QCA Science Resources Year 1 Units a-f

By Charles Clark,2014-04-08 21:13
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QCA Science Resources Year 1 Units a-f


    QCA Science Resources Year 3

    QCA Unit Resources Needed

    3A Teeth & ; Secondary sources providing pictures and Eating information about the different food types ( including

    food from different cultures)

    ; Information about the diets of animals

    ; Models of teeth, real teeth

    ; Small mirrors for examining teeth

    ; Video about teeth & tooth decay

    ; Arrange school nurse / dentist visit

    ; Collection of foods / food packaging

    3B Helping ; Video / secondary sources showing plants grown for Plants Grow Well food

    ; Suitable apparatus for measuring height of plants

    ; Pot-bound pot plant

    ; Two similar plants eg geraniums

    ; Complete head of celery

    ; germinated beans

    ; hand lenses

    ; water coloured red with ink or dye

    ; plant pots with holes in the bottom

    ; Black polythene covering grass patch or plant grown

    in dark

    ; cress seeds which have germinated in shallow


    ; pictures of greenhouses & cold frames

3C ; Collections of objects made from different materials

    Characteristics of eg wood, glass, metal

    Materials ; Video / pictures of everyday objects made of specific


    ; Collection of floor coverings

    ; sandpaper

    ; plasticine

    ; Weights

    ; Measuring jugs and other apparatus for measuring


    ; Variety of paper towels

    ; Variety of tights

    ; Apparatus for measuring length

    3D Rocks & ; Secondary sources to illustrate different uses of Soils rocks

    ; Rocks, including one permeable eg chalk, sandstone

    and one non-permeable eg granite, marble

    ; Sandpaper / file

    ; Pipettes / syringes

    ; Hand lenses

    ; Sieves, timers and measuring jugs or cylinders

    ; Containers for soil tests ( small perforations)

    ; Pictures / video showing landscapes with and without

    visible rocks and different soils

    ; Pictures of flooded areas / puddles

    ; Samples of different soils

3E Magnets & ; Variety of magnets (types and size)

    Springs ; Paper clips

    ; Rulers or tape measures

    ; Variety of materials for testing magnetic attraction

    (including iron and steel)

    ; Springs and elastic bands

    ; ‘catapult’ / push meter

    ; Secondary sources to research everyday uses of


3F Light & ; Torches with powerful beams

    Shadow ; Combs with widely spaced teeth, cardboard tubes

    ; Objects of a variety of shapes

    ; Shadow sticks

    ; Meter sticks or tape measures

    ; Compass

    ; Collection of opaque transparent and translucent

    objects and materials (eg plastic bottles, fine gauze,

    thin nylon, wood, acetate, foils, greaseproof paper)

    ; White cardboard screen

    ; Overhead projector

    ; Secondary sources to investigate sundials

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