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     THE CORNER FOR ALL YOUR TIMBER & DIY NEEDS Beauvoir Terrace 415417 Kingsland Road, E8 4AU Tel: 020 7249 3199 Fax: 020 7923 4340 Email: We hope you had a happy and a peaceful holiday. The New Year seems to be a good time to sum up who we are at the DBA and what we do. At last autumn’s AGM, Hilary KTS The Corner is pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor this De Beauvoir Mandleberg, who has been the chair since we reformed the association in 2004, said (again) that she wanted to step down. No one felt they could fill her shoes but we have started a Association Newsletter and would like to wish all readers a Happy New Year. rotating Chair and Oliver Schofield is Chair at the moment. We owe Hilary a great debt for her sterling work so far. We now have a fairly flexible committee running the DBA, with the We are happy to announce that after many years of correspondence with the newsletter compiled collaboratively, but masterminded by Carol Lee. London Borough of Hackney, we finally have a loading bay, situated outside the timber yard at our back gate in Englefield Road. And many of you may be Also at the AGM, we heard Edward Benyon talk about his job of running the estate and pleased to see that in 2007 we upgraded our unique two-sided clock to a three-about opposition to a planning application of his in De Beauvoir Road. We learned that the sided one, which can now be seen from North, South, East and West. estate now comprises 300 properties and that he has been told by his family to make sure it is profitable. He told us there would be further schemes to develop small vacant sites or Now you have taken down your Christmas unused buildings. Interestingly, the family still pronounces De Beauvoir as 'De Beaver'.

     decorations you may feel the need to carry We had a bit of a triumph recently when we showed Hackney Council that it had 'forgotten' out some home DIY. that it had collected money from developers that was meant to have been used to sort out the appalling state of the pavements in Hertford Road and Enfield Road. They said they Bring this newsletter with you for a 10% would get on with it soon. There is more money in that pot and we are looking to see if we discount. can get some of it actually spent in De Beauvoir. Also, we try to keep people informed about

     important planning applications affecting the area and we are hoping to expand our

    programme of community events this year. Kathryn Moore has already started work planning From all at KTS a very an even better Party in the Park, which will take place on Saturday 12 July. Put the date in

    your diary. Happy New Year to you all

    And, as you'll see on page 2, we're holding a January wine tasting in the crypt of St Peter’s,

    as well as a jazz concert in April, which we're sure will be just as successful as last year's. We have more or less settled on the Scolt Head at the junction of Englefield, Culford and

    Ardleigh Roads, for our general meetings, as long as it is available. It is in the middle of De Beauvoir and there are no problems with disabled access. We look forward to seeing you


    We rely on loyal deliverers to get this newsletter to you but we only publish four issues a year. Don’t forget, if you want to get regular emails on local events, do let us know. These are in plain text and we don't send more than one or two a week, so they won’t clog up your

    inbox. And we put lots of useful information on our website, too. In this issue of the newsletter, we have started what we hope will be a regular events column. NEW! on the DBA website at We have set up a directory of Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see in your DBA newsletter. trades and services in (and very near to) De Beauvoir. DON’T FORGET TO LOOK AT THE DBA WEBSITE where lots more Thanks to Typhoon Creative Partnership ( for our logo and to Supreme Printers ( for the printinginformation can be found, including our email address and phone number.

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    When former hostage Brian Keenan was released in August 1990, one of

    the first places he wanted to revisit was a living room in De Beauvoir. The

    home of his friends Mike Timperley and Shelagh Lester-Smith in Culford

    Road, facing the Sussex pub (now the Scolt Head), had been one of the

    last places he could clearly recall as he tried to remain sane during four

    long years of captivity in Lebanon.

    Brian, Mike and Shelagh had become good friends when they lived in SATURDAY 26 JANUARY 2008

    Brussels previously and Brian stayed with them the night before he went to

    Beirut to take up a teaching post at the American University in 1985. ST. PETER’S CRYPT, DE BEAUVOIR ROAD AT 8.00PM Shelagh, whose family is from Beirut, had tried to talk him out of going and

    he describes that encounter in his autobiography An Evil Cradling.

    Come and join us for the first ever DBA wine tasting. To help us Mike told me recently: 'The last place Brian could clearly recall before he

    through the long dark days of winter, we will be tasting a handpicked left for Lebanon was our living room at 118 Culford Road. He would evoke it

    many times alone and later with John (McCarthy), describing the room in selection of delicious winter wines at a wide range of prices. All wines

    detail and trying to remember where everything was, as he looked for ways are available from Majestic Wines.

    to stay sane.'


