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     Newsletter 3/1/03

     Solar Washington Volume 1, Issue 6

    rdSolar Washington, 2223 NW 43 Ave, Camas WA 98607 360-834-0674 Special Interest Articles:

President’s Letter

Article from Winter Sun Design

    Seattle WA

Solar Cookers from Martin Nix,

    Seattle WA

     Color Coded Areas of Washington was created by INTEREST Mike Nelson and symbolizes the "green" concern for our MEMBERSHIP FORMS state. It also defines our SPRING !! mission to promote wide utilization of solar energy in The purpose of this you feel would benefit your the State of Washington. newsletter is to provide the community are welcomed. Any comments or people of Washington State We will inform you about suggestions for enhancing information about Solar the advantages of Solar our mission to educate will Energy. We want the Energy and help you be welcomed. Please mail content to be educational and understand that Solar Living your requests to: factual to help you make can work in the Evergreen Solar Washingtonenergy and social decisions State of Washington. rd 2223 NW 43 Avefor your lifestyle. Any The Logo for Solar Camas, WA 98607 comments or articles that Individual Highlights: Solar Washington is entirely

    a volunteer organization. Mike Nelson (Western Sun),

    Chris Herman (Winter Sun

    Specializing in Members’ Focuses Design), and Tom Starrs

    for the ones who want hints After much thought I have I definitely would like your input (Schott Applied Power) are of how to install or changes come to a conclusion. Solar as to content and your all planning to go to the to local policies. I realize I Washington’s Newsletter, contribution for making this might be biting too much to especially the one we Email, Newsletter a State worthy American Solar Energy handle, but if I can make this should be specializing in information packet. As more Conference in Austin TX newsletter work for such a three distinct, yet related, information about solar diverse group at least in areas. These areas are: opportunities arise this this year. The Conference is some way I think it is of General Information, methodology will definitely make benefit. The Newsletter is June 21-26th. Contact consisting of articles that it easier for you. There are a lots color coded to help you find people write about their solar of great things happing in solar for what is going on in your experiences; second, the and I am glad you are a part of particular group. Yellow for Education of Solar defined this way of Life. more information. General info; Blue-for for the educators from our My email is Education; and Green- for membership pool; and Business. thirdly, the Solar Business, Subject: SW Newsletter:

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    Solar Solution by Chris Herman

     Myth #3. Solar houses are The Solar Solution This last project took ugly and require a lot of time by Chris Herman, owner advantage of the sales tax and effort to move shades and Winter Sun Design exemption for solar electric and (206)-525-3969 night insulation. The early wind installations, and the net- The problems that solar homes of the 70's tended to be metering legislation that requires energy can help us solve are very contemporary with huge power companies to credit solar numerous. Rising electric expanses of south facing glass. and wind power producers for all rates, rising natural gas prices, Solar home design has evolved. the electricity they generate, at rising global temperatures, We have better glass and the retail rate, up to their usage rising tensions in the Middle insulating materials now and a (or 25 kW) on an annual basis. East, resource depletion, solar home can be carefree in With Sun Wind’s concepts’ Tom environmental degradation and any style we choose. Rentz’s guidance, we also pollution are all areas where What about solar electric installed the panels for free to the solar energy can make large systems or PV (photovoltaics), client because they allowed us to positive impacts. aren't they expensive? hold a workshop where 24 Some may argue these PV is the least expensive way to interested people paid $55 each assertions but the biggest myth generate power on the “People get regular, to learn about PV and help us do of all is that solar is not worth customer's side of the meter in the installation. The client did detailed feedback on their doing in the cloudy northwest. urban areas. It is the most have to pay the contractor for Smaller myths follow.gasoline consumption environmentally benign way to setting the mounting poles and Myth #1. Everyone knows produce electricity. It seems the electrician for doing the 48 every time they fill up the you need sunshine for solar expensive compared to utility VDC and the AC wiring. The tank. What if customers energy systems to work. "The power, but we are not paying the system will supply all the power wise man is the one that true costs of conventional power could get similar feedback for the 2-person household and it realizes how little he actually in this country. What is the cost cost under $20,000.on their energy knows" (from the Tao). A of the September 11th attack, or Last summer (2002) we held consumption?” passive solar home in Seattle the subsequent war we are another workshop where 26 can get 60% of its space fighting now? Solar electricity is paying participants helped install heating from the sun. This is quickly deployable, a 1.8 kW tracking, grid-tied PV according to the National domestically producible and system and a 3 kW battery-

