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    Small Business Accounting Software

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    5. QuickBooks TUNE-UP

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    Reasons why you should use QuickBooks

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QuickBooks is the ideal business accounting software for small to mid-sized business owners. Here are

    10 reasons why you should be using QuickBooks.

    1. You save time on bookkeeping and paperwork because many of simple bookkeeping tasks are

    handled automatically making it easier to run your business.

    2. You can easily generate the reports with the information you need, so you always know where

    your business stands. You instantly know whether you are making money and whether your

    business is healthy.

    3. You save money because QuickBooks is so affordable. You can use it to run a $5 million or a $25

    million business for a few hundred bucks. PC accounting software is truly one of the great

    bargains in business.

    4. Your business can grow with QuickBooks. QuickBooks will help you design a business plan to

    use when trying to secure a small business loan or line of credit or to plan for the future.

    QuickBooks will create a projected balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and statement of cash

    flows in the format recommended by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

    5. You can customize QuickBooks to work the way you want. QuickBooks is specifically designed

    to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of small businesses. To broaden its appeal to

    QuickBooks has recently added customized accounting packages for Contractors, Retailers,

    Health Care Professionals, and Non-Profit organizations.

    6. You can rest assured knowing that QuickBooks is a stable, reliable, and proven product.

    Hundreds of thousands of small businesses throughout the world have chosen QuickBooks as

    their accounting software. You cannot go wrong with a software program with such an extensive

    installed user base.

    7. You save typing time and errors by sharing data between QuickBooks and over 100 business

    applications. You can even share data with popular programs, such as Microsoft Excel, Word,

    Outlook, and ACT.

    8. You will be paid faster with QuickBooks online payments. E-mail an invoice or statement and

    with QuickBooks Online Billing, your customer can easily pay you with a credit card or bank

    account transfer. No more waiting for the check in the mail!

    9. You can easily accept Credit Cards. With QuickBooks Merchant Account Service, you can accept

    credit cards with ease. QuickBooks Merchant Account Service is the only credit card acceptance

    service integrated with QuickBooks software, which means you do not have to enter the same

    data twice. No additional software or hardware is required. Your customers can use Visa,

    MasterCard, or American Express.

    10. You can pay your bills and bank online. Setup your current bank account in QuickBooks, and you

    are ready to pay your bills without licking envelopes, sticking stamps, or printing paper checks.

    Just write checks in QuickBooks as you normally would, then click a button and your

    participating bank does the rest! Pay anyone in the U.S. from your credit card companies to your

    pizza service. Online Banking also lets you download your monthly statement from your

    participating bank directly into QuickBooks for easier reconciliation.

    QuickBooks SETUP

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Although QuickBooks is designed for the nonprofessional to understand, the initial setup and

    installation must be done correctly in order for future information to be accurate.

All information necessary to setup manual accounting records is also necessary to setup and install

    QuickBooks on your desktop. This task is even more complicated if you switch from manual

    accounting operations to QuickBooks in the middle of the year.

Which accounting method will you use? What chart of accounts do you need for your business? How

    do you handle beginning balances?

An expert can easily answer all of these questions and complete the initial Setup and Installation in a

    timely manner. In addition, your accounting employees receive training on the accounting software to

    enhance their performance.

How much does it cost? We first want to find out a little more about your business and your

    accounting records before we quote you an exact price. Rest assured that we work with many small

    business owners and our rates are designed to fit the budgets of our clients.

As with any accounting software program, installation and training take time, time taken away from

    managing a business. Here is a short list of the services we provide during your QuickBooks setup:

? Study and evaluate your software and accounting needs.

    ? Recommend software and hardware requirements.

    ? Install software, design, and set up chart of accounts and entire accounting package including

    payroll, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable, etc.

    ? Determination of your QuickBooks starting date

    ? Loading your chart of account and balances as of that starting date ? Preparation of a list of the items that you sell to your customers. This list includes services,

    inventory parts, non-inventory parts, other charges and sales taxes ? Entering your outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable detail as of your starting


    ? Entering your ending statement bank balances and outstanding checks & deposits in transit as of

    your starting date

    ? Printing a trial balance as of your starting date and comparing it to your trial balance from your

    old system

    ? Entering your transactions since your starting dates into QuickBooks ? Train client or client staff in use of software to meet their accounting, management, and tax


Ongoing Services:

? Follow up training to ensure the client is "on the right track".

    ? Monthly, quarterly, or annual review of client QuickBooks data to assist in tax preparation and

    management reports.


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Once QuickBooks is set-up and working properly, we can train you or your employees to properly

    operate QuickBooks specifically for your business.

Why choose one-on-one attention instead of taking a class?

    ? We come to your location.

    ? We focus on the individual issues facing your business.

    ? We will be there to answer your specific questions and concerns.

    ? No need to spend time on features that do not affect your business!

Call today to set-up an appointment.


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    QuickBooks ANSWERS

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Never Hesitate to Ask a Question!

QuickBooks users are generally not stumped by the software, they are stumped by the accounting

    information necessary to complete the transactions. Quick access to correct information is essential to

    maintain the accuracy of your financial information.

Employees in your accounting department will find comfort in knowing an Expert in QuickBooks is

    only an email or phone call away. Email and telephone support prevents many wasted hours of

    aggravation and embarrassment.

