and actresses in foreign countries, but we know some of the foreign films. Please look at the pictures on page 29. They are taken from

four famous films. Can you guess their names? You can say them either

    in English or in Chinese.

     Step III. Listening

    T: Of course these films now are very popular and successful, and what does the success of the films bring to the actors?

    Ss: Money, honor, repute and etc. And they will become very famous, and they will receive a lot of interviews.

    T: Now lets listen a interview. First you should read the five questions in your books.

    (Teacher gives Ss one or two minute to read the questions and then plays the tape for Ss.)

    T: Now lets listen to the tape from the beginning to the end to get

    a general idea.

    (Teacher plays the tape for the first time. Then teacher plays the tape for the second time. Teacher may pause for students to write down the information. Finally teacher checks the answers with the whole class. And let Ss listen one more time if necessary.)

     Step IV. Speaking

    T: Now here is the CCTV people in the news, today Meryl Streep

    and Keanu Reeves come to our studio. Welcome!

    S: Welcome!

    T: OK. Now Team 1 and Team 3 play the role of Meryl Streep, Team 2

    and Team 4 play the reporter, Team 5 and Team 7 play the role of Keanu Reeves biography of Keanu Reeves. Team 6 and Team 8 play the reporter. Then interview each other using the information in the short biographies. Please look at the screen.

T: Do you understand me?

    S: Yes.

    T: OK. You can begin your interview. Ill show on the screen some

    sentences for you to use if you like.

    (Show the following on the screen.)

    (Teacher gives Ss enough time to prepare, then asks students to act out the interview before the class. If time permit ,Ss may act some more dialogues about themselves.)

     Step V. Summary and Homework

    T: In this class weve done some listening and speaking. Weve also

    talked about some films and some famous directors, actors and actresses. After class, you can talk about other films that you are familiar with. Certainly you should talk about them in English. Preview the reading material Getting to know Steven Spielberg. So

    much for this class. Good-bye, everyone.

    S: Good-bye.

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