    Paul Bolding (020 7684 5811) They were reunited soon after Brian’s release at a Park Lane hotel. 'He told

    us he was very keen to see our living room again, so we slipped his

    minders and took him home for a long night of talk, talk and more talk. He Deadline for purchase of tickets: Sunday 20 January.

    was a frequent visitor to Culford Road, and until John McCarthy was Age 18 and over. To comply with legal requirements, proof of age may released, so was Jill Morrell, John's girlfriend who started the Friends of be requested at the door. John McCarthy movement to campaign for his release. After John was

    finally released in August 1991, he and Jill would often spend evenings with Brian at Culford Road, enjoying conversation and wine lots of wine. We would dine at Granita and the Turkish restaurants on Essex Road. NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY Following last year's hugely popular jazz event, the DBA is pleased to announce that we have

    secured the Peter Werth Quintet for another evening of sublime jazz entertainment. Peter, a Brian Keenan has recently returned to Beirut to read from his book and to local De Beauvoir resident, and his quintet, will be playing in the Crypt on Thursday 17 April. make a film about his ordeal. Advance tickets are on sale now from Oliver Schofield (020 7275 0260) priced at ?6.50 THE SHOREDITCH SHARKS RUGBY CLUB (concessions ?2). Ticket prices on the night will be ?7 and ?2.50 respectively, so it is worth The new year began with a Sharks training session on Sunday 6 January at Shoreditch booking in advance. Park, Pitfield Street for the first session with the under 10s and under 13s. If you have a son

    or daughter between the ages of 7 and 17 who may be interested in rugby, why not give it a Hackney Singers would very much like to thank Julia Porter and the congregation of St. Peter’s for try? Call the Manager, Jenny, on 07904 884485. allowing them to use the church for a rousing carol concert on 16 December and for contributing so generously to the amazing ?896 collected in aid of St. Peter’s Cold Weather Night Shelter for the The Club takes this opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks for the funds donated by the De homeless. Beauvoir Neighbourhood Group to support the purchase of some vital equipment, which will They would also be delighted if you all came to their next concert on 10 May, at St John-at-Hackney help the Club keep going and grow still more. Many thanks to the Committee for considering church, where they will be joined by the Forest Philharmonic Orchestra in Vaughan Williams' Sea our fundraising letter.


    - 6 - - 3 - NEWS FROM OUR COUNCILLORS BRYAN BRONSON INTERVIEW by Kirsty Norman Recycling Does that name mean anything to any of you? If it does, you have been in De Beauvoir for more

    The decision by Hackney Council to go for compulsory recycling is proving a success years than many of us… recycling rates for De Beauvoir continue to increase. The Green Party in Camden are now One day a few months ago, while delivering newsletters in De Beauvoir Square, I was stopped by a using Hackney as an example of good practice! man asking whether he could park there. It turned out that he was back in De Beauvoir for the first time since the early 1960s, and was looking around his old haunts. He wanted to show his partner Dealing with street clutter St. Peter’s Church, and particularly the Crypt, because as a young man he had been a musician We have secured a ‘signs audit’ for De Beauvoir after local concerns were raised about the and had rehearsed and been to dances there. As they headed for the church, it suddenly occurred over-use of signage in the ward. As a result, signs identified on the KCAAC website as being

    to me that I was letting a little bit of history slip through my fingers all of us, after all, have our excessive are now being reviewed by council officers. A full review of all traffic and parking stories. I got a notebook, caught up with them in the St. Peter’s Café, and here’s the story. signs within the area of the new 20mph/heavy lorry ban scheme is also underway. Conservation of local heritage Bryan’s family came originally from Hoxton, and he lived first on Ecclesbourne Road, where he was The DBA were keen to see a review of the De Beauvoir Conservation Area brought forward brought up by his mother. They later moved to 101 Downham Road where he spent most of his

    and we have worked with the Cabinet member responsible to make sure this happens. De childhood. Some of the earliest memories he talked about were from the war a flying bomb Beauvoir was one of Hackney’s first conservation areas and the review will fully consult local coming in over Downham Road and landing on the old white lead works (now Rosemary Gardens), residents on how the historic features of the area are protected. and watching from their Anderson shelter as Haggerston was going up in flames. Tube services for De Beauvoir residents 'In the 1950s, De Beauvoir was alive with kids,' he said. You didn’t venture to Islington, though: the

