Integrated Task Preparation

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Integrated Task Preparation

    Integrated Task Preparation

综合测试部分满分评分标准;OG: page 253, score 5??

    A response at this level successfully selects the important information from

    the lecture and coherently and accurately presents this information in relation

    to the relevant information presented in the reading. The response is well organized,

    and occasional language errors that are present do not result in inaccurate or imprecise presentation of content or connection.


The writer; the author/ the passage

    the speaker; the lecturer; the professor/ the lecture

    THE AUTHOR: discuss; introduce; argue; conclude; suggest; recommend; propose; appeal

    THE SPEAKER: 1) point out; say; tell; put; 2) disagree; disapprove; refute; rebut; reject; object to; oppose; counter; 3) doubt; question; challenge; 4) cite; mention; quote; refer to; 5) suggest; imply; put forward; 5) explain; exemplify; show; illustrate

the passage is about…

    the passage discusses/introduces/concludes/argues/ …


1. reason; cause; basis; ground; motive; motivation

    2. example; instance; exemplar; paradigm

    3. evidence; data; fact; proof; basis; foundation

    4. explanation; account

    5. definition; description; clarification

    6. assumption; premise; presumption; supposition; postulation; hypothesis; guess;


    7. conclusion; belief; idea; opinion; judgment; view; notion; argument; theory 8. issue; matter; topic; problem; subject; concern

    9. acknowledgement; observation; prediction

    10. statement; point; detail

    11. advice; appeal; proposal; plan; scheme; recommendation

    12. benefit; advantage; improvement;


1. (further/closer/other) studies; researches

2. (new) finding; discovery

    3. alternative explanation/theory

    4. counter-example/evidence

    5. allegation; claim; assertion

    6. charge; objection; refutation

    7. remark; comment


1. Not as the passage puts it, …

    2. Unlike described in the passage, …

    3. Contrary to the passage, …/Quite the contrary, …/Quite the opposite, …/Just the

    opposite, …/By contraries, …/On the contrary, …/To the Contrary, …

    4. While/whereas the writer states…, the lecturer opposes the claim.

    5. actually/in fact/in deed

    6. The fact is …/The point is…/It turns out that…

    7. 插入语: the writer thinks/deems/believes/suggests/implies/

The speaker provides an alternative explanation of sentinel meerkats

    behavior which the writer suggests is altruistic.

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