There are many little emperor everywhere in China

By Robin Wagner,2014-07-14 22:19
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There are many little emperor everywhere in China

    There are many little emperor everywhere in China. They must get whatever they want. Inspite of their poor family condition, some girls ask their parents for large amount of money to take paticipant in Super Girls competition. One of my schoolmates in order to buy a new dress,she crashed her clothes in public to against her fathers disagreement. These

    little emperors want what they want.

    Though these little emperors behavior make parents embrassed,whats

    adults reaction?for example, in my sisters family,if her kid want a

    toll ,my sister will refuse directly;my brother-in-law will give money,no matter it enough or not;while other family members choose to satisfied the kid. As a result ,although the kid cant get it from her mother,she can

    finally achieve her purpose from someone else. This is very typical in today. Because of the policy of one family,one child,kids are

    cherished as jewlery. Showing their purest love to baby,adults offered the best they can.

    While there is a conflict between adults and children. That is the BEST. The BEST in childs and adults mind is different. In childs eyes,the

    BEST means to favor them, to give them what they want. Obviously adults are more reasonable. They know what they can do,what they cant

    do, from their minds,the BEST should not beyond their ability. And I once asked my sister why she refused kidd asking,she told me that adults

    should tell child what she can get or not.

As far as I’m concered ,it is a way to solve the problem.

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