A New Form of Life

By Troy Powell,2014-05-06 22:45
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A New Form of Life

    A New Form of Life——Fantasy or Not?

     Just as Robert Jastrow expects, I strongly believes that a new form of life should emerge. There is no doubt that nowadays computer intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds. Scientists write program to help people solve various kinds of problems. Computer intelligence is playing and will play more and more important role in humans daily life.

     It a truth universally acknowledged that, evolution needs a very long period of time. For our human beings, we takes more than one billion years to evolve from wriggling worm to home erectus. Although human evolution is a nearly finish chapter, computer is still very young. It was invented in 1946. From 1946 to now, it passed only 65 years. In the past, computer was as big as a room, but now we can put it on our lap. In the past, we can only use computer to type document or draw pictures, but now we can use it surfing on the internet to gain whatever information we want. Moreover computer intelligence helps us in every fields of life, not only in politics but also in economy. We can not live without computers. Dartmouth President John Kemeny said that there is a symbiotic union between human and computers. I couldnt agree more. We human beings

    invent computer to help us deal with complex and difficult things. At the same time, computer with pure thought will be taken care of by human partners.

    This symbiotic union promotes the development of our living world.

    For example, maybe in the near future, we do not need driver anymore. Once we get on a car and tell the computer where we want to go. The car will take us to that place automatically. All the cars will control by a central computer. The unendurable problemtraffic jam will disappear


     I strongly believe that, with the development of computer intelligence, these future world's lens which manufacture by the computer stunt will eventually come true.

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