How to resolve heavy traffic problem

By Gloria Franklin,2014-07-01 09:25
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How to resolve heavy traffic problem

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    1Lay a tax on private cars. When our government put a tax on private cars, people will think over whether they buy cars or not, which will reduce the amount of private cars and mitigate the traffic condition. 2Improve transportation system and develop various traffic means, such as subway, tunnels, flyover, underway, light rail.

    3Design cities properly. City planning and urban design practices can have a huge impact on levels of future traffic congestion. We must properly assign different function districts, for example, residential districts cannot be far from industrial districts.

    4Promote traffic rules to people and improve people's awareness of following traffic rules. Heavy traffic problem results from peoples

    braking traffic rules to a degree.

    5Enforce traffic management and improve the management standard of traffic. Strict management is good for improving people's awareness of traffic rules which benefits traffic condition.

    6Advocate and develop public traffic. The more developed public traffic is, the less private cars are, which will mercifully reduce the pressure of traffic. Meanwhile, what government needs to pay much attention to when developing public traffic system is to build financial incentive for bus drivers.

    7Use advanced science and technology to manage traffic and relay

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    traffic condition, such as GPS, Navigation systems, traffic counters and so on. Road users will know about real information of roads by the use of advanced facilities.

    8Use government's power to reduce house prices of the center areas of cities and make people be able to rent the houses near to their workplaces. 9Encourage to do shopping online. When people do shopping, most of them are apt to drive cars to the shopping places, which is one of important reasons why traffic condition has become so bad.

    10Licenses limit. Only licensed cars are allowed on the roads. A limited quota of cars licenses are issued each year. There is a large population in China, so controlling the amount of licenses issued is a good way to solve the traffic problem.

    11Arrange lanes of entering and exiting cities flexibly as Australia has done. In China, the lanes of entering and exiting cities are fixed, not changeable, which limit the effect of roads to a huge degree, so china can take example by Australia, arranging lanes flexibly.

    12Road space rationing;定量配给?, where regulatory restrictions

    prevent certain types of vehicles from driving under certain circumstances or in certain areas.

    13Visual barriers. Visual barriers can prevent drivers from slowing down out of curiosity when driving, which is good for traffic condition.

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    14Speed limit, as practiced on the M25 motorway in London. With lower speeds allowing cars to drive closer together, this increases the capacity of a road.

    15Road and parking pricing, as Hong Kong has practiced. Our government can charge money for access to a road or pulling up to the curb.

    16Arrange school opening times properly. School opening times are arranged to avoid rush hour (in some countries, private cars toward school are substantial percentages of peak hour traffic).

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