    In November, London Overground took over the North London Line services from Silverlink Angel was known to have a dangerous gang. He grew up hardly knowing his father: that side of the and travellers can now use pay-as-you-go Oyster cards on the line for the first time. Fares are family, he said darkly, had 'a bit of a reputation'. Having the name Bronson was a liability: police

    cheaper with an Oyster card, stations will be fully staffed and new ticket barriers will reduce would stop local kids and ask them what their name was, and where they came from, and Bronson

    fare dodging. This marks the culmination of a four-year campaign by Hackney’s Mayor and wasn’t a good name to have. local councillors to secure better public transport for the borough. New stations will be opened He went to school locally, swam at the Tibberton Baths opposite Essex Road station and at Dalston Junction and Haggerston by 2010 as part of the East London Line project and a remembered that opposite his school, the family kept pigs. link to Highbury & Islington will follow in 2011. He went to Sunday school in the building that had once been the bakery, on the corner of De Cycling Beauvoir and Downham Roads until he was 15 or 16, but by then skiffle was coming in, and the Hackney Council has won the London Cycling Awards 2007 for Best Cycling Facility. It was whole new world of pop music was soon to come. Until then, people had listened to Frankie Lane presented by the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) for improving routes for cyclists in the and Guy Mitchell: 'You couldn’t dance to that!' Then came Lonnie Donnigan, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis borough. To make things even better, we have been working to see that cycle racks are and (here he started losing me) Tennessee Ernie’s Shotgun Boogie! provided in key local areas. You will notice one outside the Scolt Head. Bryan joined a skiffle group. Then, the vicar of St. Peter’s struck upon a novel, if pragmatic, idea to Solar panels keep his young parishioners involved with the church. In return for using the Crypt for rehearsals A local resident approached us with the idea of promoting the use of solar panels on the and also to hold dances, they must attend church. Amazingly, it all seems to have worked: 'The insides of valley roofs of houses in the area. This seemed an excellent suggestion and we vicar was a big man. He commanded respect, and there was never any trouble.' In fact, church asked council planning officials whether it was practicable on the types of buildings we have records mention the need to remove kneelers for these services because they were being used as in De Beauvoir. Their answer was that it is feasible. missiles, but we’ll pass over that. On the whole, the deal worked fine. The Council itself does not provide grants for solar panels; grants are available for up to The dances were a great success, a highlight being the ONE new record a week bought by the ?2500 for homeowners through the Low Carbon Building Programme (provided certain Youth Club. Then jive then came in. There were jive competitions at Haringey Arena, and if you criteria are met and the necessary planning permission is granted). Look at this website for could, you bought your records from a record shop on the Kingsland Waste. At the back of Ridley eligibility criteria and application procedures: Road, said Bryan, there was a bombsite. Until then, that had been the only place he had ever heard amplified music, when fairs were held there. Councillor website His skiffle group, called Group 66, played at St. Peter’s and at the Victoria Club in Hackney, keeping We have recently launched a De Beauvoir councillor website. On it, you will find many local their equipment in the basement of the undertaker’s on Kingsland Road. By the 1970s his group links, including contact details for your councillors, local services, things to do and even a Consortium had a contract with Pine Records. carbon calculator. You will also find regular updates on news and events with an impact on the local area. So log on and tell us what you think! Bryan left De Beauvoir at the age of 24, and the Hoxton boy is now settled happily in France. Happy New Year! Gulay, Chris & Rob


     AND AWARDS by Richard Lynam

    On Saturday 24 November, thirty-eight Mighty De Beauvoir Warriors and WAGs (wives and LOCKNER & KINGSGATE ESTATES girlfriends) gathered in the function room of the Scolt Head to celebrate the end of a good The Residents Association still has Marks & Spencer vouchers for Seniors so, if you have not 2007 season. While the overall results were better than last year, we still have a long way to already collected yours, they will still be available on the first or third Monday of the month go before we trouble Wisden. The evening was MC'd by Russell Gillett-Toone and fine from Lynda Sparks at 23 Blandford Court between 1.30 and 3.00pm. speeches were given by players Barney Lom, Jonathan Dudding and his brother David

