the most important person in your life

By Joel Olson,2014-07-01 08:56
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    The most important person in my life During my past 20 years, my mother gave me constant encouragement to go ahead She was the most

    important person in my life Every time I recall my childhood time, I will give my best thanks to my mother From primary school to

    university, my classmates always admired my handwriting, and it brought me a lot of honors It was my mother who led me into the handwriting field Although she was not good at handwriting, she wanted her son to succeed in handwriting So, she supervised me while I practiced But

    the process of learning to write is not an easy one In fact, it is quite

    difficult and tedious That time it was my biggest headache to practice everyday Thus, my steadfast nature and my various honors can be attributed to my mother At that time I misunderstood my mother I

    thought I was forced to practice this But now I recognize this truth

    when I think of the past and then realize that it is all good for me My

    mother is an optimistic person No matter what difficulties she

    encounters she can always find hope I am thankful for my mother She

    has given me a fortable environment during my childhood and adult years She never forces me to achieve the highest level in my studies

    When I succeed, she feels happy for me When I have failed, as far as I

    can recall, she has never scolded me, nor has she punished me Each

    time my mother has always listened to my problems and she has offered advice From that time on, I will never make the same mistakes Of

    course, love is the most important thing my mother gives me It is difficult to describe al that my mother has done for me These actions can not be expressed with any words Our parents want us to live well

    They want us to live better than them They don’t expect us to repay them with anything The love of our parents doesn’t need repay They don’t care how much they pay out The only thing they want is that their

    children visit them often, write to them frequently, telephone them more

    Finally, I wish all mothers in the world can spend everyday happily I hope that all of them can love to be 200 years old Thank you!

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