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Test Paper

    Part II

    (1---7) AABDA DA

    8. built-in pesticides

    9. their genetic modification of a plant

    10. safety and environmental impacts

    Part III

    A: 1120 DBACD ACDAB

     2125 CBCAB

    B: 2635 DACCA BDDBC

    C: 复合听力

    Medical research is leading American education officials to consider having high school classes start later in the morning. The research says teenagers are more;36 awake later at night than adults are. When teenagers stay up late at night they have problems learning early in the morning.

Researchers in the state of Rhode Island measured the;37 presence of

    the hormone;荷尔蒙; melatonin ;褪黑素;in peoples’ mouths at different

    times of the day. Melatonin;38 causes people to feel sleepy.

    They found that melatonin levels rise later at night in teenagers than they do in children and adults. And they;39 remain at a higher level in teenagers

    later in the morning. They say this shows that teenagers have difficulty learning early in the morning. Yet most school;40 systems in the United

    States begin high school classes at about seven o’clock.

    A few school districts have made some changes. In nineteen ninety-six, school officials in Edina, Minnesota changed high school;41 opening from

    about seven thirty until eight thirty. Two years later, the ;42nearby city

    of Minneapolis did the same. Teachers there;43 reported that students

    were no longer sleepy in class and were happier.

    ;44 Health experts say teenagers need between eight and nine hours of sleep a night. Students who do not get enough sleep are likely to be late for school, fail to do their homework, fall asleep in class and have trouble taking part in class discussions.

    ;45Yet some adults oppose changing school start times. because they say it would limit the time for practicing sports after school.

    However, the Minnesota schools found that this did not hurt school sports competitions.

    ;46More American school districts are discussing the possibility of changing high school start times. Researchers and teenagers say they

    cannot make the change quickly enough.

Part IV

    47-56 KFBJI GAHEN

    5761 CBAAD

    6266 BCCDD

Part V

    6771 BAADC

    7276 DBAAB

    7781 ACDBC

    8286 ADDAC

Part VI

    87. There seemed to be some differences 88. cares, fears, tears and doubts 89. In order to make it quite safe for him to go there

    90. The problem of population control 91. I will broadcast at nine tonight.

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