    Dudding, Andrew Hepworth (who had captained us to our best result of the season, a THE KINGSLAND CONSERVATION AREA ADVISORY COMMITTEE magnificent draw against strong opposition at Kirtlington) and finally our Director of Sledging, Has a website with details of planning applications and other items that the group has Bobby Hillman. After a fine dinner, our Club Captain Simon Briggs presented the Awards. contacted Hackney Borough Council about. Visit The Awards and recipients were: FOOTBALL AT THE BRITANNIA LEISURE CENTRE, 40 Hyde Road

    • Award for arranging good weather: Chris White Organized by Marlon of SKY (South Kingsland Partnership). Free football sessions continue

    for 7s to 11s at the Leisure Centre on Fridays between 5 and 6pm. • Award for scoring and first aid: Andrew and Kate Green There will also be a new 2008 NIGHT LEAGUE five-a-side FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT at • Catch of the season (even though he was on loan to the opposition at the time!):

    Roger Ward the Leisure Centre with free entry for male and female teams. This event is for 15+ and

    adults. Younger players are welcome. Awards and prizes to be won. Refreshments will be • Innings of the Year: Steve Greenhalgh

    • Bowler of the Year: Jonathan Dudding (who took slight exception to the citation mentioning available. Date and times to be confirmed. Further information from Marlon or Steve on

    his sometimes wayward line) 0207 729 6970 or 07956 223 441, or email • Young Warrior of the Year: Barney Lom THE ROSEMARY BRANCH THEATRE • Wicketkeeper of the Year: Lawrence Windle

    • Warrior of the Year: Daniel Sharman (a brilliant young actor destined for Hollywood but Full details at

    who refrained from breaking down in tears when he received this, the highest accolade the 17 January: Club Class by Harry Denford. The high-camp aviation comedy, now in its third

    Warriors can bestow). successful year.

     20 January: Tango Songs. Argentinean songs for voice and piano from Monica Acosta and It was a splendid evening: the Scolt Head catering was delicious, wine flowed and we all Julia Kalnobricka ( staggered home at midnight with a new determination to make 2008 our best season ever! 27 January: The Presidential Selection. Funny and clever comedy sketches by talented young professional actors.

    If anyone is interested in joining us, please contact me at 516 February: Picasso and Me and Did You Used To Be R.D.Laing? Two shows about

     two completely different but equally enigmatic men, performed in rep by Edinburgh veteran

    Mike Maran ( CRIME & CRIME PREVENTION IN DE BEAUVOIR 20 February20 March: The Tempest by William Shakespeare. A new Rosemary Branch production directed by Helen Tennison, whose Measure for Measure was much praised at the Sept Oct Rosie last spring. Burglary (residential & business) 11 8 Robbery (inc. snatches & pick-pocketing) 12 7 DE BEAUVOIR GARDENERS ( Thefts of motor vehicles 7 5 5 February: Publishing the Great and the Good: Encounters with Beth Chatto, Thefts from motor vehicles 20 15 Christopher Lloyd, Anthony Noel, Rosemary Verey... Talk by Erica Hunningher. Criminal damage to vehicles 3 6 4 March: Plants for the Winter Garden Talk by Patricia Clarke. Thefts of bicycles 7 5 Both talks at 8pm in the Crypt, St Peter's Church, De Beauvoir Rd (entrance in Northchurch Terrace). Annual Membership: Waged ?10, Couple ?12. Unwaged: ?7, Couple ?9.

    The De Beauvoir Safer Neighbourhood Team is based at Shoreditch Police Station, 46 Shepherdess Walk, Shoreditch, London N1 6LF. Tel: 020 7161 9236 / 07879 435146 or email via their website: THE WELLINGTON, Culford Road/Balls Pond Road Don’t forget they do excellent Sunday lunches and have a good selection of real ales. Currently they are featuring an ale called 'Old Codger', which is particularly well rounded yet The Team comprises: Sgt. Shaju Bhaskaran, PC Eoin Beirne, PC Chris Pearce, PCSO Jenice surprisingly lively! Gunning, PCSO Christopher Phillipson, PCSO Paul Hartley and PCSO Mohammed Gani. THE SCOLT HEAD, Culford Road/Ardleigh Road There have been reports of two white men posing as BT engineers who may try to gain Live music every other Thursday. access to your home. Always insist on proof of identity before letting anyone in. Ensure your

    home is as secure as possible. There were several burglaries in the run-up to Christmas.

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