When we think in conventional terms about

By Dolores Nichols,2014-04-11 17:03
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When we think in conventional terms about

When we think in conventional terms about ‘influential people’ – what do we normally associate

    it with? I can suggest a few: power, money, dominance, high profile, fame, politics etc.

    Influential people seem to have many followers, admirers, advocates. These are all true observations. Where the problem lie 99% of the time is that we focus on these observations and think we have to possess these associations (ie power, money, dominance etc) first before being

    able to ‘be influential.’ And so we easily say to ourselves, ‘no I’m not influential…I don’t have

    enough money yet, not a high enough rank yet, not enough power yet’… etc. Some will strive for

    it their entire lives, chasing to have more of these associations and some think they’ll never reach it and give up. Either way, the problem isn’t something we lack ‘out there.’ It doesn’t make sense to ‘outsource’ influence does it?

    We know our moods can affect others, our tone of voice can affect others, and our experiences can affect others. How can you say you are not influencing another individual every minute every second of the day?! Of course in turn, we are also constantly influenced by others. Prior to being aware of all this, the majority of us simply get by in life exerting passive influence on others and reacting passively under the influence of others.

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