    Renewable Energy Lab proven reliable over the past 30 charging wind turbine. Stay ( That's only years. PV powers almost all tuned for this summer's hands-on 15% less than Albuquerque, satellites, navigation buoys, and workshop. New Mexico, where I studied remote communications repeater To support solar energy: Buy solar design in the early 80's.stations. a solar system. You can start

     Myth #2. Solar is expensive. small and easily add to it later. In joint ventures with Sun

    Some is and some isn't. A high Write a letter to your legislators. Wind Concepts and Western performance passive solar Letters carry more weight than e-Sun Utility co-op, some of home typically costs 2-5% mails or phone calls. Attend the Winter Sun Design's completed

    more to build than a National Tour of Solar Homes projects for 2001 are: a 1.2

    conventional house. It utilizes every October. Join the kilowatt (kW) grid-tied system standard construction practices American Solar Energy Society we got permitted and helped

    and materials, has no moving @ 303-443-install for Seattle City Light on

    parts and requires no 3130, or Solar Washington @ the roof of their North Service

    maintenance. Passive solar 206-Center, a 400 watt stand alone

    homes are light and airy with 525-3969 to keep up with system with batteries for a yurt

    generous windows and more national and local issues and on the Hood Canal, a 4.8 kW

    even temperatures, when events. There is a lot going on all mini-grid system we facilitated

    properly designed. They are over the world, our nation and for a compound in Gambia, and less drafty and dusty than our state. Part of the solution a 2.4 kW residential system for

    homes that rely totally on comes up every morning. You a new passive solar home on

    forced air heating systems.Whidbey Island. can help make it so.

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     Solar Cooking Technology by Martin Nix.

     THE NEAT THING about solar Solar cooking is neat in that it So far there isn't a 'solar restaurant in An important rule of the thumb for cooking is that anyone can build one, really reaches out to people in the Seattle', but my engineered solar solar cooking is to start before noon. design one, and even use one. All "throwaway" class. Energy, of cookers are neat. Basically, I focus The prime cooking times are you have to do is just see the sun, course, is cheap.... for the rich. A the sun's rays into dishware (Pyrex between 10am and 2pm every sunny and grow the food. Solar Cooking is good definition of being rich is or metal) placed inside a high day. When the sun is highest in the not new. But what is new is that it is having lots of energy to waste. temperature plastic bag, like sky, there is more direct sun. At more 'convenient" and "ergonomic". People in the 'no energy class'; Reynolds Turkey Bags. My patented sundown there is much less direct Worldwide there are about 60 or so well, don't have access to energy. designs are of the "grill type", where sun (making the sun look big) and patents in the field of solar cooking. Worldwide, the umbrella the sun's rays are focused onto a the atmosphere absorbs a lot of the

