Yearbook lesson

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Yearbook lesson

High school yearbooks


    Yearbooks are put together by a student

    committee with the help of faculty and staff. The committee has editors, who collect and put

    together the information and contributions (贡献).

    Yearbooks include summaries of (总结) the years

    activities, student art, photos of the student body,

    articles written by students and faculty, interesting personal information about graduates, and


    Yearbooks are distributed at the end of a school

    year. Sometimes, a supplemental (多余的) insert

    with photographs from spring sports events is also published (出版).

They often also cover milestone (important)

    events such as prom and graduation.


     Prom is the fancy/red carpet formal party at the

    end of high school where students dress up and bring a date, who is usually a classmate.

    Can I see your yearbook?

     It can be a lot of fun to look at ones yearbook,

    years later. People change. Can you recognize these celebrities from their high school photos?

Vocabulary quiz

    1. Books published by high schools about their

    students? yearbook

    2. A group of people who make decisions together:


    3. Someone who is responsible for putting a book

    together. editor

    4. Someone who graduated: a graduate

    5. Extra: supplemental

    6. A fancy, formal party at the end of high school:


    7. (adj) very important and memorable:


    8. A popular and famous person: celebrity

Let’s Vote!

    Perhaps the most interesting part of a high school yearbook is the grad bios (graduates

    biographies 传记). Students vote on different

    awards, like at the Oscars (奥斯卡). The awards

    are funnier than they are competitive.

Here are some examples of high school awards. 2

    students, one girl and one boy, are chosen for each award.

     Biggest Troublemakers

     Greatest Geniuses

     Cutest couple

     Most athletic

     Most likely to succeed

     Most likely to marry a computer


     Most artistic

     Most popular


Who would you vote for? Why? Lets hear some

    Oscar speeches!

    I would like to thank my classmates for this great honour. I think I was voted _______ because…”

I would like to share this award with

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