2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

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2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

    2007 IFEX General Meeting Agenda (Updated)

    Sunday 7 October 2007 Friday 12 October 2007

    Montevideo, Uruguay



08:30 09:00 Registration

    09:00 09:15 Introduction to the ICT Forum: Alberto Escudero-Pascual (IT+46)

    9:15 10:30 Session #1: Who’s Watching Your Website: How to know if your site is being Blocked, Censored or Monitored; and what to do about it.

    Ron Deibert (Citizen Lab / Open Net Initiative)

10:30 10:45 Coffee Break

    10:45 12:00 Session #2: ICT Security Tools for your Computer: Why you need them and where to get them

    Alberto Escudero-Pascual (IT+46)

12:00 13:30 Lunch at the Sheraton Four Points

13:30 13:45 Introduction to afternoon sessions

Parallel Demonstrations

13:45 16:15 (includes a coffee break from 15:00-15:15)

    NGO in a box Security Edition

    Demonstrators: Dmitri Vitaliev and Katitza Rodriguez (Tactical Tech) - members participating

    need to be signed-up (max. 20 persons)

    Online Campaigning and Collaboration Tools: Experiences, and Recommendations and Demonstrations

    Demonstrator: Karen Higgs (Association of Progressive Communications (APC))

    13:45 15:00 Remote Access and Teleworking Securely: Systems that allow organizations and correspondents to securely access information and work remotely

    Demonstrator: Robert Guerra (Privaterra)

15:00 15:15 Coffee Break

15:15 16:15 Voice Communications Over the Internet: Saving Money on Communication

    Demonstrator: Alberto Escudero-Pascual and Louise Berthilson (IT+46)

16:15 17:30 Session #3 Know your rights: Article 19 in Cyberspace

    Graciela Selaimen (Rits)

    Robert Faris (Open Net Initiative)

    Gamal Eid (HRInfo)

2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

    16:30 18:00 Alerts Training Session (English) by invitation

    Trainers: Michaël Elbaz and Joan MacNeil (IFEX CH)



9:00 9:30 Registration

Welcome: Bruce Girard (Comunica) - Master of Ceremonies

9:30 10:30 Opening Remarks from Pia Matta (Vice President AMARC ALC), and Keynote address

    from Rosa Maria Alfaro

    Rosa Maria Alfaro is a Peruvian educator and communicator. In Latin America, she is considered an outstanding figure in the field of communication and development. She works as the main researcher of the Centro de Investigación (Research center) and is also the President, Director and founder of the Directive Council of the Asociación de Comunicadores Sociales Calandria (Association of Social

    Communicators Calandria). In addition, she has been a professor of at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Lima since 1979. She has participated in diverse national, Latin American and European forums through her expertise in gender issues, citizenship and democracy, citizenship and mass media, and political culture.

10:30 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45 12:00 IFEX Convenor’s Welcome and Clearing House Highlights and Programmes


    Karin Karlekar (Freedom House), and Anne Game (IFEX CH)

12:00 13:30 Lunch at the Sheraton Four Points

13:15 13:35 Video Screening: “La Batalla del Silencio” (The Battle of Silence)

    The Inter American Press Association’s (IAPA) documentary on Colombian journalist Orlando Sierra (Spanish with English subtitles)

13:35 15:00 Panel #1: Impunity: Unpunished Murders and Attacks on Journalists

    “The culture of neglect and indifference” is a key reason why media has come under increasingly deadly threat. This panel will explore how impunity manifests across the globe, be it as a result of corrupt governments, conflict situations or illegal armed groups. Panellists will discuss the tactics they use to bring national and international awareness to these cases that might otherwise be buried, and discuss options for international legal and advocacy support when national justice systems fail.