    There are all kinds of designs, and organization International Solar "grill" literally. On top of the grill is sun’s energy. people are Cooking Association has done a dishware, or my favorite solar Solar cooking also works better at inventing new ones all the time. 'knockout job' of distributing solar cooked turkey!! higher altitude than that at sea level, My friend Howard Donaghy, a cooking information. They even Ovens are different. They use glass. in part due to a thinner atmosphere. I bicycling ex-marine, is just such a ship solar cookers to places like Grills work only on sunny clear build my grills of various sizes. The person. One time I made a solar Somalia, India, South Africa.... days. Ovens are neat in that they can two footer works like a crock-pot, cooker out of just cardboard and even Afghanistan (a riot in trap heat from the day, and cook at while my 12 footer, frys! I have reflective potato (e) chip bags! He downtown Kabul occurred when night. Ovens usually use glass, while found that aluminum is the metal of took it home. Presto, there was a they were first introduced). grills don't. There is also another choice. It is long lasting, highly power outage, and he was the only Increasingly, we hear over and over reason for the grill, to keep people's reflective of sunlight, lightweight, person in the apartment who had hot again, reports of people in third and heads out of the focal area of the sun. and easier to machine (than say water. He then started to think and fourth world nations that they Just like 'don’t stick your hand in the wood or steel). Each one is designed improve on the design. He would not have had a hot meal if it fire", the grill physically prevents the to be recommended to me an adjustable weren’t for this invention. curious from sticking their eyes in Assembled, disassembled, packaged grill, moving the solar cookware up concentrated sunlight. Plus, grills are and shipped. (16 footers pull out and down to adjust for the focal area Solar cooking really is a good place a lesson learned from nearly 700 to 900 degrees!). of the sun. He then got really to start to learn about solar childhood...grills could be hot. A inventive. He calls it "scrapyard" technology. I contend the future of "solar cooking boy-scout merit If you are serious about integrating solar. He went to the local thrift-solar energy is 1) portable, 2) easy badge" is really a good place to start solar energy as part of your life (and store, got some clear suitcase covers, to use and understand systems, 3) understanding the power of the sun. utility bill!), start out with solar put "bubble packing wrap" in assemble/disassemble, 4) light . I find that my portable 2 footer can cooking. between, and Presto, just the type of weight and shippable, 5) uses cook about 1 pound of food Martin Nix

     solar cooker a bicyclist would common materials and skills, 6) per hour. For example, three pounds PO Box 95173 want...just roll it up. long lasting and quality. of "solar burgers" would take 3 Seattle, WA 98145-2173 hours.

     President’s Letter

     What a great ride this is! The past 2 quarters have flown by with so much going on. My request for volunteers has garnered results,

    and the energy in the group is inspiring. Last year's Solar Home Tour gained lots of interest and our plans for next year will expand on our success. We will have many more sites all over the state. Do you know someone who'd like to be on it? We may have a publication this year and more outreach, if our Million Solar Roofs grant comes through.

     Booths at the Seattle Tilth Fair and Remodeling Expo were well attended and well staffed. Most of the 3 days at the Expo our 7 members were very busy giving solar advice and educating the public. The booth looked great and only cost our group the money for copies. A big thanks goes out to L & L Exhibition Management for their generous donation of the booth space. And to all our

    volunteers that made it possible, thank you.

     Our last meeting previewed the slideshow from Solar Energy Assoc. of Oregon and shows potential. Due to my injury after a

    kayaking trip we unfortunately won't get to participate in the WSU Alternative Energy and Green Building Fair in Port Hadlock, Feb.

    27-28, where I'd hoped to fine tune the show.

     There has been substantial exploration regarding an educational video, and our website has found a new home. Please visit and see our new look. Lots of time and expertise has paid off with wonderful results.

     We've even ventured into grant writing which it seems is an essential part in keeping a non-profit growing and effective. Anyone have experience, in this area, to share for our great projects?

     Preliminary talks with Snohomish PUD, Seattle City Light, Seattle School District and the Seattle City Council have yielded lots of interest for future joint ventures and partnerships. It seems our groups' expertise is becoming in demand.

     I'm very excited about our role in helping to plan the 2004 National Solar Conference in Portland. Thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world will come to the Northwest to immerse themselves in solar for a week. We will help Solar Energy Assoc. of

    Oregon, and probably have some events in conjunction, such as tours and maybe workshops. Let me know if you're interested in


     We're going many directions and it's time we focused a little on clarifying goals, identifying best methods and setting priorities. Join us at our March meeting where the sticky wall exercise will help build consensus. I'd appreciate your input, and thanks for the ride.

