being influential

By Randall Martin,2014-04-11 16:53
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being influential

    Making a difference in the lives of others

    ------- My understanding of being influential

    When you think about ‘influential people’ – what do you associate it

    with? Power? Money? Dominance? High profile? Fame? Politics? No matter what it is, influential people are those who make a difference in our lives. Who show us stars and teach us how to reach them.

    The third year of my senior high school was no easy task. Every night when I was devastated by endless homework and unbearable stress, I

    information technology turned to an elder for help. He is Kaifu Lee, an

    executive and computer science researcher, the founding president of

    Google China. Every time I read his book, Be Your Personal Best or A

    Walk Into The Future;it was just like meeting an old friend who raised you up by telling you his own story and inspired you to let your imagination fly free and to dare to dream. Now in addition to the young people who read his book, he has a growing legion of fans on his website. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of the youth. And the combination of success in his career and his dedication to the youth enrich his life and the people whose lives he touches.

    Just as I was inspired by Kaifu Lee’s story there must be many who

    were touched by Reem Al Numery, the brave girl in Yemen who is risking everything to protest being sold into marriage by fathers and becoming the endangered and uneducated chattel of husbands at the age

    of . For girls in Yemen not only the right to a childhood is at stake; so is survival itself. But Reem Al Numery speaks out. She takes the international call with a grace and maturity rare for someone her age. She’s just 12 years old, but she’s already been married and negotiated her divorce. She paved the way for many other girls aged 15 to 19 in Yemen who were married and suffered. When the odds were against her, she kept fighting and made a diffenence in her society and the lives of others.

     Power, money, dominance, fame or politics. These are not enough to make one inflential. ‘Influential people’ are those who makea

    difference in our lives who give us a personal touch. Call them what you wanttrailblazers, groundbreakers, revolutionaries, or pioneers these

    people have one thing in common: they paved the way for us and tell us it’s possible to make a difference in the world, in any and all of the way you want to.

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