By Laura Rogers,2014-07-14 20:44
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    It is known to all,China is a developing country.In the past,we only stressed the development of our productivity under socialism,without even mentioning the need to achieve sustainable development. That was not complete.The practice in the past had eloquently every step forward of our development is induced by the advancement of education.It is a key factor which enhances the productive force of our nation.Therefore,it is also our colleges duty to train more useful

    people ,including qualified teachers.As the sistuation of our nation needs more qualified teachers.

     As a college student on campus,it is my duty to study hard.As far as I am concerned,I need to learn the extensive scope of knowledge.I should not only grasp the konwledge of my major,but also read extensively to know the state of art of other majors.Only in this way,can I be prepared for the challenges of development of education;thus make my due contribution to the progress of our countrys prosperity.

     I believe that ours is an epoch in which heroes are coming forward in multitudes.oue road to development is long but we are firmly on it.Sooner or later, we will be in line with international practices.

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