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Calendar of Events

m Have anything for the JUNE calendar? Call 360-834-0674 June 20-22 Midwest Renewable April 7-12. SEI’s PV Design & or Energy And Sustainable Living Installation Workshop. Fair Guemes Is. WA. (Fee) Contact Central Wisconsin SW Member Ian Woofenden at FEBRUARY 2003 G/Rated Feb17-May 24 thm ReThink: Innovation in ASES’s America’s June 21-26 Ecological Design & Secure Energy Conference. April 14-19. SEI’s Homebuildt “Nothing like the light of Construction. Portland Area Check out the workshops and ndWind Generation. Workshop. Office of Sustainable Comm. sessions for ASES’s 32 public exposure to bring Guemes Is. WA. (Fee) Contact Will put on Green Building National Conference. Next year about change.” SW Member Ian Woofenden at Sessions: February is Water; it is in Portland, OR! ian.woofenden@homepower.coMarch is Energy; April is m Building Materials. AIA credits available. There is a Fee. OCTOBER thApril 21-24. SEI’s MicroHydro October 4 Solar Home Tour Workshop. Member Darren Emmons will February 24, 2003 - Lunch Guemes Is. WA. (Fee) Contact organize SW 3rd Annual Solar with Amory Lovins SW Member Ian Woofenden at Home Tour MARCH m October NW Solar Summit #6 March 6th Solar Washington Sun Mountain Lodge Winthrop nd Board Meeting. Topics to April 22WA. Utility members encourage. EARTH DAY! include; the educational video; Contact Ellen Lamiman, Recycle Exchange at Odd Website; Fundraising; workshops Fellows Hall . Orcas Island, WA to put on. Lots to discuss with East Sound. All Day. so be there Olympic Pizza and October 13-18th. SEI’s PV Pasta. 6413 Roosevelt Way, NE Design & Installation Seattle 206-525-4011. starts at Workshop. Mr. Sun’s Workshop ALL Day 6:30pm. Guemes Is. WA. (Fee) Contact SW Member Ian Woofenden at ndMarch 8-9 SEI’s Utility ian.woofenden@homepower.coApril 30-May 2 Interactive PV Systems. m EnvironDesign Conference Sacramento, CA Costs involved Sustainablity by Design. October 20-25th. SEI’s Wind Washington DC. Power Workshop. March 27 Solar Washington Guemes Is. WA. (Fee) Contact Member’s Meeting at 6:30 in SW Member Ian Woofenden at MAY north Seattle. Come and thian.woofenden@homepower.coMay 6-8 BPA’s Net Energy “The fact is there are over participate in the “sticky wall” m Homes Conference 7000 patents on solar thexercise. See web site for July 11-14 2004 details. thtechnology” ASES Conference in Portland May 17 Building Load OR. Can you volunteer? Develop. Workshop. Orcas Is, APRIL WA thApril 5 SEI’s Introduction to August 8-12 2005 ISES/ASES thRenewable Energy. Guemes Is. Orlando, FL. May 18 Windpower WA. (Fee) Contact SW Member Conference. Austin, TX. Ian Woofenden at