    ; Moderator: Rachel Cohen (IFJ)

    ; Darío Ramírez (Article 19, Mexico)

    ; Roula Mikhael (Maharat, Lebanon)

    ; Carlos Cortés Castillo (FLIP, Colombia)

    ; Jose Bimbo Feliciano Santos (CMFR, The Philippines)

15:00 15:15 Coffee Break

15:15 16:45 Panel #2: New Media and Citizen Journalism

2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

    The Internet and new media offer opportunities for freedom of expression and a challenge for repressive governments but, at the same time, they can increase opportunities for surveillance and while the censorship tools available may not be totally effective, are real barriers to freedom of expression and access to information. This panel will explore the global New Media landscape and options for countering Internet censorship. Cases where citizen journalism has proved to be a force to be reckoned with in promoting free expression and social change will also be presented. The discussion will also focus on what IFEX can do to support new media and citizen journalism within the network and make these technologies increasingly available where they are needed most.


    ; Moderator: Rohan Jayasekera (Index)

    ; Ron Deibert (Open Net Initiative/Citizen Lab)

    ; Sihem Bensedrine (OLPEC Tunisia)

    ; Soe Myint (Mizzima News Burma)

16:45 17:00 Burma Action Meeting

15:15 16:45 Alerts Training (Spanish) by invitation

    Trainers: Michaël Elbaz and Joan MacNeil (IFEX CH)

16:45 17:30 ICT Forum displays exhibition in the foyer

17:30 19:00 Cocktail Reception hosted by the Canadian Embassy

    (Location: IMM, salon de ceremonias)

19:30 21:30 Tunisia Monitoring Group Dinner Meeting


9:00 10:30 Panel #3: Advocating for Legal Change

    Many laws restrict freedom of expression. They include laws covering defamation, access to information, protection of sources, censorship, subversion, national security and anti-terrorism. This panel will explore how free expression groups are effecting legal change, beyond individual cases of injustice. What do freedom of expression groups need to know and to do in order to change laws? How can the IFEX network help to effect legal change?


    ; Moderator: Thomas Moir Hughes (IMS)

    ; Sanar Yurdatapan (Initiative for Freedom of Expression, Turkey)

    ; Robert Mahoney (CPJ)

    ; Rodolfo Barros (FOPEA, Argentina)

    ; David Banisar (Privacy International, UK)

10:30 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45 12:15 Panel #4: Indirect Censorship and Self-Censorship - Lessons from Latin


    IFEX members and partners in Latin America are developing strategies to counter indirect and self-censorship that journalists, media and other critical groups face because of “parallel powers” that include powerful groups and individuals that sometimes operate outside the reach of the law and sometimes within legal frameworks that limit freedom of expression. This panel will explore cases from different

2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

    countries in Latin America and how freedom of expression groups are addressing the problem in their own national contexts.


    ; Moderator: Carlos Cortés Castillo (FLIP, Colombia)

    ; Adriana León (IPYS, Peru) and Ewald Scharfenberg (IPYS, Venezuela)

    ; Brisa Maya Solis (CENCOS, Mexico)

    ; Ileana Alamilla (CERIGUA, Guatemala)

12:15 13:45 Lunch at the Sheraton Four Points

13:45 14:00 Introduction to Campaign working sessions

14:00 16:30 Campaign Working Sessions:

Poderes Paralelos

    Latin American members of IFEX [including the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP, Colombia), Institute for Press and Society (IPYS), Centre for Informative Reports on Guatemala (CERIGUA), Probidad (El Salvador), the National Centre for Social Communication (CENCOS, Mexico), the Committee to Protect Journalists and Article 19 Mexico] as well as interim members and international organisations have been working towards the development of a regional campaign concerning the effects of “parallel powers” on free expression. These parallel powers or shadow forces include powerful groups and individuals that work outside the reach of the law, and have an increasing influence on media and journalists who are pressured, threatened or killed for reporting on issues related to the interests of these groups. The workshop focused on presenting achievements and challenges to date, and open space for strategy building with other IFEX members interested in supporting the development of the campaign. IPYS and FLIP staff facilitated the workshop with support from IFEX CH staff.

China Olympics 2008/Burma Action Group

    PEN Norway has been actively engaged with sister PEN organisations and other groups around the world, in advocating on behalf of the rights of journalists in China, a country with one of the worst human rights records in the area of freedom of expression. As the Beijing Olympics 2008 approach, it is a key moment to raise visibility about the free expression violations in the country. IFEX members attended the workshop to share current information on their own campaigns underway and strategise for coordinated actions to protect and promote media freedom in China leading up to and beyond the Olympics 2008. Further discussion of the Burma Action Group was added to this session. Carl Morten Iversen of PEN

    Norway facilitated this workshop.

