GCE English Literature A (2740)

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GCE English Literature A (2740)

    English Literature at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Technology College

English can be viewed as the ‘universal’ qualification – it will enhance and support all other A

    level choices and will open opportunities in employment and Higher Education .

GCE English Literature A (2740)

    AS outline

    At AS, this specification will allow centres to construct a coherent course of study in one of three areas of study: Victorian Literature, World War One Literature or The Struggle for Identity in Modern Literature. Candidates will study three texts (one of each genre) in detail, plus three texts for wider reading and contextual support. A suggested wider reading list is provided.

    The AS specification has 2 units:

    This unit assesses the poetry set text plus candidates' wider reading in their chosen area of study. Candidates answer two questions: one on the poetry text, the other linking their wider reading to the focus of a given extract. Topic list

    One set poetry text plus wider reading in one of the following areas of study:

    ; Option A Victorian Literature Or

    ; Option B World War One Literature Or

    ; Option C The Struggle for Identity in Modern Literature.


    Written Exam: 2 hours Weighting: 60% of total AS / 30% of total A Level marks

Candidates answer two questions. Question 1 invites candidates to link their wider reading to the focus of a given passage. Question 2 assesses the set poetry text

    This unit assesses the set prose and drama texts. Candidates produce a coursework folder containing two pieces of writing comprising 2,000 2,500 words in total.

    Students select one prose text and one drama text from a list provided for their chosen area of study (Victorian Literature, World War One Literature or The Struggle for Identity in Modern Literature).

    This specification operates a consortium network and all centres belong to a local consortium led by a consortium adviser. Consortium meetings are held at least twice a year and provide valuable support and training for teachers, offer opportunities to meet other teachers within the consortium, and enable the useful exchange of ideas and the sharing of good practice.



    Weighting: 40% of total AS / 20% of total A Level marks

    One prose text and one drama text Two tasks: 2,000 2,500 words in total. The first piece will be a personal informed response to the chosen prose text, either a creative interpretation or creative transformational writing. The second piece will be a piece of writing on the chosen drama text, focusing on the text in context and aspects such as theme, structure and characterisation.

GCE English Literature A (2740)

    A2 outline

    At A2, the specification synthesizes the skills and learning of the whole course. Candidates will prepare for a paper which will contain unprepared passages for close study, comparison and critical commentary on a theme (for the next five years this will be 'Love through the Ages'). In Unit 4, candidates will be encouraged to reflect on ways of reading and writing about texts.

    The A2 specification has 2 units:

    Topic list

    Students should read at least the equivalent of three texts on the theme of 'Love through the Ages', including:

    ; reading in the literature of love including the three genres of prose, poetry and drama

    ; literature written by both men and women

    ; literature through time (from Chaucer to the present day).

    ; some non-fiction texts.


    Written Exam: 2 hours and 30 mins Closed book Weighting: 60% of total A2 / 30% of total A Level marks

    The paper will comprise four unseen extracts for close study, comparison and critical commentary.

    Two compulsory questions:

    ; one comparing two extracts of the same genre, with close reading of the texts and reference to the wider reading of love poetry

    ; one comparing two extracts (of the remaining two genres), using wider reading of love through literature to inform interpretations.

Topic list

    ; the study of three texts with a shared theme, none of which will have been studied at AS and one of which will be a Shakespeare play

    ; an extended essay which will compare two texts of the candidate's choice

    ; an essay focusing on an extract of a Shakespeare play requiring a detailed commentary on the extract, assessing its significance in the whole play.



    Weighting: 40% of total A2 / 20% of total A Level marks

    One piece of work: an extended essay (3,000 words) comparing three texts and focused on:

    ; comparison

    ; appreciation of the writer's choices of form, structure and language

    ; exploring interpretations of text

    ; some understanding of the significance of context

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