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Monthly Meeting Minutes

     chapters to help with the costs of Here are the summary of the Solar Home Tours and building the solar home tour. She will be minutes for the past months. up membership. processing our grant request. This is just an overview of our NEWS: The tour of Solar ?Tilthe fair: Jeff notes his plans activities. Homes 2002; 14 buildings were are complete for staffing and on the successful tour. Are there assembling the booth. Solar Washington Public some things we can do to make “SW will apply for a ?Solar homes tour: Darren Meeting Minutes 9/12/02 the tour more accommodating? MSR Grant for 2003 notes he currently has 11 sites Darren would like to increase on his roster. Directions and ?President’s report: Chris notes Solar Home Tour the number of buildings on the information can be linked from we are looking for volunteers for tour. If you know of any contact publication. the ASES site or is available as a all committees. handout. ?Introduction of all board Articles from members are General Notes and Comments: members with brief description of always needed for the next ?Jason reports about he and their board duties and their newsletter. Contact Bill’s attendance at a recent professional background. John meeting of the Northwest ?Round robin introduction of all Energy Coalition. He noted they meeting attendee’s. SW is moving forward with: are supporting legislation that ?Award Ceremony: Mike Nelson Production of a public access proposes that 2% of utility awarded plaque for his role as Video; Newsletter for solar company revenues statewide be founding President of organization. Washington; a slide show for utilized for power efficiency or Committee reports: next meeting. renewable energy ?Policy: Mike notes a statewide projects. Amongst Solar initiative to fund projects is in the SW Projects include: a 3 KW Washington members there was works. The timing has PV System for the PCC in voiced strong dispute about groundwork being laid now and Fremont; a larger PV system at whether their agenda was then a ballot initiative with the next Ballard High School/City of aligned with ours. Bill and Presidential election. Seattle and School Board! Jason seemed to feel that we ?Trades: Brian notes he is trying should continue to examine the to fund two IBEW JATC center VP Brian Ugi spoke with George Coalition’s position and try to arrays for training. He also noted Ingham who is a Vancouver BC influence it with our members’ good progress on the revival of the NECA Electrical Contractor and views. Seattle City Hall PV array project. Director for the National PV ?Education: Bill is looking for Construction Partnership. Meeting minutes by Secretary broad involvement from George is promoting BIPV Brian Ugi volunteers. He is currently trying construction and has made to find the “center” of interest for arrangements with the the organization so he can tailor his Amalgamated Bank of New Minutes - Solar programs to be most effective. York to supply loans to help Washington Meeting on ?Website: George notes that promote trade union’s requests for new website features November 21, 2002 installations. The intent is to get have already been satisfied by more equipment out there. 7pm at Romio's Pizza & Pasta, existing content. He has added our Seattle, WA new information and message Presentation of our “New “Solar Washington's voicemail number and this is Website was discussed. We want PRESIDENTS REPORT… domain name is operational. Solar home tour it to concentrate on education Chris Herman welcomed 26 photos for 2002 will be posted. awareness. Any suggestions” Friends of Solar to the meeting ?Newsletter/membership: John contact: and spoke about his goal as asks for informational articles from president to get a lot of people members. He also requests Chris Herman nominated Bob involved. He will support SW members to be sure they are Giovannoni as the secretary members who can be the main current on their dues. . lead on a project. Chris looks ?Publicity: Pam notes that there Mike Nelson proposed we apply forward on concentrating on the are $500.00 grants available to for a MSR grant of $5k or $10k

    for a Solar Home Tour


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Here are summaries of the NATIONAL STUDENT flashcards highlighting the potential Educating Tools that are available CHALLENGE!! effects of global warming. NTIS said National Energy Foundation is for Energy Educators. If you know the toolkit could be used as a organizing a student challenge to of more please contact me at supplement to presentations on recognize and reward “wise energy global warming or the potential and environmental actions and impacts of climate change. The kit is ideas”. The Winner will get an available from NTIS for $25. 1-800-“Insider’s Tour” of Washington, The National Energy Education 553-6847 Department (NEED) Project is a D.C.! nonprofit organization that has Grade clusters to include K-5, 6-9, focused on teaching students and 10-12. Sponsored and funded NREL Research Opportunity for teachers about energy for over 20 through an educational grant by Teachers. years. NEED works with the Johnson Controls, with additional The National Renewable Energy education community and the energy support from the US Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Office of industry to design and distribute Association and NEF. Education offers an opportunity to hands-on, science-based educational This is a competition of skill. K-12 science, mathematics, and materials on energy for grades K-12, Students may enter multiple projects technology teachers to revitalize conduct student and teacher training varying from music, web-projects, their research interests and skill. programs, provide evaluation tools, essays and even art forms. Participants conduct supervised, and recognize outstanding student http://www.ignitingcreativeenergy.orstate-of-the-art renewable energy and teacher achievement. NEED g/ research and participate in materials are designed to meet the All entries must be postmarked by th professional development as summer diverse needs and learning styles of March 15 research associates. The Laboratory student, and are teacher-tested to Science Teacher Professional ensure success in the classroom. Development (LSTPD) Program NEED materials are correlated to the TOOLKITS from NTIS teachers and appointed on a National Science Education Content The National Technical Information competitive basis. Applications Standards, as wall as to many state Service (NTIS) recently announced it must be postmarked by February standards of learning. has developed a toolkit for teachers th28. designed to provide information on NEED will be having 3 Conferences climate change and its potential impacts on wildlife, national parks around the Nation. The Closest one SOLAR ENERGY will be in Denver, CO July 26-30 and wildlife changes. NTIS said the INTERNATIONAL SEI, a non-EPA in response to requests Embassy Suites Downtown. For profit organization, has educational more Info with the Solar Conference. developed the toolkit form rangers thmaterial. They also put on hands-on Registration Deadline April 15. and tour guides in national parks Workshops and will be in Hurry! throughout the country. The kit Washington in March and April. Contact or email at features a short video, titled “Climate Workshops are: Homebuilt Wind Change, Wildlife and Wild lands:” a Generator; MicroHydro; and PV The NEED Project also sends out a CD-Rom with four case studies Design & Installation; Guemes Is. Newsletter entitled :”Energy highlighting the potential impacts of There is a fee. Exchange” global warming; a greenhouse gas or email (GHG) emissions calculator; and

