Somali Pirate

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Somali Pirate

    Somali Pirate


    The problem of Somali Pirate has become one of unconventional threats faced by the all countries. Somali Pirate is a group of perpetrators who specialized rob vessels of other countries at sea. They frequent attack the passing ships in the surrounding sea areas and attract wide attention from the international community.

Politics is out of control

    The international problem Somali Pirate is affiliated with domestic

    politics. It has experienced a long-term war since 1991. Somalia has been in a state of warlordism for a long time. Until now transitional federal government of Somalia still cannot effectively monitor the implementation of the nation. Moreover, some parts of Somalia are in a state of anarchy. Because it is difficult to restore the normal order of domestic, the acts of rooting ships could not be stopped. This makes Somalia into a haven for pirates.

International situation

    Compared with the active pirates, although the international community has committed to fight against piracy action, the existing security

    measures of patrolling is still difficult to obtain the significant results. The multi-national naval force that has arrived in areas near the Somali is faced with numerous challenges. Firstly, the area of patrolling is quite large, to be equivalent to the sum of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Secondly, it is difficult to determine the identity of the pirates before the hijacking taking place. Thirdly, the safety of the hostages should be taken into consideration. Lastly, it is necessary to examine the use of what international law to prosecute pirates who are captured. In addition, national movements of troops will be bound by the respective national laws. The intensity of combat is questionable. Furthermore, the multi-national naval force has been faced a new challenge: the patrol front faced the possibility of further expansion.

    Some comments supported that cargo vessels can be equipped with its own armed forces. However, this program is not only costly, but also do not have the possibility because a lot of ports prohibit ships carrying weapons.

Geographical advantages

    Somalia is located in the Somali Peninsula. Its coastline has achieved total length of 3700 kilometers. Most of robbery occurred in the Gulf of Aden. It is located between the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. Moreover, it is

    regarded as the sea throat of entering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Its strategic position is quite important. According to reliable statistics, there are about 18000 ships through the Suez Canal

    each year and most of them would pass by the Gulf of Aden. This important international waterway also provided a large number for Somali pirates to start with objectives.

Impact on economic development

    Somali is one of the most undeveloped countries in the world. The economic development relies mainly on animal husbandry, and the industrial base is weak. As the domestic political chaos, coupled with natural disasters and other factors, the economy in Somali is lack of development. Originally, Somalis can rely on fishing for their livelihood. But foreign fishing vessels robbed their business.

However, the pirate economy has brought the driving force for local

    development. To the people in Somali, pirates provide the livelihoods for themselves and source of income. Somali piracy in local waters has brought 30 million dollars in ransom. As most parts of Somalia are still in poverty and disorder, some coastal ports which rely on the pirate economy have developed quickly. This indeed alleviates the economic plight of Somalia to a certain extent.

    Compared with the pleasant life of the pirates, International maritime transport environment has become deteriorating. According to statistics,

    the global insurance industry has increased their premiums for tenfold in the region where the pirates have the frequent activities. Some well-known shipping companies have announced their cargo ships would be diverted. This means the pirate activities promote the related trade to have a significant growth in shipping prices.

Somali pirates in the view of Citizens

    The years of war has brought untold disaster for the people of Somalia. Currently there are about 1.1 million refugees in Somalia, especially in the capital. Due to the increasing of refugees, the price of food soars rapidly. The crisis of domestic inflation makes people's lives more difficult. It is reported by the Associated Press that Somali lacks of a Central Government which can effective control of the situation. It makes the country with a long period of chaos, and the average life expectancy is only 46 years old. Furthermore, one-fourth of children die before the age of five.

    Just under this situation, the pirate activities are regarded as the reliable means for improving lives by the local residents. A mother of five children said that no matter how the money comes from, legal or illegal,

    this has improved our lives indeed. Our children have no longer to worry about eating. They can go to school in the morning, and playing football in the afternoon. Thus, the pirate Business has been widely supported by local residents. The pirate activities are deeply rooted among the people.

New technology and modern equipments

    During the past five years, the number of pirates increased rapidly. In addition, the pirate equipment has also been updated. Clippers, Heavy weapons, modern Global Positioning System and Satellite

    Communications all have been put into use. The scope of the attack has

    extended to the high seas which is hundreds of kilometers away. In additional;the number of pirates increased dramatically in recent years. More Somali residents dream to become pirates in order to improve their needy lives. Sufficient manpower and well equipment make the pirate activities handy and facilitated the development of the pirate economy.


    Although the pirate activities are illegal and damaging the interests of others, they really bring the hope for the Somali people who are in trouble. It is certain that this activity promotes the economic development in Somali area.

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