Unit 6 Meet the family-_8191

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Unit 6 Meet the family-_8191

Unit 6 Meet the family

Look AheadI I: Teaching aims:

    1.Vocabulary : family relationships, peoples lives, ordinal

    numbers, months of the year, Dates, birthdays, peoples appearance

     2.Grammar: present simple tense, questions, adjectives position and order

     3.Functions: describing family relationships, talking about jobs, talking about dates and birthdays, asking about and giving opinions of people and objects, describing people

     4.Reading /writing: descriptions of people

     5.Comparing cultures: family size, age of leaving home

    II. Teaching process:


    Part 1: Listen and write the names of Toms family from the name

    list(books shut)

    Part 2: Answer the questions according the family tree(books shut)

    Part 3: 1) Listen to the dialogue and estimate True or False(books shut)

    2) Listen and repeat the dialogue (two or three times)

    3) Act the dialogue (optional)

    Part 4: Work in pairs. Student B is Kates husband, John. Ask and


Part 5: Ask and answer questions about Sally and her friend Lucy

    Talk more about

    1) The middle school in Britain: Comprehensive School ,Grammar School ,

    Secondary Modern School)

    2) The musical instruments: guitar, violin, piano, saxophone, flute, recorder, drum, trumpet, electronic keyboard

    Part 6: Look at the picture and guess Bobs age ,job and place

    Part 7: Work in pairs: Student A and Student B ask and answer Bob and his girlfriend according to the materials in Books and in the


    Part 8: (optional)

    Part 9: Show them some examples and ask them estimate the kinds of the sentences (affirmative, negative or interrogative )

Part 10: Pronunciation. Listen to the sound and repeat them.

    Part 11(optional)

    Part 12: Read the paragraph and ask some questions it.

    Part 13: (Omission)


    Part 1: 1) Introduce some new words : niece, nephew, cousin, father-

    in-law,great grandfather

     2) Draw the family tree on the blackboard and make sentences with the words of relationships

    Part 2: Listen and repeat the dates

    Part 3: Pronunciations

    Part 4: Ask and answer about the birthdays in Jamess family

    Part 5-6: An activity : Find two people in your class with a birthday

    in the same month or date.

     Saying what you think

    Part 1: Look at the photos and read what they say (focus on the adjectives)

Part 2: 1)Introduce them some more adjectives if necessary

    2)Tell your partner about some of your relatives

    Part 3: Look at four of her presents and read her opinion of them.

    Part 4: (Omission)

    Part 5: Ask and answer about the rest of Cathys presents

     Describing people

    Part 1: Talk about the three people

    Part 2: Stress and intonation: Listen and repeat

    Part 3: Listen to the dialogue and estimate if Tariq is at the party according to Rosies description

    Part 4: Listen to the rest of the conversation and name the other

    three people at the party.

    (They are Mike Fionas brother, SueTariqs girlfriend , Tony

    Fionas boyfriend)

    Part 5: Pair work: Student A describes or ask some questions about one of the people at the party and has his partner guess who it is.

    Part 6: Now ask and answer about people in your guess. Guess who they are.

    Part 7: Read about Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford. Then ask questions according to the answers in the book.

    Part 8: Ss write a note as the model to describe one of his classmates. Then read it in the front and have the others guess who

it is.



    Part 1: Tell your partner something about your family. Answer the


    Part 2: Look at the pictures of Shashi Ahluwalias family and their shop in London. Guess the answers to the questions in the book. Listening:

    Part 3: Listen and choose the correct answer.


    Part 4:Answer the questions


    Part 5: Read the article and complete the graph

    Comparing cultures

    Part 6:Compare the family in Chinese with those in Britain Writing: A description

     Progress check 2

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