Questions may be called in, left on voice mail, faxed, or sent via e-mail. A Certified Professional

    Advisor who specializes in working with QuickBooks will respond with a detailed solution to your

    problem or question usually within 24 hours.

Our Guarantee: We will commit our resources to work with you until we adequately resolve your

    problem or question to your satisfaction.

QuickBooks Answers keep your employees on task.


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Please include your complete name and a phone number including area code. In certain cases, we

    may need to call you for more details. Also, include your complete e-mail address so that we may

    respond to your question.

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Overhaul your accounting system with a QuickBooks Tune-up.

Whether you need to prepare for tax time, a financial review or you just need to clean up some problem

    areas, you will be prepared with a QuickBooks Tune-up. A QuickBooks Professional Advisor will help

    you clean up and organize your bookkeeping system.

    Tune-up Topics:

    ? Reviewing your transactions for the year

    ? Cleaning up stray entries

    ? Customizing reports

    ? Balancing general ledger to subsidiary records

    ? Additional personalized training, as needed

A QuickBooks Tune-up is a smart and affordable way to get a handle on your books. Accurate records

    allow you to make educated decisions for your business, and those records will save you money!


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    QuickBooks KEY TIPS

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    Filtering a Report - Selecting most of the items from a list

    When filtering reports in QuickBooks, you may want to select most of the items on a particular

    list, but not all items to appear on your report. First choose the "selected" option from the list

    (selected accounts. selected names, etc).

    Normally you would check each item that you want to appear on your report. However, if you

    want to check all the items on the list, click the first item and do not release the mouse button.

    While holding down the mouse button, slide the mouse pointer down just below the list.

    When QuickBooks is done all of the items on the list will be checked. Release the mouse

    button. Now you can manually click the items to remove the ones that you do not wish to include

    in your filter.

    Keeping Your 941 Report Accurate

    Do not pay your payroll liabilities from the "Write Checks" window. If you use this window,

    QuickBooks will warn you to use the "Pay Liabilities" window, but will let you write the check.

    However when you print the 941, it will not reflect any payments that you made using the "Write

    Checks" window.

    Use the "Pay Liabilities" window to create checks for all tax liabilities. Using this window will

    ensure that the payments are reflected accurately on the 941 report and that your liability

    accounts are properly reduced.

    Do not forget about the History button:

? It shows you all the transactions related to the one you are currently viewing.

    ? For example, view any invoice that you know is paid, then click on the History button.

    ? Then you will see the payment details on your screen instantly.

    The following keys can help you save LOTS of time when working with dates:

    (Just type the key shown in the date field.)

? T = today's date

    ? M = First day of the month you are working in

    ? H = Last day of the month you are working in

    ? Y = First day of the year

    ? R = Last day of the year

    ? + = Move the date forward by one day

    ? - = Move the date backward by one day

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Recording of Barter Exchanges

    If you have customers who are also vendors you may decide to trade some or all of your services and/or products in exchange for payment.

To record such a barter transaction, invoice the customer for the goods provided or services performed

    as you normally would. To record the "payment" use the "Receive Payment" function to apply the barter

    amount against the invoice the same as you would when receiving cash or a check as follows:

Go to Customers: Receive Payment. Payment Amount will be the barter amount (the amount of the

    invoice you received from your vendor). Pmt. Method will be Barter. Check the radio button for "Group

    with other undeposited funds". Save this transaction.

Go to Banking: Make Deposits. The payment you just received will come up in the Payments to Deposit

    screen. If there are also other payments to deposit, make sure you select only the payment(s) being

    recorded for the barter exchange. When you hit OK the Make Deposits screen will come up with the

    barter deposit(s) showing. Before recording the deposit, make a negative deposit entry on the next blank

    line below the barter deposit for the amount of the barter as follows:

Deposit To is your normal operating checking account. Date is the date you would have normally paid

    your vendors invoice. Memo should be changed from Deposit to Barter.

If you have entered the vendors invoice as a bill for payment, Received From is the vendor name and

    From Account is Accounts Payable.

If you have not entered the vendors invoice as a bill for payment, leave Received From blank. In the

From Account column select the expense account you would charge the vendors invoice to, the same as

    if you were entering it for payment. In the Memo column note the vendors invoice number.

In the Amount column enter the vendors invoice amount with a negative sign first. This negative amount

    should exactly offset the deposit amount above, resulting in a "Zero" deposit transaction. Save the

    "deposit" and the transaction is complete.

To close all open QuickBooks Windows quickly, click on Window

    on the menu bar, and then Close All.

CTRL+A brings up the Chart of Accounts right away

    ALT+F4 closes QuickBooks software

When working in a register, you can use the = to bring up the

    calculator when adding or subtracting from an account

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    Customize the settings on your QuickBooks desktop by clicking on:

    1. Edit

    2. Preferences

    3. Desktop View

Do not forget to turn on the Reminders feature when opening a company file:

    1. Click on Edit

    2. Click on Preferences

    3. Click the picture of Reminders from the list that appears

    4. Make sure a check mark is in the box marked "Show Reminders list when opening a company


    5. Click the OK button

Use the Open Previous Company option found on the File menu to give you fast

    access to company files you have used recently

    CTRL+T will bring up your Memorized Transaction list immediately

    Do not forget to BACK UP your important QuickBooks data:

    1. Click on File

    2. Click Back Up

    3. Complete the location where the file will be backed up (i.e. floppy disk in A: or other disk)

    4. Click the Back Up button

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