Lessons from Nepal

    Members and affiliates of the International Mission for Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression to

    highlighted past and ongoing advocacy activities in support of free expression in the country. An Nepal

    excellent example of an IFEX-involved collaborative campaign, the mission was deeply involved in supporting the press and media sector as it took a lead role in Nepal’s struggle towards democratic change during 2005 and 2006, and continues to accompany the country throughout its transitional period. Mission highlights, goals and advocacy successes were discussed along with current political developments related to free expression in Nepal. This session was facilitated by Khadga Sen Oli of the Center for Human Rights and Democratic Studies (CEHURDES) and RB Khatry of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ).

16:30 17:15 Regional Networking Workshop: Lessons from Southeast Asia

    Facilitated by Roby Alampay (SEAPA)

17:30 18:30 Regional Caucus Sessions

2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

    Latin America Regional Caucus Session Facilitator: Adriana Léon (IPYS)

    Asia Regional Caucus Session Facilitator: Owais Aslam Ali (PPF)

    Africa Regional Caucus Session Tshivis Tshivuadi of Journaliste en danger (JED)

    Middle East and North Africa Regional Caucus Session Facilitator: Sherif Azer (EOHR)

    Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine Caucus Session

20:00 22:00 IFEX Council Meeting


Location: IMM and APU

9:00 10:30 Panel #5: Media Ownership and Media Diversity

    The processes of media concentration, convergence and “globalisation” are intensifying and with them comes a growing concern for the impact on media quality, pluralism and diversity. Convergence and changes in technologies, bandwidth and radio spectrum licensing, pose challenges for flourishing, independent media environments but they also offer new opportunities. This panel will explore the methods that free expression groups use in promoting and protecting media diversity. Panellists:

    ; Moderator: Elisabeth Eide (Norwegian PEN)

    ; Aleida Calleja (AMARC, Mexico)

    ; Laura Diniz (ABRAJI, Brazil)

    ; Guillermo Mastrini (Argentina)

    ; Eko Maryadi (AJI, Indonesia)

10:30 10:45 Coffee Break

AMARC/APU/Comunica Organised Activities

10:45 12:15 AMARC presents a Round Table Discussion on: Freedom of expression,

    democracy, development and community media

    Stemming from research on best practices in 14 countries around the world with community broadcasting legislation, AMARC has elaborated, in collaboration with the Open Society Institute and numerous experts, a series of principles to guide the development of policy and regulatory frameworks that recognise and promote community media, and that are compatible with international freedom of expression standards.


    María Pía Matta (AMARC, Latin America)

    Sandra Coliver (OSI)

    Gustavo Gómez (AMARC, Uruguay)

    Agnès Callamard (ARTICLE 19, UK)

12:15 12:30 Explanation of afternoon activity

12:30 13:30 Lunch at the Sheraton Four Points

    (sign on to joint actions)

Media Tours

    14:30 Visit to El Pais ( - one of the largest newspapers in Uruguay 16:00

     Visit to La Diaria ( - a new, cooperative and independent newspaper

2007 IFEX General Meeting - Agenda

19:00 21:30 Public Event: Parallel Powers Worldwide and Freedom of Expression

    Location: Uruguayan Press Association (APU) (French-English and Spanish interpretation offered)

    Parallel powers, powerful groups and individuals that operate outside the reach of the law, pose a major threat to journalists and free expression in many countries of Latin America and elsewhere, including the Philippines and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This public event was aimed at journalists, civil society organisations, legislators, authorities and the public at large with an interest in learning and exchanging experiences related to this issue. Experts from a number of countries presented how this important issue has affected their work, their life and their countries.


    Tshivis Tshivuadi (JED, Democratic Republic of Congo)

    Jose Bimbo Feliciano Santos (CMFR, The Philippines)

    Aleida Calleja (AMARC, Mexico)

    Jorge Daniel Zárate (SPP, Paraguay)

    Ileana Alamilla (CERIGUA, Guatemala

Thursday, 11 October and Friday 12 October IFEX Members’ Business Sessions

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