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Solar Business

     Please let me know what would help in your Solar ENERGY OUTFITTERS Bob Mayand is growing their distribution business. Business at They have a diverse Product line and focusing on My hope is not to inundate you with Alternative distributing. Energy Outfitters has been established Energy News only Solar News. for over 10 years. Contact Energy NewsData Corp funded by Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance puts out a newsletter BRIGHT WAY TO HEAT WATER entitled Con.WEB. It is a free Web-based monthly BPA is working with Utilities to bring out EWEB’s newsletter covering energy conservation and Hot Water Program. Clark County PUD (Vancouver) renewable energy in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and recently had their workshop to “certify” Hot Water Montana. installers, and will roll out their program at the Home Another AE newsletter is found at and Garden Show in April. Call your Utility to see This is more national, but it when they are having their workshop with BPA. does have good updates. Better yet contact BPA at Any Federal Energy Management Program FEMP technical questions to Adam Hadley, Workshops are available. One of , who is standardizing the specs. their Workshops will be held May 13-15 in Irvine, Bright Way is using all new equipment and CA entitled “Distributed Generation and Combined guaranteeing that the system will last 20+ years. Heat & Power Workshop” more info at 3 Annual Harvesting Clean Energy Conference happen February 10-11. Info for next year’s is at Washington State 2003 Trade Week The Washington State Dept. of Community, Trade and Economic Development are looking for My Emails: Lightguide is the largest solar concentrator on earth! businesses that want to go International. In March See how this powerful solar engine can help make they are all over the State to promote Trading in other our world a better place. Thank you, Mike Murtha, Member Countries. Might be your opportunity! ASES We would like to present to you a very cost effective ENERGY SOLUTIONS BIFACIAL PV system in combination with a tracking support structure. The bifacial tracking system can Edlen Lamiman,, sells LED increase the annual PV energy gain by 45% (up to 75% lights. LED lights work great on Solar Systems in summer) and even double capacity of PV pumping because you can get them using DC power. systems (see attachment). The price is equal to standard fixed systems. Example: The retail price of the complete 1.2 kW bifacial tracking system TRAXLE HOMEPOWER (equivalent of the standard fixed 1.7kW system) is 6.890 Michael Welch is looking for more articles written EUR/USD. V.Poulek by experience RE professionals, detailing solid systems design and clean installation. If time is a factor, consider co-writing it with your customer. If you want your Business Name in this page please Homepower will help edit. If interested, please email send me something that you specialize in and any upcoming events. Email; Subjects are BI-PV Systems, newer inverter systems

    and any Solar Thermal articles.

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     Solar Washington's mission is to further the development for renewable energy and

     related arts, sciences, and technologies with concern for the economic, environmental, and social fabric of the State. We welcome any persons or organizations that raise the level of public awareness for this purpose.


     Name __________________________________ Address ___________________ City ______________ State ____ Zip Code __________

     Phone _____________________email address __________________

     Enclosed is my Corporate Membership in Solar Washington. Membership includes email update on solar activities. This membership provides discounts on Workshop and newsletter mention. Remit $150.00

     Enclosed is my Professional Membership in Solar Washington. Membership includes email update on solar activities. This membership also updates my ASES membership. Remit $100.00

     Enclosed is my Regular Yearly Membership in Solar Washington. Membership includes email update on solar activities (Post High School Students Remit $15.00 Plus ID, Youth (K-12) Remit $5 Plus ID) Remit $40.00 Please Send Checks To: Solar Washington, 889 Sands View Rd. Camano Island, WA 98292-7557

     rd2223 NW 43 Ave

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    (360) 834-0674

E-Mail: solarwashington@

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