John Grisham

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John Grisham

    John Grisham's books include legal thrillers, short stories, nonfiction and even some young adult books. This list includes all his published books, showing how Grisham branched out from legal stories over the years.

    1989 - A Time to Kill - Grisham's first novel, a legal thriller, dealt with race issues in the South. 1991 - The Firm - The Firm increased in popularity when it was turned into a movie starring Tom Cruise. 1992 - The Pelican Brief - With The Pelican Brief through The Brethren, Grisham continued to produce legal thrillers at the rate of about one per year, tapping into his experience as a lawyer in Mississippi to create characters who faced moral dilemmas and dangerous situations.

    1993 - The Client

    1994 - The Chamber

    1995 - The Rainmaker

    1996 - The Runaway Jury

    1997 - The Partner

    1998 - The Street Lawyer

    1999 - The Testament

    2000 - The Brethren

    2001 - A Painted House - Grisham took a break from legal stories with A Painted House, a small town mystery.

    2001 - Skipping Christmas - This novel about a family that decides to skip Christmas was turned into a movie, Christmas with the Kranks.

    2002 - The Summons - Grisham returned to the genre his fans love, legal thrillers. 2003 - The King of Torts - legal thriller

    2003 - Bleachers - Bleachers is the first sports novel Grisham wrote and tells the story of a high school football star returning to his home town after his coach dies.

    2004 - The Last Juror - legal thriller

    2005 - The Broker - legal thriller

    2006 - The Innocent Man - This nonfiction book about an innocent man on death row features an issue that is important to Grisham.

    2007 - Playing for Pizza - Grisham's second sports novel is about an American playing football in Italy. 2008 - The Appeal - legal thriller

    2009 - The Associate - legal thriller

    2009 - Ford County - This collection of short stories takes place in the same location as Grisham's first novel, A Time to Kill.

    2010 - Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer - Grisham's Theodore Boone books are middle grade novels about a kid lawyer. This is the first in the series.

    2010 - The Confession - legal thriller

    2011 - Theodore Boone: The Abduction

    2011 - The Litigators - legal thriller

    2012 - Theodore Boone: The Accused

    2012 - Calico Joe - Calico Joe is a baseball and family story.

    2012 - The Racketeer - legal thriller

    2013 - Theodore Boone: The Activist

    2013 - Sycamore Row - This is the sequel to A Time to Kill, one of Grisham's most beloved novels

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