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    Xiamen is situated on the southeast coast of Fujian Province. Famous for its beautiful scenery, unique location and mixed culture, Xiamen enjoys the deputy as the “Garden on the Sea” for decades. It covers a total area of 1,516

    square meters, and has been developed into an international sea port.

    Being the nearest city to Taiwan, Xiamen was declared one of China’s first Special Economic Zones in the early 1980’s, taking advantage of the city’s heritage as a trading center and the proximity to Taiwan. And Xiamen is now

    shining at the west coast of Taiwan Strait with its booming economy. Enjoying its exceptional advantage of the location, Xiamen is definitely a port for economic cooperation and cultural diffusion, bringing aspirant to this young city.

     Generally, the climate of Xiamen is mild. The average annual temperature is about 21 degrees C. Sunshine is abundant. Even in the winter months the temperature rarely falls below 10 degrees C, although there may be a cold wind chill.

     Well, July-September is typhoon season which is probably worth missing. But at that time Im at home. So if

    you visit Xiamen in July or August, I can be your guide.

    …… <Maps>

    Southwest to Xiamen lies Gulangyu island. Well known as “the piano island” across China, Gulangyu Island

    makes Xiamen one of the most romantic cities and attracts millions of tourists every year. Many of the old treaty-port and colonial buildings in Western styles survive. Today Xiamen is one of China’s most attractive and best-maintained

    resort cities.

     Ferry: Entering Gulangyu is charge free but if you leave Gulangyu you need to buy a ticket costing RMB 8. On the island there is only one transportation tool: The storage battery cars/ electric vehicles.


    “Diverse” is the best word that captures the culture of Xiamen. Take food as an example,. The food is certainly

    one of the best things about Xiamen- particularly the seafood which is exceptionally fresh. You will have a feast for the tongue in Xiamen, tasting traditional Chinese foods and unique local sea foods, enjoying lavish western foods and leisurely café. Dishes here use copious amounts of oysters, crabs, prawn and peanuts. Local specialties here include fish ball soup, shrimp noodles and oyster soup. Besides, Kong-fu Tea is another special characteristic. If you want to take your time to feel Chinese tea culture, then Xiamen will no doubt be the best place.


    ……<Symbols of the city>

    Besides romance, Xiamen also contains the spirit of diligence and vigorous. Lying at the foot of hills and beside

    the sea, Xiamen University possesses countless achievements in different areas, contributing large numbers of elites and displaying the wise and broadminded image of Xiamen.

     ……< Top Tens>

    It is a sightseeing heaven with its islands, rocks, temples, sea food and foreign style architecture. Also hard to resist is its mild climate, and sandy beach! Also the island is the habitat for thousands of egrets! Xiamen is also regarded as the hometown of Overseas Chinese, where the ideal deep-sea port has no freezing season, allowing numerous people to have resorted to this sea route to emigrate to a promised land.

    Beautiful city, splendid culture, Xiamen is waiting for you. Welcome to Xiamen.

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