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    2 courses ?12.95: 3 courses ?15.95

    (or as individually priced)

     STARTERS (?4.50)

    Homemade Soup of the day (v)

    Served with rustic bread

    Smoked Mackerel Paté

     Served on a toasted crouton & rocket leaves drizzled with lemon oil

    Chinese style duck leg

    Served on crisp salad leaves with a warm mango compote

    MAIN COURSES (?9.95)

    All served with duchess potatoes and seasonal vegetables

    Roast Topside of Beef

    Served with Yorkshire pudding, gravy

    Breast of chicken

    Served with a spiced plum & chilli chutney

    Pan fried cod fillet

    Served on basil scented cherry tomato sauce drizzled with balsamic vinegar

    Pasta Putanesca (v)

    Fettuccini pasta, marinated olives & tomatoes cooked with garlic & herbs

    served with garlic bread

    DESSERTS (?4.50)

    Chocolate Brownies

    Served with vanilla Ice cream

    Fresh fruit crumble

    Served warm with custard

    Cheese & biscuits

    Served with homemade red onion chutney & salad garnish

    SIDE ORDERS ?1.95

    Rustic breads Garlic bread Seasonal Crispy diced

    Vegetables potatoes


    All dishes are priced individually


    Please select from the fixed price menu or the following Tapas selection :-

     Hummus (v) ?2.95; Tomato & basil bruschetta (v) ?2.95;

    Tomato, basil & mozzeralla bruschetta (v) ?3.50 ;

    Vegetable kebabs cooked in garlic & herbs ?3.95; Garlic & herb olives ?1.95;

    Lamb Kofta with a mint & cucumber raita ?3.95;

    Fish cakes with a sweet chilli dipping sauce ?3.95; King prawn skewer ?3.95;

    Spicy chicken skewer with mango chutney ?3.95;

    Combo Tapas ?7.50:

    Any 3 of the above


    Tofu stir fry ?12.95 (v)

    Pieces of tofu marinated in garlic, chilli, sesame & soy sauce

    stir fried with onions , peppers , mushrooms & bean sprouts

    Vegetable pasta ?11.95 (v)

    Griddled courgettes, peppers & aubergines, garnished with cherry tomatoes & rocket,

    drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar

    Catch of the day (market price)

    Chefs special presentation of today’s available fish catch

    Fish grill ?19.95

    Sea bass & smoked halibut fillets; Mackerel fishcake; King Prawn skewer with

    aoli sauce ,rustic breads & a house salad

    Slow roasted lamb shank ?15.95

    Oven roasted served with a cranberry & port sauce & seasonal vegetables

    Supreme of chicken ?15.95

    Pan fried with chorizo sausage & served with a tomato sauce & seasonal vegetables

    Duck breast ?16.95

    Wrapped in streaky bacon with a mango chutney salsa & seasonal vegetables

    Pork medallions & black pudding tower ?15.95

    Served with a wholegrain mustard sauce, seasonal vegetables & apple chutney

    Fillet steak ?19.95

    Served with cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms & crispy diced potatoes

    Fillet steak Rossini ?21.95

    Presented on a crispy crouton & topped with duck liver pate.

    with red wine sauce & seasonal vegetables

    DESSERTS ?5.95

    Baked Peach - glazed in honey & amaretto & served with vanilla Ice cream

    Chocolate cheesecake topped with warm cherries and finished with kirsch

    Cheese & fruit platter- Cheddar, Brie, Stilton & Red Leicester

    Light Lunch Menu

    Served from 12 until 6 pm

    Café Classics

    B.L.T ?7.45 Café Club ?7.95

    Oak smoked bacon with lettuce , Oak smoked bacon & chicken with tomato & mayonnaise on lightly lettuce , tomato & mayonnaise on toasted wholegrain or white bread lightly toasted wholegrain

    or white bread

    Hot Pork ?8.50 Hot Beef ?8.95

    Slices of slow cooked pork warmed Slices of topside warmed in onion

    & served with an apple & sage gravy & served on toasted ciabatta stuffing on ciabatta with a scoop with a scoop of crispy diced

    of crispy diced potatoes potatoes

    Sandwiches ?6.50

    Served on wholegrain or white bread with a salad garnish & homemade coleslaw

    Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Tuna & Sweetcorn bound with lemon mayonnaise served with rocket

    Mediterranean Vegetables & Mozzarella (v)

    Hummus & Rocket (v)

    Cheddar Cheese & Pickle

    Roast Ham, Cheddar Cheese & Pickle

    Coronation Chicken

    Chicken & Bacon bound in mayonnaise

    Pastrami & Gherkin

    Soup and sandwich combination ?8.95

    Any of the above sandwiches with our homemade soup of the day

    Homemade soup of the day ?4.95

    Served with toasted ciabatta

    Light Lunch Menu

    Served from 12 until 6 pm


    Mixed leaves with cucumber, tomato & onions, drizzled with our own vinaigrette

    dressing, topped with any of the following:-

    Warmed goats cheese (v) ?7.25

    Feta Cheese, Sun Blushed Tomatoes & Mixed Olives ?7.25

    Tuna, Sweetcorn & Lemon Mayonnaise ?7.25

    Pan Fried King Prawns in Garlic ?8.25

    Caesar Salad ?5.95

    Kos lettuce, Caesar dressing (with anchovies) , herb croutons

    Chicken Caesar salad ?7.25

    As above but with the addition of chicken breast & bacon lardons

    Coronation chicken ?7.25


    Mixed meat and cheese ?7.95 Cheese ?5.95

    Continental meats & cheeses with Continental cheeses , sun-dried

    marinated olives, sun-dried tomatoes with marinated olives ,

    tomatoes & garlic bread homemade chutney & biscuits

    Children’s choices (under 10 years)

    Penne pasta ?4.00

    with tomato sauce & garlic bread

    Penne pasta & chicken ?5.00

    With tomato sauce & garlic bread

    Ham, Chicken or Cheese sandwich ?3.50

    served on wholegrain or white bread

    Chicken salad ?3.75


    Hummus (v); ?2.95; Tomato & basil bruschetta (v) ?2.95;

    Tomato, basil & mozzarella bruschetta (v) ?3.50 ; Vegetable kebabs cooked in garlic & herbs ?3.95; Garlic & herb olives ?1.95

    Lamb Kofta with a mint & cucumber raita ?3.95; Fish cakes with a sweet chilli dipping sauce ?3.95; King prawn skewer ?3.95;

    Spicy chicken skewer with mango chutney ?3.95

    Combo Tapas ?7.50:

    Any 3 of the above

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